Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Without Water !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Young Girl Named Chavvi Was Very Much Loved By All The Villagers. She Was Very Much Intelligent. Her Intellect Excelled In Every Field. Everyday, Chavvi Helps Her Dad In His Farm Work. But, Offlate, Because of Water Scarcity Farm Was Getting Dried Up. Chavvi's Father Was Very Much Worried About His Farm, Income. Their Farm Was The Only Source of Income For Their Family. Chavvi's Mother Was Working As Maid Servant & Was Earning Rs.5000/- Month.

Chavvi's Dad Had Availed Loan of Lakhs of Rupees & Had To Repay Along With Interest. But, Was Helpless Since His Farm Had Become Barren Land.

One Night, Chavvi's Family Heard Huge Cries of Villagers & When They Went To Check Out The Reason of Their Cries Were Surprised To See Rain. Since It Was Raining After Very Long Period. Their Boundless Tears Filled Happines Was Visible  From Kids To Older People. Everyone Danced In Rain. Kept Their Buckets To Fill Up Water. Their Wells Were Filled By Rain. It Was Such A Downpour of Rain & Happiness. Chavvi's Family & Other Villagers Felt A Huge Relief.

Each of Them, Had Forgotten Taste of Water. Their Thirst For Water Was fulfilled By Rain. Everybody, Stretching Their Arms, Collected Water In Palms & Drank As Much They Wanted.

Each Villager's Wish & Prayer Was "To Get Water To Their Basic Needs & Farm". That Night Was The Most Blessed Memorable Night.

Chavvi's Father & Other Farmers Went To Farm With Their Tools, Ox & Started Their Lovable Life "Field".

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Searching For A Safest Place 
Searching For A Space In My Heart
To Accommodate The Most Happiest Moments
Which I Experienced Till Now.

But, I Am Unable To Find Any Space In My Heart
As Its Filled With The unforgettable Memories, 
The Days We Spent Together
The Nights We Spent On Phone.
The Moments We Spent Chatting
The Moments We Spent Fighting
The Moments We Shared Laughs, Smiles, Jokes...Many Many Moreeee.....

You Were Staying With Me
Never You Said, No To My Needs.
Your Gentle Arms Would Grab My Gentle Body And,
I Would Shed My Tears At The Back of Your Shoulders.

You Never Questioned Me,
Why Am I Sad ?? 
Why My Mood Is Somewhat Different ??
Instead You Would Try To Make Me Laugh
Try To Get Me A New Doll, Boxes of Chocolates,
Relishing Pastries, Ice-Creams....Which I Love More Than Anything. 

Both of Us Love Each Other A Lot...Lot......Lot.............
Both of Us Never Say  "Love You" To Each Other.
But, Our Actions Tell Us How Much We Love Each Other.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Innocent Prayer of A Girl :) :)

How Does My Innocence Survive In This World of Cruelty ?? How Do I Explain This World About The Innocence of A Child ?? How Do I React To Their Cruel Nature ?? How Do I Self-Support To Win Over The Kindness Held Against Cruelty ??

God, Kindly Explain The Weird Nature of These People. Why Do They Kill Our Innocence ???? God, Kindly Reply To My Question. I Am A Small Innocent, Kind, Caring, Affectionate Girl, Who Doesn't Know Anything About Outside World. When I Was IN My Mother's Womb, I Felt Warm, Safe & Secured. The Moment I Came Out, I Was Feeling Chill, I Started Howling....The Howling Brought Oceanic Tears From My Mom's Eyes, She Whispered.. My Baby..You Are Sooo Cute....Let God Always Bless You. She Took Very Good Care of Me. I Was Brought Up By My Parents & Mom Always Used To Feed Me, Saying Moon Stories At Night. 

God, I Came To This Swing, 'Coz, My Mom Used To Sit Here On This Swing & Myself  Sitting On Her Lap, Listened To Bedtime Stories. At The End of Each Story, My Mom Used To Tell That, Baby Whenever You Feel All Alone, Just Come & Sit On This Swing & Stare At Moon & Share Your Feelings With Moon. So I Came Here. God These Days I Am Hearing That,Many of The Innocent Hearts Are Being Spoiled & Killed.  Why Does This Happen God ?? I Being A Small Kid, Doesn't Understand What This Sentence Mean "Spoiled & Killed".

God, I'm A Small Baby......Kindly Accept My Innocent Prayer. Now, I Feel Quite Relaxed After Sharing My Feelings With You Playing With This Miraculous Swing :) :)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sailing Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It Was The Regular Place Where Two Hearts Always Meet Each Other. Many of The Hearts Prefer To Spend Some Time In Weekend, Near The Sea Shore. As Usual, Pradeep & Priya Sighed A Huge Relief After A Tough Week. Both Were Struggling To Find Time For Themselves. 

Both Couldn't Even See Each Other Faces. Their Written Notes  & Messages Were The Only Way of Communication, as Using Of Cell Phones Was Strictly Prohibited In Their Respective Work Place.

Luckily One Morning, Pradeep Got A Memo Stating, His Work Has Been Very Much Appreciated & Company Wishes To Give Him A Tour Voucher. He Immediately Messaged Priya & Priya Reading The Message Was Very Much Excited & With Great Difficulty She Got 15Days Leave.

Both Decided To Meet At Their Regular Meeting Point, i.e. Sea Shore.. As They Wanted To Breathe A Fresh Air, Play With Waves, Wet Their Foot After A Prolonged Period of Hectic Work. Both of Them Met Each Other At 6pm As Scheduled. As Soon As Pradeep Saw Priya He Just Grabbed Her In His Arms Took Her Near The Waves. It Was As Though Their New Life Started Sailing When Pradeep Said He Was Promoted To Next Hierarchy Level & Has Been Transferred To California. 

Priya Was Extremely Excited & Reminded Him Her Long Promise That, "One Fine Day Pradeep Will Prove What He Is & What He Is Capable Of ". 

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


After The Long Time Dust & Heat

How Cool Is The Climate
Water Gushing Down The Narrow Lane
Depicting The Beauty of The Rain :) :)

Kids Were Excited To See
A Huge Downpour Through Window Pane
Came Down & Started Dancing In The Rain
Revealing Their Happiness & Friendliness With The Rain :) :)

The Fields, The Crops Were Wet
And Showed Their Happiness By
Yielding Large Amount of Profits
To The Farmer. 

Birds, Animals Were Screaming
In Their Own Ways, Hugged Each Other
Congratulated Each Other, Saying
We Got Back Our Lives After A Tremendous Heat
And Finally, Trees & Plants Waved Their Branches
Saying, We All Love Rain.....

Birds Made Groups, Sat On The Grass Land
And By Fluttering Their Wings In The Rain
Showed Bird Lovers Interior Beauty of Their Wings
And Showed Other Baby Birds The Beauty of Nature.

This Shows How Beautiful Is The Nature
Nature Exhibits All Its Different Feelings
Through Thunderstorms, Rain, Heat, Cold, Snowfall
The List Goes On & On & On.......Which Can't Equalize
The Happiness, Excitement of The Living Beings Who 
Live On This Wonderful Earth.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intro To Few New Bloggers :) :)

A New Comer,
Who Wish To Blog In His/Her Own Way
Expects & Feels That, Experienced Bloggers
Would Definitely Encourage, Motivate.
Teach Different Poetry Styles, Writing Styles.....

Recently, I Was Introduced To Few Bloggers,
One Is Very Much Interested In Stock Market,
Other One Is Interested In Poems....

Lets All Welcome These Bloggers To Blogosphere & Lets Encourage Them, Guide Them If They Need, Suggest & Compliment Their Writings. 

To View Stock Market Blog, Click Here"Diary of Stock World".
To View Poetry Blog, Click Here. "Ocean of Poems".

Another Blog, Which I Like To Introduce To All Is A Spiritual Blog. This Blog Is of My Uncle. He Is A Writer. He Has Written Autobiography of Sri. Shirdi Sai Baba In English. He Translated Original Marathi Version Composed By Late. Sri Hemad Pant Into English. His Books Are Available All Over The World. Even His Blog, He Has Written The Autobiography[Same As Book] & Few Leela's of Baba. His List of Blogs Are :- 

Sri Sai Satcharitra [Autobiography Blog].
Baba's Devotees.

Click On The Above Three To Have A Look. 

Dearies, In This World of Poetry, This Is The First Time, I Am Introducing To Few Bloggers. I Just Felt To Devote One Post To Welcome New Bloggers, Encourage Them & Intro To Many Good Bloggers. 

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