Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maiden Of My Dreams :D

Everyday I Wait
Floating, Dreaming, Wishing,
For The Day, You Become Mine :D

My Mind Flutters All Over My Heart,
Searching For That Pure Soul,
Who Deeply Love Me :D

My Hand Shivers To Touch That Pure Soul
My Heart Flutters To Hear That, Melodious Voice :D

Clouds Are The Best Place
For Us To Hide & Gossip,
For Us To Embrace,
Feel Our Touch, Feel Our Feelings,
Emotions :D

Heavy Breathing,
Tears Flowed Down Our Cheeks,
When We Were Not Together,
Burning Eyes, Marathon Talks,
During Night,
Made Miss Both Of Us
A Lot.......Lot.........And, Lot :(

Now, I'm Happy That
You Are In Form Of Bright Sunlight
During The Day,
A Moon During Night &
A Star Glowing All The Time :D

Ps :- Dearies, Again An Imaginary Poem :D

I Might Have Missed Few Of Your Posts :D But, Will Read & Comment By This Weekend :D I Am Busy With My Internals :) Very Soon Will Get Back To You All :D Hru All ??

All Of You Take Care :D

Title Was Suggested By Sowmya Partha, My Close Beloved Friend :D


septembermom said...

I love how your words are full of emotion and depth. A poet who speaks from his/her heart truly speaks for us all.


A very profound poem wonderfully written, and a joy to read,


Deepika said...

Hey.. I am good.. All the best for your internals :)

And it was very beautiful... I really wonder if its only a work of imagination *wink wink*

Good work! :) I wish i could write poems like you :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Do well in ur internals Sahana, i look forward for ur come back..:)

This in another good one from ur heart..kep it up:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sahana:)

Beautiful thoughts, lovely words and fantastic imagination. I am spell bound at your amazing creativity.

All the best in your internals.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

wow! simply wow!


TheChicGeek said...

So nice :) You write beautiful words and have a beautiful blog!

Have a Happy Day!

prajyot said...

very well written words...gr8 feelings

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Deepika :- Dear, Any1 Can Share Their Feelings, Imaginations In Form Of Poems :D Give A Try, I'm Damn Sure That, You Will Be The Best In Your First Attempt Itself :D

Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Thanks A Lot Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Joseph :- Thanks A Ton Sir :D

Creativity!! said...

Kajal :- Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

ChicGeek :- Thanks A Ton For Your Kind Visit & Sweet Compliments :D

Creativity!! said...

Prajyot :- Thanks A Ton :D