Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Weird Footsteps....
Scary Noises
She Heard, 
Foul Play, She Felt....

Raised An Alarm,
Alerted Me And,
Within Seconds.....

Her Eyeballs Hanged Out
To Wake Her Up from The 
Dreadful Dream. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Round, Round & Round
I Swirled & Danced 
To The Tune of  My Entangled Heart.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Come What May..........

I Was Grabbed, Held Captive, Pierced, Killed And Thrown Somewhere Down The Forest Hills. I Suddenly Realized  My Self-Being On The Land of This Cruel World. I Never Wished To Step My Feet Beyond The  Planet Earth. 

When Something Fell 
On My Cracked Lips, 
I Failed To Identify It.

When Something Forcibly 
Pierced My Eyes I Couldn't 
Withstand Myself.

When Something Crawled
Inside My Nostrils, 
I Was Totally Being 
Forced To Sneeze.

When Some Rope 
Forcibly Pulled My Ears
I Felt Someone
Is Hiding My Body
Under The Mud. 

The Moment My Finger Tips 
Felt The Touch of The Mud, 
The Moment My Nostrils
Grabbed The Blissful Smell of The Mud. 
The Moment My Mouth Swallowed 
Some Particles of Mud, 
The Moment My Ears Heard 
The Sound of The Crane,

I Realised, "Come What May", Someone Is Trying To Save Me Even At Pitch Dark. Those Torch Lights Were Piercing My Eyes, Some Dust Had Entered My Nostrils, For Which I Was Forced To Sneeze To Clear My Passage. So As To Atleast Pull The Air Inside To Breathe, To Keep Myself Alive, As Air Was The Only Food, With Which I Had To Sustain Myself. One of The Stem of The Baby Plant Had Grabbed & Tied Itself To My Ears For Its Support, As It Didn't Wanted To Be Grabbed Out of The Lap of Mother Earth. Thanks To Mother Earth For Giving Me A New Life. Some One Spotted My Body & I Was Finally Saved To Always Be Intact With Mother Earth!  

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sadhana's Achievement!

This is my entry for Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneur's Soul. 
I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul
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For summer vacations, I always go to my grandmother's place to spend some time with her as well as to enjoy few days in my village, walk around the mango fields and the nature which embraces me gracefully beyond my own imagination. During my summer vacation I peacefully enjoy the train journey. Some Four months back itself, I book my ticket and make sure, I spend complete two months with my grandmother, who brought me up, took an excellent care of me. I was extremely excited to meet grandma after one year and I started dreaming about my grandma. My tongue slips out on its own for her preparations of all delicious dishes, for which I'll always be most eagerly waiting to taste ranging from Sweet, Sour, Bitter & Spicy. She is the one who always support me for all my mischievous activities & save me from my parents scolding’s. After saving me, grandma always used to taunt me saying, you have such a sweet name Shanti, which means Inner Peace, but you are always restless Shanti. I just hug & Lay my head on her Lap. As an Interruption to my dreams & memories, something Strange happened in my train journey, which I had never ever even imagined it would ever happen. Though everyone feels that, it’s something casual about a meet with my long lost friend, I always say to myself that, it all happened which was already decided by God, As I always believe in Fate & Luck!

Hey Shanti, How come you are here? asked Sadhana. Sadhana, Hi Dear, how is you? I'm fine. ohh my god, I couldn't believe whether I am hallucinating or seeing you in reality? Hugged each other & exchanged smiles. After few minutes of silence, I resumed conversation. Sadhana, how come you are here? Why you didn't inform about your sudden quit after 5th class? Why did you leave the school? What happened? She kept smiling without answering any of my questions. Finally she took a breath & said Shanti, you are still a chatterbox! ohh ya, I'm sorry. I'll shut my mouth for a while & you please answer me Dear. Sadhana, as her name says, she was always chasing her dream to achieve as a Dancer, which just passed my lens seeing her hand movements while conversing. Shanti, as you know, I'm an orphan. But, being an orphan was never a Hindrance for me to achieve & realise who I'm? I had to quit school after 5th class, as I didn't had any penny to pay for my school fees. School people, didn’t even permit me to write my exam. I was totally desperate & depressed about myself. I did all odd jobs which I could ever have done after becoming an Adult. But, since money is the main culprit for all the achievements I was forced to work day & night. Morning I worked as flower seller, During Noon I worked as an assistant cook & cleaner at a dancer Kalavati aunt's house & by 5pm-7:00pm I used to work in playmate to take care of few kids, which meagerly would fetch me Rs.1500/-pm. Then, in the night I used to practice few dance steps which I always observed in Kalavati aunt's house. So, somehow I would live with one meal a day, as Kalavati aunt used to feed me lunch & evening tea.

One fine day, Kalavati aunt's daughter, Shalini who was very kind & caring approached me, asking if I could teach her toughest subject Mathematics. I prayed God & tried solving few problems & finally I understood mathematics trick & taught her. I felt it as a Miracle Shanti. I was totally in tears thanking God, who is my only guardian. That very moment, Kalavati, aunt came and asked about my tears. Her cute daughter Shalini told her mother, that, Sadhana made mathematics as my ever best friend mom. Kalavati aunt thanked me & asked about my level of education. I told her that I was forced  to quit my school after 5th class due to financial issues, she felt very bad & asked If I'm interested in joining the school & resuming my studies. I jumped with happiness & again Thanked God without whose grace, I wouldn't have got such an encouraging, understanding, Loving & caring Kalavati aunt who gave me work and also because of her Moral Support, I cleared scholarship exams & my entire education fees was paid by an NGO. Today, I have A BA [Psychology] in my Hands.

Wow!!!!! Sadhana, you are really a Gem & I'm extremely happy for you Dear. Your Self-Determination, Effort & Hard-work paid you well in each step of your life. What about your dance dream then? Shanti, Kalavati aunt, herself taught me dance and I was regularly practicing it. After my BA, I joined a firm as a Consultant, and during one of the entertainment shows, I performed Bharatnatyam. I Got a Standing Ovation & One of the audience, Mr.Raman approached me, asking about my dance teacher & asked me, If I could Dance In a Charity Show for Deaf & Dumb, for which I happily agreed & from that show My life flourished with unbelievable experiences of rainbow colors in each step of my life Shanti.

Sadhana, I'm speechless about your achievements Dear. The achievement of your life is beyond anybody's Imagination. Shanti, during our school days, you always would comfort me with your most miraculous words Fate & Luck & they really proved as a miracle in my life Dear. Sadhana, Wish You All the Very Best Success, May God Always Bless You with Colorful, Ever Flourishing Life Dear. My Sincere Heartfelt Thanks To God, Kalavati Aunt for teaching you ever graceful art of dance, Shalini who made you realise you still are Mathematics expert as you were in those school days, and finally I thank that Gentleman, Mr.Raman who approached you for a dance show. You are truly an Inspiring woman for many youngsters Dear. Your life motivates many upcoming girls, whom we don't even personally know! I'm extremely very proud of you Dear :)

Exchanging smiles, hugged each other & Sadhana screamed with excitement saying, Shanti Train has already halted & it’s 9:00am. We have reached our villages. Ohh My God Sadhana, are you also from this Vishram village? Since, we both were so much lost in our talks, we didn't even realise when it turned dark & shined as early morning! Finally relishing tea in a nearby tea stall, exchanged our numbers, email ID's & there I finally saw my grandmother waiting for me. I Introduced Sadhana to my grandmother and grandmother took me & Sadhana home.

I jumped overjoyed, when Sadhana told me that, she has opened a dance school in our village “Vishram” to train, under-privileged kids. Sadhana had wholeheartedly welcomed Kalavati aunt to inaugurate her dance school named, “Kalakshetra”, prefixing her dance teacher’s name “Kalavati”.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ice Ride!!!!!!!!

Rolled Down The Mountain
Crashed And Rammed Into 
The Huge Ice-berg
Muscles Were Cut
Blood Busted And Flowed
Like A Huge Rush of Ice Waterfall!!!!!

Within Seconds I Was Floating 
On The Pool of  My O+ve 
Ahhhhh!!!!!! All My Nuts and Bolts Were Fallen Off
Trying To Drag Myself Out of The Blood Pool
Crawled And Crawled On, 
Claiming Myself For An End, 
For An Endless Journey!!!!!! 

Loosing All My Energy,
Finally Decided To Rest Forever :-)
Time Didn't Even Alarm Me 

To Self-Realise It Was Just A Dream!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Strange Love!

After A Long Time, Headed Towards My Garden To Water My Plants. Just Then, I Had My Evening Cup of  Ginger Tea. As I Proceeded With Baby Steps Monitoring Each & Every Part of Every Plant, I Heard A  Parrots Sound! I Was Curious Enough To Confirm Myself Whether It Was A Parrot or Whether I'm Still Dreaming, As I Was Dreaming About Nature While Having My Cup of Tea.

Walking Slowly & Steadily, Looking Everywhere, As If My Eyes Lens Are Microscopic, Spotted A Parrot Who Was Sitting On Berry Tree, Posing Like A Spy Hiding From Someone's Visibility. Wowwww!!!!!!!! So Colorful, Beautiful, Mesmerizing Parrot....Wish I Could Hold You In My Arms, Were The Praises & Wish Which Suddenly Bursted Out From My Heart! I Went Around The Tree To Have His Closest Glimpse & To Capture Him Forever In My Lens & Heart. As I Went Behind The Tree, Saw A Cuckoo About To Land Herself On The Other Tree, Which Was Actually A Green Chilli Tree!!!!! Uffff What A Confusion I Sighed!!!!!!!

Immediately Within Zero Seconds, Parrot Started Singing........

I Knew You Well,
You Never Forget Me
You Breath With Me, And I Breath With You....[High Pitch]
My Heart Beats After Yourssss......
I Know Thee Created You For Meee
And, Me For Youuuu!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm.......My Goodness!!!! Now I Clearly Understood, Why This Parrot Had Not Even Plucked A Single Green Chilly, Rather He Had Plucked Bunches of Berry's!!!! I Just Didn't Wanted To Be A Hindrance For Them, So I Just Came Back To My Kitchen, After Plucking Some Green Chillies To Use For My Dishes !!!!!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Rinku's Intelligence.


Gave him the
Ever protective place
On the table top to
Nest & Lay-eggs.

Its Amazing To Know This!!!!! This What Rinku Pigeon Has Done When We All Were Away For A Month!

Rinku Is A Cute & Sweet Pigeon. Though She just keeps changing her place of stay once a while, Never miss her lunch with me. She is highly intellectual & most knowledgeable Pet. For past a month,Couldn't meet her. The moment she saw me, angrily screamed & alerted me self-explaining that, she already noticed me peeping through the windowpane. The Moment I went to feed her from my palm, she perched herself on my shoulder and made weird noise, as if she was taking revenge of anger on me. Well, I understood her grief, irritation for the non-availability of  me and the food on her regular plate.  

I tried calming her down and made her understand that, I too had gone out of station for nearly a month & couldn't inform her before I left. She then calmed down, And Dancing with her feathers, showed me a Surprise!!!!! She always Thrilled me with her Surprises. But, This time, her Surprise was Unique compared to the one's she had given earlier. I just Grabbed her into my arms, seated her on my heart, fed her some grains from my palm, lovingly moved my palm on her feathers & kissed on her forehead, for which she reacted as if I embarrassed Her & She Flew off for a flight,  Came back and sat on her eggs.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Drifted Nap!!!!!

Shuttering My Eye-Lashes
Pinpointing My Sharped Nose
Lip Locked Myself
And, Drifted Off My Heart
To The World of Sound Sleep!!!!

My Mind Heard A Beep Sound
A Beep Sound of Early Morning
Assuming It As A Dream, Flowed
Into The World of Miniature. 

 Beautiful Amazing Miniature 
Ceased My Fluttering Eye Lashes
Stripped off My Lens
Overflowed My Happiness
As My Heart Repeatedly Bounced On......Self

Ahhhhh!!!!! Wishing To Stay Forever
Sailed On This Ocean of Miniature
Threw Myself On The Waves
And, Rafted Myself On This Waves of Happiness!!!!!!!!

Suddenly As A Tsunami Attack
Heard My Mom's Morning 
Wake Up Screams And Woke Up To 
The Peaceful Sound of Tsunami.  

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