Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is This Love??

Have You Ever, Loved Some1 Very Deeply
Have You Ever,
Felt Like Holding Her Hand,
To Console Her, After Misunderstanding..

Have You Ever,
Tried To Understand
Her Silence
By Holding Her Hand
Without Uttering A Word

Have You Ever Tried To Smile At Her

Eventhough You Are Tensed.

Have You Ever Got Scared At
Possibility Of Losing Her

Have You Ever Found Her
Like Stars Sparkling All The Time :D

Have You Ever Tried To Find

Innocence Behind Her Anger

Have You Ever Tried To Call Her
Even In Your Busy Schedule,

Just To Say I Love You/I Miss You.....

Have You Ever Tried To Hug Her,
After A Lovely Fight :D

Have You Ever Tried To Console Her
Before She Says, Sorry......

Have You Ever Tried To
Admit Your Mistake
Rather Than,
Pointing It Out At Her......

Have You Ever Found The Difference

Being With Her & Not Being With Her......

Have You Ever Praised Her Cook,

Her Dressing, Her Looks, Her Beauty

With Makeup & Without Makeup.......

Have You Ever Tried To Help
Her In Kitchen
Rather Than, Complaining.....

Ps :- Dearies, This Is Just An Imaginary Doubts Which Cropped Up Today Many Times :D Don't Know Why??

Title Was Suggested By My Most Beloved Friend, Sowmya Partha :D

Dearies, Do You All Feel That, My Poems Look Similar, But Only Phrases Are Different :) Pls Let Me Know About This..Bcoz, Few Of My Friends Told, All My Poems Look Similar Only Words Used Are Different :D If You Also Feel The Same, Pls Let Me Know :D


Yellow Tulip said...

nice poem dear:)....loved ur creativity a lot:)...:)..have u ever?

Creativity!! said...

Dear, This Is All Pure Imagination :D I Am Still A Student On Way To Complete My Graduation :D So, No Chance Of Personal Experience :D Still, I Have 5-6yrs To Go :D

Career Is Extreme Important Factor Than All These LOVE :D So, I Am Concentrating On My Career :D

The Posts Which I Share, Are Purely Based On Imagination :D Thanks A Lot For Your Sweet Compliments :D


I loved this poem, each poet has a distinct way of writing, but I don't think yours are similar as in the same poem but worded differently.
Carry on as you're doing, I love your poems.


septembermom said...

Your voice is unique and wonderful. Keep writing the way you do. Your poems are always inspirational and lovely.

Anonymous said...

nice post! :D ur poems aren't all similar! :D

i mean, what if they were? each still has its own uniqueness too! :D

and i felt as if this post was addressed to me :D

manivannan said...

Lovely poem here :D

The title is also good, reminds me of a french movie :D

I've not read many of your poems...So couldn't answer to ur question :(

But, keep writing more!

Gauri Mathur said...

Too Good!!
Keep Up The Good Work

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Trillion Dear, For Your Sweet Compliments And Also For Clarifying My Doubt :D

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Trillion For Your Sweet Compliments As Well As For Clarifying My Doubt :)

Creativity!! said...

Manivannan :- Hey, Thanks A Ton For Sweet Compliments :D Doesn't Matter.....You Are Very New To My Blog, But as You Read Many More Posts, You Can Take Your Own Time & Give Your Opinion :D

Creativity!! said...

Gauri :- Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Leo :- Thanks A Trillion For Your Sweet Compliments & For Clarifying My Doubt :)