Monday, February 28, 2011

A Snake Charmer.

A Poor Fisherman Lost His Family & House And Was Very Much Depressed, Sad And Was Just Staring At The Destroyed Houses & Many Corpses. Though Few of The Images Were Blur Because of Tears Filled Eyes, His Heart Had Saved The Afraid Voices of Many Souls Who Were Screaming Helplessly & He Could Neither Help Nor Save Anybody.Lost Everything Because of The Flood.

He Started His Journey To Start His New Life. As He Was Exhausted, Entered A Temple Premises & Sat There. The Priest, Offered Him A Sweet Dish And A Glass of Water. When Questioned About His Situation, The Fisherman Narrated To The Priest And The  Priest Was Deeply Hurt & Touched By Knowing What All Happened With Him. Priest Consoled Him And Asked Him To Pray Almighty. This Man, Slept In The Temple Premises Itself. 

The Very Next Early Morning, Few Kids Came Running & Said, A Snake Was Suffering As A Thorn Was Pierced In Its Tail. The Very Next Second He Just Ran To Its Rescue..When He Saw The Serpent In Deep Pain, His Mind Reverted Back To Those Corpses & To Those Helpless Voices Who Were Howling For Help. Seeing The Serpent Moving & Crawling Restlessly To Get Freed From The Pain. He Just Prayed Almighty. Holding The Snake Tail,  Slowly Removed The Thorn, And Applied The Tulsi Paste And Asked Kids To Bring Some Milk. After Feeding Milk To The Serpent, He Was On His Way Back To Temple. But The Serpent Started Crawling Behind His Steps. 

The Priest Helped This Man, By Giving The Pungi [A Kind of Instrument Used To Entertain Serpents] & Blessed Him Saying, From Here Onwards, Your Family Is This Serpent. Take Him Along With You. Lead Your Life With This Affectionate Serpent :) 

Finally, Fisherman Got Back His Life As A Snake Charmer Because of The Serpent!!

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Thursday Tales.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Strange Proposal!!

A Gentle Morning Breeze
Melodious Chirping of Birds
Regular Joggers Jogging
Some Exercising, But
THEY Just Brisk Walk In Opposite Direction!

Every Saturday Morning, Was A Special Day To Him & Her. He Used To Have Earphone All The Time TO Hear The Songs From His MP3 Player. But, She Used To Listen To Birds Chirp And Proceed Her 1Hour Brisk Walk, 30Mins Breathing Exercises....

They Met By Chance, But Didn't Know About Their Choice & Destiny. Both Used To Smile At Each Other As They Were Regular Visitors To The Park. One Fine Day, Her Friends Came Surprisingly To The Park, Wished Her, Happy Birthday Sonu! He Heard Their Chores & Joined Them, Just By A Hand Shake. 

Her Friends Started Their Interrogation Process. Then, She Started Thinking of Him. He Was Always Scared To Approach Her. But, The Occasion of Her Birthday, Gave Him A Chance To Hear Her Beautiful Voice ! 

From Then On, They Both Spent 15Minutes To Chat After Their Regular Workouts. It Was Their Special Bench, Sitting At Certain Distance Used To Share And Discuss On Various Matters. Even, The Old People, Wanted Them To Be A Couple. But, Didn't Know What Would Happen. 

As Days Flew By,  He Thought of Finally Proposing Her. It Was Almost A Year. It Was The Day Which Successfully Completed 12Months of Their Best Strong Friendship. He Planned To Surprise Her With A Bouquet. With Atmost Faith And Boundless Happiness He Entered The Park & Saw Her Sparkling Face. Taking Few Steps, Sat On Their Regular Stone Bench. His Hands Were Shaking. Lips Were Frozen.

She Bravely Wished Him, Happy Friendship Day! We Met By Chance & Became Friends By Choice. Then, He Felt Relaxed. Wished Her Back, Gave The Bouquet And Proposed Her Sitting On His Knees.

She Was Silent. Didn't Even Uttered A Word.Chirping of Birds Was No More. As If, Even The Nature Knew Their Friendship Cannot Be Converted Into Life Time Commitment To Be Partners.

After, Few Minutes, When He Asked In Shaking Tone, She Said That, She Has Got An Opportunity To Fly To US From Her MNC. This Was A Breaking News To A Tender Colored Heart! Now, Whether They Commit Or Not Is The Question, Which Has Remained Unanswered From Past Few Years!! 

There Are Many More Unanswered Questions :- 

1. Can Friends Be Life Partners ??
2. Was It A Pure Friendship ??
3. Did Any of Her Words or The Gesture Or The Posture Made Him Feel Should Propose Her ??
4. Did He Really Saw Her As A Best Friend ?? 

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PS :- Dear Bloggers, This Is Totally A Fiction! A Cooked Story of Creativity. Was Inspired To Write This, Because of Images. 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life In A Train !!!!!!!

One Fine Sunny Day Me & My Friends Visited Fashion Street And On Our Way Back Home Boarded Borivilli Local. We Wanted Few Earrings, But Didn't Find Suitable One's In Fashion Street. 

Luckily A Young Girl  Boarded The Same Train And Was Selling Beautiful Earrings. We All Purchased Selected Earrings Which Was Rs.5/- For Each. 

After Purchasing Few Hangings, My Friend Asked, Whether She Has Few More Collections.....Then, She Said How She Leads Her Life Being An Orphan. Here Is Her Real Life Story :- 

I'm Reshma. I Am Also A Young Girl Like You All. I Am Just 20Years Old. I Am Orphan. I Don't Have Anybody To Take care of Me. I Lead My Life By Selling Hangings, Studs, Mobile Covers, And Many More Matching's. How Much Ever Goods I Sell, I Buy Only Those Many Goods & Re-sell Them. With Great Difficulty I Get One Time Food. I Sleep On Railway Platforms. Regular Local Train Travelers Give Me Clothes And Sometimes Even Food To Eat. I Get Very Less Amount To Save As Pocket Money. But, I'm Happy With What I Have. And God Is There To Take care of Me. He Has Given Me Enough Difficulties To Withstand Myself And He Has Given Enough Strength To Lead MY Life All Alone. Though I'm Illiterate, He Has Given Me Skills To Buy & Sell These Earrings. We Noticed Uncontrollable Tears In Her Eyes. 

I Kept Observing Her Skills Of Selling, Her Movements, Interactions Attracted Many Customers. I Prayed God Let Her Life Be Blessed With Colors of Joy, Happiness And Let Her See The Real Success of Her Hard work. 

Let's Just Imagine Leading A Life In This City, Where The Life Is Fast....Sleepless Life, Joyless Days & Nights....Trains Start At 4am And Ends By 2am. Just 2hrs Gap For Motormen. Though, There Are Rotational Shifts, How Difficult It Is To Keep Handling The Same Technical Operations ? If The Office Opens At 9am, People Leave Their House By 6.30am. To Catch A Bus From Their Area To Reach Local Railway Station And From That Station To Another Station, A Local Train And Again Getting Down And Boarding A Bus To Reach The Office. Have To Use All Types of Transport Facilities. Rickshaws, Buses, Trains, Taxis. 

So My Thought Was, When Many of Us Keep Complaining of Getting Tired With All The Comfortably Leading Life, How Will This Young Girl of 20yrs of Age, Manage Herself On The Railway Platform ?? Its Really Toughest & Amazing. At last She Said, This Train Is My Native! Its Really Painful To Hear Her History. May God Bless This Young Girl. I Had Met This Girl In 2009. Hats off To Reshma.

A Journey of Life In The Carriages of  Train!!

Written For,
Thursday Tales.
Image Courtesy :- Vitaly (Zimaz)

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PPS :- I Had Shared About Reshma's Life In Another Blog of Mine On The Day I Met Her. The Link To That Post In Exhibiting Hidden Talents Blog Is Here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pure Love!

Both Sat In Silence
Didn't Even Move A Bit
Just Stared At Each Other
Smiled, Cried, Laughed 
Were Confused How To React!

He Could Notice 
Her Heavy Heart 
Filled With Emotions,
She Could Notice 
The Pain He Has Felt
In Her Absence. 

Their Lips Were Sealed
But, Their Eyes Understood
Spoke Through Staring,
But Didn't Even Sigh!

He Embraced Her Tightly
She Broke Out Like
A Volcanic Eruption
Floods of Tears 
Behind His Shoulders!

He Kept Quiet 
He Said Almighty, 
God, Let Her Pain Vanish 
Behind My Shoulders. 

Let Me Not Feel Her 
Burning Tears Any More
She Is My Darling Baby
I Really Cant Withstand 
Myself When She Cries. 

She Cried For
Long Time And, 
Finally Whispered Asking, 
How Are You ??

He Happily Answered
I'm Extremely Fit And Fine
I'm Very Glad To See You 
How Are You My Darling ??

She Replied, You Are Lying. 
You Are Neither Happy Nor Fine 
I Could Notice Some Pain 
You Are Undergoing
Whats The Matter ??
Why That Pain Is Still Inside You ??

He Replied, Dear,
We Were Distant Apart
We Couldn't Share Any Matters
We Couldn't Spend Time Together.

You Cried So Much 
And I Really Can't Withstand 
When You Shed Your Tears
I Was Afraid, Worried, Tensed.

Thinking, How Will You Manage 
Yourself  With Work & Studies ?? 
My Dear Darling Daughter, 
I Extremely Love You.........
I Terribly Missed You....
Wish You Stay With Me For
At least A Year! 

She Promised of 
Not Leaving Him 
Alone Anymore
And Will Always 
Take care of Her Dad!. 

Finally With Broad Smiling Face
She Loudly Proudly Said,
Dad, I Love You A Lot. 
I Too Missed You Terribly. 

Now, Common Hug me
Embrace Me With Happiness
Filled With Joy And Boundless Blessings. 
Thereby, Both of Them, Felt Relieved From The Pain!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fate And Luck!!

 The Day Which Went Away As Though The History of Their Love Life Drifted Away With The Huge Breeze Within Fraction of Second Was Again Rejoined With The Hopes & Trust . It Was The Unexpected Day. He Thought That, She Would Reject His Proposal To Be His Life Partner.

She Was Very Much Stern, But Was Friendly At Times. He Always Used To Enjoy, Crack Jokes, Spend Some Time With Friends During Weekends. But, She Used To Stay At Home & Read Some or The Other Spiritual Book. Their Interests & Likes Were Quite Different. But, He Used To Stare At Her Whenever She Was In Front of Him During Official Meetings. Both Worked In The Same Company. She Was A Financial Analyst & He Was A Manager. 

He Unnecessarily Used To Call Her, Ask Her Some Financial Deals, Discuss With Her Various Matters......Her Reply Was Spontaneous & She Used To Explain With Different Types of Examples. If He Ask A Simple Question of 60seconds, She Used To Answer More Than An Hour. Nobody Used To Feel Bored. Everybody Liked Her Speaking Skills, Her Talents, Efficiency, Her Nature of Dealing With Customers, Working Individuals As Well As In Her Personal Life!! She Had Her Own Made Limitations & Was Always In Her Limitations. 

14th February, Valentine's Day!!!!! He Came To Office 30Mins Earlier Than The Usual Time, Which Used To Be At 9.00am. He Kept Rose Bouquet On Her Table, With A Greeting Card And A Teddy Bear Holding Chocolate Box!! She Came Sharp By 9.00 Near Her Desk. She Was Surprised To See The Gifts! She Didn't Expect Nor Gave A Thought Who Can Give Such Surprises !! 

She Immediately Called Him Up. He Was Speechless As He Didn't Expect Her Call. It Was The First Time, She Called Him !!!! Before He Could Respond, She Started Shouting, Some Idiot Stupid Foolish Person Has Kept Valentine's Day Gift On My Desk. Do You Know Who Kept It ? If You Could Find Out And Let Me Know, I Shall Kill Him, I Shall Blast Him Up, I Shall Kick & Throw Him Away!!!!! Before He Could Respond, She Disconnected The Phone. But, He Thought That, She Has Guessed That, It Is He Who Kept The Gifts On Her Desk & She Doesn't Spare Him. Even She May Give Up Their Friendship. 

All Her Friends Kept Asking Her Continuously Who Is That Person ?? It Was Very Much Embarassing For Her. He Thought of Calling Her To Her Extention Number, To Ask About The Stock Market Condition. She Angrily Said Hello, And He Said, Good Morning. I Wanted To Know The Status of Stock Market. She Replied Angrily, Will You Stop This. Every Morning, You Ask The Same Question. Are You Illiterate ? Can't You Read Newspaper & Check Online. And Abruptly Kept The Phone. His Tensions Grew Boundlessly.  He Again Called Her, Told Her He Found Out Who That Guy Was!! She Curiously Asked, Who Is He ?? Where Is He ?? I Want To Kick & Blast Him. Bring Him In Front of Me. If He Is That Much Courageous, Let Him Come In Front of Me. He Patiently Replied With A Deep Breath. You Can Meet Him After Having Lunch In The Noon. I Shall Call You Later. 

In The Noon, She Went To Have Lunch With Her Friends & He Called Her And Said, If You Had Lunch, Kindly Come Near The Gate. She Immediately Left And Reached The Said Place. He Took Her To A Nearby Restaurant & Ordered Butter Scotch Ice-cream. Still, She Was Curious To Know Who Was That Fellow !!!!

Before The Waiter Could Serve Them, He Sat On His Knee, Proposed Her & Immediately Said, Kick & Blast Me. I Am Ready For It. I Am The Culprit Who Kept The Gifts On Your Desk. She Felt Ashamed of Herself, For Asking His Help To Find Out Who Kept The Gifts & Also For Scolding Him. She Hugged Him And Said, Sorry! 

Finally, Their Love Got Registered In The History of Their Life. This Diary Was Carefully Preserved In The Locker & Once Their Daughter Read This Diary And She Was In Happy Tears Knowing Her Parents Love History!!!! She Gifted The Same To Her Parents In Their 80th Birthday! She Is Blessed Indeed To Know About Their Life From The Written Diary!!

                                                                                                                                     Written For
                                                                                                                                             Tale # 46 .
                                                                                                                      Diary Image Courtesy :-
                                                                                                               Katia Hionis at DeviantArt
Other Images Courtesy :- Google. 

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine!

Happiest Love Birds
Anchoring In Their
Pleasant Melody
Pampering Lovers With Their
Yummiest Voices.

Violet Spread
All The Way To Express The 
Love Each Other Has
Evenly Shared By
Nesting The Most
Thoughtful Memorable
Interesting Events On The
Novel Island of 
Ever Shining Heart!

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Lets Smile & Spread Smile & Also Teach The One's Who Always Have A Stern & Strict Face & Attitude! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smile !!!!!

Smile When You Are Angry
Smile When You Are Frown
Smile When You Are Frustrated
Smile When You Are Depressed.

Smile When You Are Happy
Smile When You Care Your Friend
Smile When You Like Your Friend
Smile When You Love Your Friend.

Smiles Are The Best Way
To Treat Us, In All Our Problems....
Smile Is The Sign of Affection,
Smile Is The Sign of Care
Smile Is The Sign of Acceptance
Smile Is The Sign of Love
Smile Is Everything....So, Smile :) :) 

Smile When You Cook
Smile When You Talk On Phone
Smile When You Read Newspaper
Smile When You Drive In Morning
In The Disgusting Frustrating Traffic.

Smile When You Miss Someone 
Smile When You Feel At Shouting At Someone
Smile And Make Someone Smile
Spread Your Infectious Smile
And Let Them Not Find Any
Vaccination To Get Rid of Smiles
Rather, Let Them Be Waiting 
Curiously For Your Smiles!!!!!

PS :- I Was Inspired To Write This Poem, After Reading Anu's Post Regarding "Smiles". Link To Her Post Is Here. Anu I Extremely Loved Your Post :) :) Thanks  A Lot For Sharing Dear :)  :)

So Be The Reason For Someone To Smile Because of Your Smile :) :) Don't Hesitate To Smile. Smiles Are Free of Cost. So Smiles Should Always Be Infinite And Boundless :) :)

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Puppy's Cry!

I'm The Cute Little Puppy
Just Born Few Weeks Back
I'm Not Alone, I Have
My Brother's & Sister's Too.

But, I Am Afraid 
When All The Lights Go Off
And, Its Complete Dark 
My Heart Is As Tiny As My Paws Are.

My Mother Is A Street Dog
She Doesn't Get Much Food
She Herself, Is Weak To Feed Us
How Does We Get Our Feed ?

We Cry At Times As
We Are Scared of The Dark 
And Feels Cold, Cause of The
Cold Breeze Which Hits Us .

We Are Blessed With The Fur
But, As We Are Too Young,
Fur Couldn't Help Us To 
Tolerate Cold And Chill Weather.

 At Times, We Need To Hide
 From Guards As They Harm
 Us Mercilessly Beating Us
 With Their Thick Rod Sticks .

As We Tremble And Cry At Nights
He Feels, Disturbed & May Think
Colony People Have Slept & These
Dogs & Puppies Bark & Cry.

We May Hide In Open Drainage
But For How Long We Shall Hide ??
We Know, God Would Definitely Punish Them
And, When We Grew Into Adults,
We Would Bite & Chew Them off! 
This Is Our Self-Determination.

I Am Such A Cute Creature
Loving Caring Affectionate Pet
Feed Me, Hug Me & I Shall 
Love You More Than You Love Me !

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