Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Journey Of Leaves!!

One windy day, there was a gusty breeze,
Which blew towards me, a flutter of leaves
I bent down and picked up one
Some leaves were full and some undone.

It seemed as if each were carrying a note,
As if, it were having an effect of an antidote
But what it meant, I did not know,
For each made, feel as light as snow.

Each leaf told a story of its own
Which simply, removed from my face, every little frown
The stories they shared were of love
Each undying and rising beyond the sky, much above

They had been used to deliver messages,
As often as people ate sausages
There was an element of eternal truth
That made me look up to the feeling of Truth

They spoke of the vast distances that they had to travel
As messengers, through dirt, sand and gravel
Yet they sincerely did their job
Even when they were trampled upon by a mob

They spoke happily about their troubles
And how they overcame it, even when they were in a rubble
Their attitude towards love, made me feel like a bubble
And gave me the courage to face trouble even when it becomes double

And I continued my journey with a heart so light
With faith that, no matter even when the situation becomes tight
I will put the best of my might to give a tough fight
So that my future becomes bright and I scale new heights.

Ps :- Dearies, This Poem Is Dedicated TO Me By MY Most Beloved Friend Sowmya Partha :D She Composed & Mailed Me :D Its Sooo Beautiful Poem :D I Really Extremely Liked It A Lot :D Wanted To Share With You All As Well :D



Thanks for sharing this lovely poem,
excellent reading.


Vyshu said...


Thanks for your friend..:)

Sharing increases Love.!

This is my first read on blogs after 'blog reading break'...:)

Take care Dearie..


Leo said...

a very beautiful dedication to u!

beautiful! super!

septembermom said...

So very beautiful! Thank you for sharing. The imagery is wonderful!

manivannan said...

Superb! Very well written :D Liked both the rhyming and the wisdom :-)

Thanks for sharing :D

for u..from me said...

vry b'full dedication..ya..sowmiya shared wid me 2day while chatting..it's an amazing piece..so nicely composed..u're so luckyy..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thanks to sowmya first of all..:)

I could sense some difference in the writing style while reading. ur PS made it clear dear..:)

Good one and you r lucky to have got this.. )

Yellow Tulip said...

Thank you for sharing dear.... The pic is awesome...:)
loved the words hw it rhymes:)...good dear:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sahana:)

First of all let me congratulate you for the gorgeous header photo. It is simply beautiful.

Then let me appreciate you for your generosity in posting Sowmya's poem.

The poem is a great motivation and contains words of courage and strength. It gives immense confidence to face trials and tribulations of this life with boldness and with a spirit of challenge. After all PROBLEMS ARE OPPORTUNITIES. Every problem, every difficulty, every obstacle contains in it seeds of opportunity for success. This poem opens up the positive side of the difficulties. Yes, we will fight and conquer.

When I read the first couple of lines, I thought of P.B. Shelly's poem ODE TO THE WEST WIND because there is also a reference to leaves. But of course, it is a different poem altogether.

Please congratulate Sowmya on my behalf for the fantastic, inspiring poem written with great expertise and feeling.

Have a wonderful day Sahana:)