Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Life!!!!!

You Held My Hand
When, I Was Above To Fall
Your Presence Was My Strength
Your Words Were My Faith
Your Look At Me, Was
A Pillar For My Shattered
And Killed Body!!!!!!

I Just Stood & Lived
Just Because, 
You Picked Me Up
When I Was Struggling With 
Blocked Lungs & Willingness To Live More. 

I Just Stood & Lived
Just Because, 
You Gave A New Life To A 
Totally Shattered And Killed Body!

I Just Stood & Lived 
Just Because, 
Your Presence Filled Me Hopes,
When I Myself Had Lost. 

I Just Stood & Lived 
Just Because,
Your Constant Stare At Me
Filled Me With Peace.

Finally, I Stood On Myself, 
Promised Myself That, 
"There Is Meaningful And Evergreen Purpose of Life & Henceforth, I Will Live & Face The World, People, Situations & I Know, You Are With Me!!!!!
You Are Always With The Trusted One's. 
"I Love You God".

She Had Lost All Hopes, Confidence, Trust, Love Everything. She Couldn't Even Understand, That Her Parents Cant Come Back Ever Again!!!!! Such Is The Loss of Her Life. Still, Without Questioning Almighty, She Stood Up & Decided To Live, What May Happen!!!!!!!! 

This Write Up Uplifts The Feelings, Emotions, Pain, Sorrows, Which A Young Girl Faced In Her Life.  Though, She Suffered Huge Irreparable Loss, Her Trust, Faith, Belief, Confidence, Hope In Almighty, Still Remained, Infact It Increased Infinite Folds!!!!!!!!Finally, It Was A New Life For That Young Girl!!!!!!

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