Thursday, August 6, 2009

Journey of Imaginations :D

Standing On Peak Of The Mountain,
Huge Breeze Covering,
My Face By Hair.......

Looking At The Sky,
Moving Clouds, Birds Flying Back
To Their Destination.........But,
Where Do I Search You????????????

Felt As Though Birds Are Moving
Along With Clouds.......
A Deep Blue Sea, Making Me Curious
To Visit
Aquatic Creatures :D

A Romantic Feeling,
My Voice Reached Everywhere :)

Birds Searched My Voice,
And Started Conversing With Me.......

I Told Them,
I'm Searching For You :D

I Too Joined Them Flying,
By Sitting On Peak Of The Mountain,
Closing My Eyes, Widely Spreading My Arms.....
Again, Face Is Covered My Hair,

I Found You Deep Seated In My Heart
I Found You In Each Blink Of My Eye
I Found You In My Each Breath
I Found You In My Wide Spread Arms
I Found You Pampering Me......
I Found You In My Self Hug.........

I Could See You,
Everywhere.........Everywhere..........Everywhere :D

Hi Dearies, This Is Based On My Imagination. Every Night, B4 I Sleep, I Listen To Few Bollywood Romantic Songs :D When, I Was Listening To Kahani Mohabat[Story of A Love], This Was My Imagination & Feeling :)

If Possible, You All Try To Download & Listen To That Song!! Its Really Extremely Heart Touching :D I Really Extremely Loved It A Lot :D Click Here :D

Haaa.......If You Listen To That Song, Don't Forget To Share Your View About That Song :)



What a lovely imagination you have, I loved the words, excellent post.


septembermom said...

Such joy in discovery through these lines. I especially like the "found you" stanza. Really good! I listened to the song, and thank you for sharing the link. The melody is wonderful.

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

KParthasarathi said...

Yes it is highly imaginative poem well expressed true to the user name Creativity

Creativity!! said...

Thanks A Lot Sir :D

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Sahana,

You took me into another, yet beautiful world with ur imagination..:)

Loved the last stanza..:) veryyy Good..:)


PS: Hey, nuvvu telugu ammai va... nice to meet u..:)..where are u studying/working now?

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear, Thanks A Zillion :D

avnu Dear :D nee telugu ammai :D I am in Final Year :D Doing Specialisation in Accounts & Finance :D
ne putti pergindantha blore lo kaani, my dad got transfered to Mumbai :) So just 2yrs back Mumbai ku vacchanu :D

Anonymous said...

lovely again..hw did i miss this piece?

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear, Thanks A Ton :D