Friday, July 31, 2009

Love Breeze.......Spread Your Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free As The Wind That Blows Through The Trees,
Active As The Buzzing Energetic Bees,
Wild As Lion That Stay In Forest,
But As Calm & Cool As The Deep Blue Sea :)

My Extra Bright Smile,
The Love & Affection That I Have & Show
Fills With Immense Pleasure & Happiness,
To Me As Well As To The People, Who Wish To
Talk To Me Each & Every Day, To Boost Up Their Energy Level :)

I Love Animals,
I Love Birds,
I Love Insects,
I Love All The Creatures.......Except Reptiles......
Very Scared of Reptiles...But, I Really Love All
The Creations Of God :D

I Wish Every1 Keep Smiling Like An Infant
With Zero Tensions, With A Broad Smiley Face..
As It Makes A Person Cool, Calm & Happy :)

Ps :- My Near & Dear Ones', This Is Not A Self-Appraisal Poem.......Its A Inspiration Poem :) Its My First Attempt To Inspirational Poem :)

What All Difficulties May Come Across, One Should Try To Solve Rather Than, Regretting :) Be Calm, Cool & Happy :D That Fills Us With Immense Pleasure, Happiness, Satisfaction :) Can Any1 Suggest Me The Title ??

My Near & Dear One's......I Asked for the Title.....Vyshu Shared Her View!!!!! I Really Extremely Felt That, These Two Titles, Love Breeze & Spread Your Love Are Equally Excellent!!!!!!!! So I Used This :) B4 That, The Title Was, My First Attempt To Inspirational Poem :)
Vyshu said...

Spread your Love..

Love Breeze.

Hey Sahana,

These two titles came to my mind as i read your beautiful inspiring poem...:)

Very captivating and you did a successful attempt..!

PS: Thanks a lot for the fwd mail Dear..:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed :)

Met A Friend,
Who Was In Immense Pain,
Who Was Feeling Her Life As
A Most Boring Life!!

Wanted Some1 To Understand Her Feelings,
Wanted Some1 To Guide Her,
Wanted Some1 To Help Her
To Make A Firm Decision About Her Career!!!!!

I Went To Her,
She Was Standing Facing Towards Wall
I Asked To Show Her Face......
Saw A Totally Desperate Face
Broken Heart, Bleeding Soul......
Her Aims, Ambitions Being Faded......

I Hugged Her, Whispered In Her Ears,
Nothing To Worry Baby......I'm Always With You......
In depth Of Your Heart :)
Feel My Presence Inside Your Heart...
Find My Hug In Your Tears,
Find My Supporting Suggestions In Your Mind
Hope You Find It As A Pain Relieving Tablet :)

I Wish To See Your Smiley Face :D
I Wish To Listen To Your Jokes,
I Wish To See You Enjoying Your Life!!!!!

Oh God!! Please Give Her Strength,
To Bare The Heaviness of The Heart,
To Get Back To Normal & Also To Be
As She Was Earlier :)

Protect Her, Assure Her That, She Surely Fulfills
All Her Aims, Ambitions, Wishes & Dreams!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


As I Stare At The Sky,
When It Rains, I Feel
That Your Tears Are Pure & Plain
Without Any Pain :)

When Do You Wash My Salty Tears
Which Is Filled With Pain & Sorrow.........
& Take Me Along With You To Wherever You Flow
Either As A Stream Or A River Or A Lake Or A Pond
Or As A Ocean........

As Blood Flows Through My Veins,
I Wonder, What Makes Life So Auspicious
When Will Rain Water Gush & Purify
My Inner Soul, Heart & Mind :)

I Protect Myself From Rain Through
Umbrella Or Raincoats.......To Have A Long Life
But, Does That Mean That,
I Don't Love Rain ??

When Do You Wash Away My Sorrow??
When Do You Show A Clean Path, Where I
Can, Step Ahead, When Doors Are Closed......

When Do You Quench My Thirst??
When Do You Show Me A Light,
When It Becomes Too Dark In My Life........

When Do You Accept Me As Your Loved One??
To Help Me To Come Out From My Sorrows &
Guide Me To Learn What Exactly A Life Is :)

After You Vanish, Again Sun Occupies Your Place
Land Gets Dried........Feels As Though, You Didn't Come
& Meet Me.......

Tell Me, When Do You Come To Fulfill My Desires??

I'm Eagerly Waiting For Your Arrival
From Past 2days You Didn't Come & Meet Me.....
Where Are You?? Please Come Soon.....

I Wish To Meet You......
I Wish & Love To Stare At The Sky When Its Raining :)

Ps :- My Near & Dear One's Hope You All Are Able To Understand, What Exactly I Am Trying To Share With You All :D

S, I am Trying To Share My Inner Pain, Sorrow & Also Trying To Come Out From Those Pains & Sorrows......Wish Rain Gush Into My Impure Blood, Pain, Sorrow & Purify As Soon As Possible :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Darling Baby :)

Sleep Baby Sleep, Now, Its Dark,
Whole Day You Played, Made Us Relax......
Refreshed Our Minds......Darling Sweet Baby...
Its My Turn, To Sing Lullabies To You
For A Sweet Dreams Sleep :)

I Watched Infant Sleeping,
I Saw His Broad Smiley Face,
Even In His Deep Sleep &
Thought That,
God May Be Playing With Him :D

I Watched A Little Face Sleeping,
With Cool, Calm Mind, With Zero Tensions
Felt That, Even I Too Should Sleep Like Him,
Which Can Just Be A Dream :)

I Watched A Little Baby Sleeping,
With Arms & Legs Stretched,
Holding His Five Little Fingers,
Into My Fingers :)

I Watched A Little Angel Sleeping
With His Small Mouth Opening
& Snoring To Make Every1 Aware
That A Small Baby IS Sleeping & Every1
Should Maintain Complete Silence :D

I Watched A Little Infant Sleeping,
Prayed God, To Always Keep An Eye On You
& Also To Stretch His Hands, When Baby Meets
With Uncertainties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love Infants A Lot
An Angel Sent From God,
An Angel Who Makes Every1 Happy
Who Keeps Every1 Smiling,
Who Plays With His Parents,
Siblings & Also With His Loved One's!!!!!!

PS :- The Above Photographs Are Of My Neighbor's Son Veehan :) He Is Very Cute & Sweet Baby :) I Reallly Love Him A Lot :) I Like Him Even though he is Naughty ;) He Is Always Keeps Smiling :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse :)

Combat Operation outpost McClain in Logar – Afghanistan

New Delhi Skies

Northwest China

Varanasi – UP

Varanasi - UP – 01

Varanasi - UP – 02

Varanasi - UP – 03

Varanasi - UP – 04

Varanasi - UP – 05

Varanasi - UP – 06

Varanasi - UP – 07

A Crowded Place,
Loud Applause
Appreciation Phrases.....
Increased Inspiration,

Everyone Were Excited ,
When, Solar Eclipse Arrived!!!!!!
An Amazing,Wonderful.......
Beautiful, Mind Blowing,

Media Persons, Scientists,
Common People,
Fans Of Nature.......
Were More Than A Ocean :)

Everywhere, People Sharing Their

Views, Opinions, Saying,

It Was Really A Fantastic
For The People
Who Got An Opportunity
To Catch
Nearest Glimpse Of Eclipse
Through Aircraft :)

Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!! So Beautiful

No Phrases To Describe Its Beauty!!!!!!!

Ohhh God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Zillion,

For Such An Amazing Beautiful Appearance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Coming......
Heard That,

Your Next Such Appearance Will Be
2021 or 2032 :D
We All Are Curiously Waiting For Your Arrival :)

Ps :- My Near & Dear One's, Hope You All Are Curious For Such An Arrival........But, Have To Wait Till Then :) I Saw In News Channels........Heard People's Opinion & Felt Like Composing A Poem To Share Will You All :) These Photos Were Sent By My Friend Kavya, In Forwarded Mail :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Wish :)

From The Beginning We Made It Through
Conquered Oceans, Mountains, Water Falls...
Even On Your Special Day, We Are Enjoying
Looking Up At The Stars, Searching For You & Me
Since, We Are Distant Apart!!!!!!!!!

Was Curiously Waiting For Arrival Of This Day,
To Converse With You, As A Star.....Call You Up By 12am
Wishing You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day :D

Stars Are Deep Rooted In Each Others' Heart,
Blinking Deeply, Enlightening, Showing Our Way,
Through The Dark Roads!!!!!!

Were Hugged Tightly, By Closing Our Eyes,
Concentrating In Deep Rooted Stars,
Showing Our Faces, Expressions &
Made Us Hug Tightly, Which Was Extremely
Romantic :)

Whole Night, Standing Outside,
Looking Up At Stars,
Conversing Through Heart To Heart,
Staring At Each Others' Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying Candle Light Dinner,
Feeding Each Other,
Ordering Our Favorite Sweets!!!!!
Fragrance of Rose Petals,
Dancing For Romantic Songs :)
By, Closing Our Eyes, Looking
At The Deep Rooted Stars!!!!!!!!

You Are As Sweet As Cherries,
This Day, Uplifts Your Achievements,
Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones'
Your Immense Pleasure & Happiness
Boost You Up, For Your Further Achievements :D

Wish You All The Very Best Success!!!!!!!May All Your Dreams & Wishes Come True :D

Ps :- This Is An Imaginary Romantic Birthday Wish :D If Special Youth, Birthday Would Have Been Today, This Would Have Been The Special Moment/Special Wish :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Early Morning Mist :)

Early Morning Mist,
Made Me To Pull My Bed Spreads
On.....Which Was Lying Near My Foot :D

A Cold Breeze, Took Off My Tied Hair
Made Me Crazy & Curious To Watch A
Beautiful Mist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got Down From My Bed,
Moved Towards Window,
Got Attracted Towards
Fragrance Of Flowers,
Fragrance of Sand.....

Birds Chirping.................
Their,Melodious Songs,
Woww So Beautiful Feeling!!!!!!

Even though, Its Early Morning,
White Owl Still Sitting On The Top Most
Branch Of The Tree......Staring At Every Creature...
I Have Gone Mad, To Take A Photograph Of
White Owl!!!!!!!!!

I Went To Balcony,
Saw The Beautiful Waves
Steadily, Went Down The Stairs,
Standing under Mist, Placing Foot
In Waves........Made Curious To Imagine

About A Special Youth...............

How It Would Be,
When My Special Youth,
Would Have Been Here, Hand In Hand,
Hugged Me Tightly, To Feel,
Immense Pleasure & Happiness :)

Standing Together In the Waves,
Under The Mist...........
That Would Have Been,
Memorable Special Moment,
Than Any Other Special Moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps :- This Is An Imaginary Poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Doubt, We All Love Nature.......Appreciate Nature but also, Think or Imagine, How come God Created All This?? Whats A Great Creation of God?? I Really Wonder, About The Beautiful, Awesome, Wonderful, Heart-Touching, Eye-Catching, Mind Refreshing Creation of God!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Languages of Roses :D

A Soft Petals,
Beautiful Charming Roses,
Beautiful Fragrance....

A God's Design,
A Tiny Rose Bud, Opens
Itself, To Show Its Unconditional
Love & Affection!!!!!!!!!

Neither I Can Fold Nor Unfold The Petals,
Its A God Design......
I Would Like To Go For A Early Morning Walk
For The Beautiful Fragrance Of Rose Garden!!!!

And Also, To Have A Look At,

Assorted Birds & Butterflies Which,
Nests Or Just Come To Take A Look
At Colorful Roses & To Rest For Few Minutes!!!!

Its Really Amazing & Interesting To
Watch Beautiful Nature.....Different Kinds Of Roses,
To Know Their Features, & To Deeply Show My
Unconditional Love & Affection To Them As Well!!!!!!

Roses Silently Speak Ample Of
Languages Knowing Only To Heart,
Mind & Soul!!!!!

Red Rose, Symbolizes Love :)
Respect, Passion, Courage......
The Rose Which Is Used
Everywhere On, Feb 14th,
Valentine's Day!!!!

White Rose,Purifies Heart, Soul, Mind.....
Brings & Uplifts,
Peace, Devotion, Dedication, Innocence!!

Yellow Develops & Uplifts Friendship,
Joy, Happiness & Helps
To Over come Our Sad Feelings!!
Symbolizing Friendship!!!!

One Gets Attracted Towards Roses,
Within A Fraction Of Second, For their
Beautiful Colors!!!!!!!

Amazing Creation of God,
Which Every1 of Us Love,
Appreciate, Respect, Show Our Devotion,
By Offering To God & Also, Gift Some1
As A Bouquet In Special Occasions,
Like Marriages, Birthdays, To Get Well Soon
And So On:D

Ps :- A Feeling of Rose, Tiny Buds, Grows & Unfolds Itself, Symbolizing, Our Real Life, Wherein One May Suffer A Lot & Then, Leads Happy Life.......Life Is Secured, Protective If We Are On A Right Path :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Feelings Towards Special Youth :D

You Changed My World,
With A Blink of An Eye..
You Have Made My Soul
From Worst To Best!!

Your Talks, Smiles, Laughs,
Stares, Hugs Are Extremely Contagious.....

You Yourself, Doesn't Know,
What You Have Done,
How Much You Impressed Me
At First Meet :D

You Even Showed Me The Way
Of How To Overcome, Difficulties,
You Guided Me, The Opened Doors,
You Are Really, An Angel, Sent From Above :)
To Take Care of Me,
Shower With Love & Affection

When I'm With You,
Am Always Happy..
Not Even A Tear Flows..
Your Touch Has Chased Away
All My Fears.....
Your Hugs, Make Me Secured......Protected :D

You Gave Me A New Life,
To Live Worthwhile......
Its Because You Always
Have A Broad Smiley Face!!!!!!

You Made Magical Changes In Me,
To Bring Back my Faith, That was Almost Fade :)
Now, My Life, Is Almost Dream Come True :D

I Wish I Always Stay With You,
Hand In Hand, Hug You Tightly!!!!!

Even Though Distance Has Made Us Apart,
We Are Connected Through Each Others Heart!!!!!

I Miss My Sweetheart The Half Of My Whole
The One I Love & Want To Behold
And Enjoy A Togetherness That Makes Us Happy :)

Ps :- This is again an imaginary post & feeling of Special People!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Beautiful Angels :)

God Created A World Full of
Amazing Creatures, Things
Which Is Full Of Love, Which Is Like
A Heaven :D

I Was All Alone
Desperately Wanted Some1
To Hold Me, Hug Me!!

I Started Calling out For An Angel,
God Sent Three Angels......
I Saw Those Angels, Dressed in White,

With Beautiful Wings, To Truly Adore!!!!

They Came Down, Towards Me,
Spreading Their Beautiful Wings
Hugged Me Tightly,Which Was
A Sweet Warm Hug!!

They Helped & Guided Me,
To Over Come My Loneliness!!!!!!

They Are The Most Beautiful Angels
Whom I Came Across In My Life
Finally, They Are My Special Friends Come Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps :- This Poem is Dedicated To Kavya, Sowmya, Gowtami :D These Three Are My Precious Diamonds In My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Am Ever Grateful & Thankful To God, For Sending Such Beautiful Angels In My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bond of Special Friends :)

My Dear Angel,
When, You Are With Me,
Supporting Me, Standing By Me,
In Each & Every Ups & Downs,
I know, That My Mental Burden is less
Because of Your Presence!!!!!!

When You Are All Alone,
Feeling As Though, You Are Lost,
As A Lost Ship, In Mid-Sea,
I Am Always, There To Extend My Hand
Towards You, To Hold U, Bring You
Closer To Me, & Hug You Tightly,
Making You Feel Warm & Protected :D

I Am Like A Candle, Offering You A Brightness,
When You Come Across Such Uncertainties.....

I Am Your Protector, Protecting You,
Making You Feel Secured,
By Placing Your Head On My Chest,
By Placing One Hand on Your Hair,
Another On Your Back!!!!!

I Am Always There For You,
My Shoulders Are Your Pillows,
My Chest Is The Place For You To
Hide Your Face, When You Are Depressed :D

When Your Tears Flow Down The Cheeks,
Would Wipe It Off, By Cherries :)


My Sweetheart,
My Heartbeat,
My Darling Baby,
My Sweet Dare Devil,
I Love You A Lot Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Entered Into My Life As
A Friend, & Finally Became
My Special Friend.......

Wish You Remain As Special Friend Forever :)

Ohhh God!!!!!!!!!

Thanks A Lot For Sending Me,
A Life Supporter,
A Care Taker,
A Protector In The Form Of An ANGEL :D

Ps :- This is Just an imaginary poem :D I mentioned with the bond & closeness of Special Friends :D This poem is composed, on the assumption that, a guy is sharing his feelings towards a girl :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Beautiful Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Live In A Beautiful World
Called, EARTH & It Can Make Wonders!!!!!!

First On Earth Is Mother's Nature,
She Has Made Wonderful, Awesome
Creation, Which Is Loved, By Each &
Every Living Creature On This Earth!!

A Blue Sky To See With,
The Formation Of Angles,
A Rainbow During Rainy Season!!!!!!
A Fluffy White Clouds Which.
Looks Like A Snow!!!!!!!!!

A Sunny Day, To Make A Memorable
Day Out, Specially For Infants, Who cannot
Come Out In A Heavy Downpour!!!!!!!

A Rhythmic Sounds Of A Waterfalls,
Chirping of Birds, Beautify The World
And Make Us Proud!!!!!!!!!!!

A Big Round Moon & Twinkling Stars
Brights up Our Night, And Sparks,
Lovers of Nature Looking Up Above!!!!!!!!

Blue Green Ocean Has A Dark Top Secret,
Many Exotic Animals & Insects Live Deep Inside,
Which Makes Us Much More Prouder
& Motivates, Inspires Us To Visit Underneath
The Ocean, At least Once In A Life Time!!!!!!

Even The Fear some, Dangerous, Life Scaring
Volcano, Tsunami, Earthquake, Thunderstorms
Teaches Us To Be Aware Of Whatever Is Going On
Behind Or In Front of our Way!!!!!

It Also Teaches Us To Be
DARE DEVILS & Face The Dangerous
Situations Which Also Block Our Personal Life!!!!!!!!!!

To Balance Ups & Downs Of Life,
To Over Come The Difficulties,
By Looking At The Doors Opened
But Not looking At The Closed Doors!!!!

To Accept The Life As It Is,
Not To Demand More,
Not To Be Greedy,
Not Feel Depressed
Not To Get Short-Tempered
When A Situation Goes Beyond The
Limit Or Control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, To Be Calm, Cool,
Thinking Of Taking Up The Next Step
To Make A Concrete Decision,
And Shape Our Lives In A Best Way
As Earliest As Possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beautiful Herbal Plants, Non-Herbal Plants,
Trees, Different Types Of Animals, Birds.....
Looks Fantastic, Making us Speechless!!!!!!

Last Birth Was Of The Man,
Mother Earth, Wanted Some1 To Look At Her
Appreciate Her Wonderful Creations,
To Feel Proud & To Learn How To Relate
All The Above Mentioned & Lead Our Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth Is Also A Kind of Infant
Which Needs Some One To Care & Love Her!!!!!!!!!!

Ps :- My Near & Dear One's, I Mentioned About The Ups & Downs Of Nature As Well!! Because, even in our Life, May Be Professional Or Personal Life, We come across many uncertainties, which make feel us depressed, making us feel that our way is blocked!!!!!!! But certain doors will be opened & should hunt for the doors opened & not to repent for the closed doors.....................

Should Not Be Greedy, Because, Any Time, Any Day, A Death Arrives To Each of The Living Creature......So Should Be Satisfied With What God Has Given & With What We Have!!!!!!

Should Be Ever Grateful As Well As Thankful To God & Nature For Giving Us Everything, Making us Feel Prouder, Brightening, Enlightening, Inspiring, Motivating us In Our Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost Youth :(

A Burning Eyes,
A Blasting Head Ache,
A Bleeding Heart,
A Bleeding Soul!!!!!!

Anger Inflation,
Patience Deflation.

Arms Are No More Stretched,
Arms are themselves Tied Deeply
Connecting To My Heart,
Piercing A Knife,
A Bleeding Heart,
A Bleeding Soul!!!!!!

Heart Is Captured,
Under The Headline Of
Heavily Bleeding :(
Without Allowing A Pure Blood,
To Flow To Relieve Me From
The Pain of Sad Feeling :(

Feelings Contracted
Mood Off :(
Unable To Converse Even,
With Near & Dear One's.

Mentally Dead,
Physically Alive,
Answering To Every1's Q
as a Questionnaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have Lots To Study,
A Loads of Assignments,
Projects.........No Time For Myself......

Feeling lonely Without
Blogging From Past 2Days.

Ohhhh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Help Me,

To Cope Up With The Stress,
To Manage All My Work
To Be Confident
To Be Self-Supportive
& Prove myself,
That, I'm Capable of Bearing with Elephant's Load!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps :- Hello My Near & Dear One's, My Mood is off again.....Just few days back, I had composed with Confused Mind.......Again, I'm tensed, Confused, Scared, not feeling like talking to any......many more reasons :( I myself, doesn't know the exact reason!!!!! Hope You All Definitely Excuse me, for composing such a boring poem :(

After, I shared my feeling in form of poetry, feeling quite better :) I am extremely addicted to blog, henceforth, this is the only way, I can feel better :) I really Didn't know, what can be the exact title for this poem, if any1 can suggest me the exact title, please let me know through your comments :)

I Changed The Title As "LOST YOUTH"........>Earlier, Title was, "A BURNING EYES". But Now, I changed it As "LOST YOUTH". One of the reader, suggested me this title, in comment.....I felt, this as a Perfect Title :)

The Comment Was This :-

Title will be 'Lost Youth". Mere words of the poem will not make anyone understand why this title. But you think why I said this title. Venting yr grief and -ve feelings on a blog is ok for relieving yourself temporarily but it is not a permanent solution. As long as the cause remains you wll continue to feel like this.. So the solution is to accept what is happening to you and understand why so, and then try to change it. At present things may not be under your control but then plan and work towards that ultimate goal.. try to be your maker of your own destiny. When you grow up and are incharge of your own life it will be you alone who will be responsible for ur own happiness or sadness.

And till then maybe you should try standing up sometimes and making your point known. Unless you do that external factors- people are the factors always.. maybe parents maybe friends.. maybe colleagues.. whatever.. will always subdue your free will.. They have to understand ur thoughts.. make them understand!

No use crying and lamenting.. it is all in your hands is what I wanted to say.