Monday, August 29, 2011


The Days Passed So Soon
No Time To Look At This Blog
The Blog, Which Introduced To Many 
Beautiful Writers!

Creativity Is Back With A 
Thought To Regularly Share 
Poems, Tales! 

A Cute Little Angel Named Shun, Always Loved The Fields, Green Fields, & Always Used To Play & Stay With The Field of Sun Flowers. As She Grew Up, She Learnt Many Matters of How To Take Care of The Field, The Needs of The Fields, Types of The Manure, And Many Many More. 

As She Was Interested In Bringing Up The Varieties of  Plants, Trees, She Chose Agriculture & Went For Higher Studies By Leaving Her Village & Her Childhood Farm In The Hands of Few Farmers. Everybody In The Village Cried For Her & Even Those Sunflowers Looked As If, They Terribly Miss Her. Many Plants And Branches of The Trees Were Bent :(

During Her Study Period, She Used The Pictures of Her Farm For Her Presentations & Explained To The Audiences Present There. Everybody Were Spell Bound About Her Knowledge,  Interest & Love Towards The Plantation. She Had Oceanic Knowledge & Was Using Them As A Tool, To Teach Upcoming Professionals & Was Also Spreading Awareness About The Necessity & Importance of Plantation. 

Her Professors Were Very Much Keen To Visit Her Farm. One Fine Day, College Authorities Planned & Conducted A Day Trip To Her Farm. They Were Surprised To See Such A Beautiful Green & Yellow Farm Which Had Very Well Embraced The Land. 

From Then On, Everybody Worked For Her Farm & Learnt Many New Techniques & Tricks To Use While Farming. She Became The Most Professional Guide For The Neighbouring Villager's Farm. At Such An Young Age, She Had Achieved What She Had Dreamt of Seeing Her Great Grand Father Working Day & Night For The Farm :) :)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day Dearies :) :)

I Needed A Support
I Found You As My Pillar

I Needed A Kind Lovable Being
I Found In You. 

I Needed A Encouragement, 
I Keep Receiving It From You. 

I Needed What All I Wished
From You I Got & Will Keep Receiving Them :) :) 

Friendship Is A Bond, Which Doesn't Require  Any Documents Proof To Show Others, How Much Strong Is Our Friendship Is! 

True Friendship Doesn't Require Any, Validity, Recharge, Battery Charge, Activation, Confirmation, Verification. But,  It Requires, Trust, Understanding, Caring, Lovable, Faith, Belief, Smile, Hug To Make Ourselves, Feel The Best! 

True Friendship Needs, The "Safeway Locker" To Deposit Secrets And Lock With The Password of Belief & Trust. 

Yes, I Have Such A Friend, Thanks For Being With Me All The Time, My Dearest, "Sowmya Partha"

All My Dear Bloggers, Followers, "Wish You All A Very Happy Friendship Day"

Have A Great Day Ahead :) :) Enjoy & Make Sure, You Meet All Your Friends, Who Have Made Certain Instances & Meets "A Most Memorable Events of Your Life"

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Rain, My Life".