Friday, December 28, 2012

Beauty of Stars.

Shining Stars
Twinkling Stars
Attractive Stars
Raising My Eyebrows To
Stare At Them Forever.

Looking Up At The Sky
I Felt The Touch of Bright Illuminating Stars
Diving Inside The Stars,
Lighted Up Myself As A Star.
I Inhaled The Air of Stars
Filled My Eyes With Stars
Digested The Beauty of Stars
And, Made Myself As Pure As A Star.

I Have Now Joined The Family of Stars
I'm Now The Family Member of Stars
Yet To Invite More Well Wishers
To The Universe of Stars.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Life!!!!!

You Held My Hand
When, I Was Above To Fall
Your Presence Was My Strength
Your Words Were My Faith
Your Look At Me, Was
A Pillar For My Shattered
And Killed Body!!!!!!

I Just Stood & Lived
Just Because, 
You Picked Me Up
When I Was Struggling With 
Blocked Lungs & Willingness To Live More. 

I Just Stood & Lived
Just Because, 
You Gave A New Life To A 
Totally Shattered And Killed Body!

I Just Stood & Lived 
Just Because, 
Your Presence Filled Me Hopes,
When I Myself Had Lost. 

I Just Stood & Lived 
Just Because,
Your Constant Stare At Me
Filled Me With Peace.

Finally, I Stood On Myself, 
Promised Myself That, 
"There Is Meaningful And Evergreen Purpose of Life & Henceforth, I Will Live & Face The World, People, Situations & I Know, You Are With Me!!!!!
You Are Always With The Trusted One's. 
"I Love You God".

She Had Lost All Hopes, Confidence, Trust, Love Everything. She Couldn't Even Understand, That Her Parents Cant Come Back Ever Again!!!!! Such Is The Loss of Her Life. Still, Without Questioning Almighty, She Stood Up & Decided To Live, What May Happen!!!!!!!! 

This Write Up Uplifts The Feelings, Emotions, Pain, Sorrows, Which A Young Girl Faced In Her Life.  Though, She Suffered Huge Irreparable Loss, Her Trust, Faith, Belief, Confidence, Hope In Almighty, Still Remained, Infact It Increased Infinite Folds!!!!!!!!Finally, It Was A New Life For That Young Girl!!!!!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buzzz Goes The Bee!!!!!!

Was The Force of The Fly
I Peeped Into My Window Glass Pane
And, Saw It Was A Honeybee.

It Came Hour After Hour
Flew From Flower To Flower
And, Sucking The Nectar
Stored It In Honeycomb!!!!!

That, Honeycomb
Was Just In Front of My House
I Really Loved To Peep
And Observe Its Activities!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Words With Almighty!!!!!!

My Mind Is Rightly Set On You
To Just Think of You Always 
No Matter, How Much Ever Worse
Situation May Come Across!!!!!

I Always Hold You Tight
I Cry & Share All My Pains
Forever And Ever 
Till My Last Breath!!!!

You Are Safe Guarded
In Depth of My Heart
Which Is A Pleasant Place
Decorated With Red Color Fluid!!!!!

My Eyes Looks At You Always
My Nose Smells The Blessed Fragrance
And My Skin Feels The Touch of Your Lotus Feet
And, My Heart Loves You Always!!!!

I Trust You
I Believe You
I Have Faith In You
I Patiently Wait For Your Surprises!!!!!!

I Do My Level Best
I Always Live Positive
I Inhale & Exhale Good Thoughts
I Motivate & Inspire Myself
To Just Accept Life, As It Comes,

 Formula of Success :- Self-Determination, Effort & Hard-Work Gives Success. Trust Your Ability & Pray For God's Support!!!!!!! 

Power of A Poet!!!!!

Powerful Phrases
Oozing Out From
Wrapped Feelings Which
Erupts As A Volcano From
Raising Heart of A Poet.

IS Self-Defined As A POWER OF A POET

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love Mr & Mrs!!!!!!!

Standing Here, 
I'm Witnessing 
The Beautiful Blue Ocean,
Enjoying Sail of My Ship 

The Sky Is Embraced 
With A Cloudy Weather,
Indicating It Would Rain!!!!

My Arms Are  Wide Open
To Hug & Snatch Those Rain Drops
Not Allowing To Fall On Any Other's Arms
Myself Being Selfish!!!!

My Dried Lips Are Curiously Waiting
For Those Sweetest Rain Drops
To Blush off The Dryness!!!!! 

My Eyes Are Burning Red
Those Rain Drops Penetrate 
And, Clear Those Dust Particles
And Thereby Sails A Pure Sight !!!!!!!

My Nose Tip Is Excited 
With His New Friend, Mr.Rain 
And My Tongue Is Trying To
Snatch Mr.Rain Drop 
To Taste & Settle Him Forever On The Taste Bud!!!!!!

From Quite Long Back, 
Its Continuing, And 
Its Ever Leaving Love
Love At First Sight 
Love At First Taste
Love At First Loving Hug
Love At First Ever Sweetest Kiss
And, That's Mr.Rain & Mrs. Rain Drop!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blessed Indeed!!!!!!!

It Was Such A Blessed Day, 
A Day Which They Couldn't Forget
A Day Which Gave Them A New Life
A Day Which Promised To Cage Them
Forever With, Bright Future, 
Which Would Be A Ever Memorable Life!!!!!!!

Finally After, Stepping On The Path of Stones, Thorns, Facing Oceanic Hurdles, Obstacles, Their, Wishes Were Fulfilled. Dreams Came True. After Many Long Years of Burning Tears, Struggle, Happiness Embraced Them. Couldn't See Each Other's Face As Lens of Their Eyes Was Totally Drenched In Tears. They Believed It To Be A Total Miracle!!!!!!!!!!  

Their Near & Dear One's
Were Overwhelmed With Happiness
They Proved Their Love And 
 Lived As A Live Example
Accepting Problems As Opportunities.
 Their Loved One's 
Made A Portrait of Them 
Forever In Depth of Their Hearts
As Their Souls Reached To The One
Who Blessed Them With, 
Miracles Residing In Heaven!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nature's Beauty!!!!!!!!!

A View At Sunset 
Melted My Tiredness, And
Embraced Me With Joy & Happiness
Resulting In Peace!!!!

Water Falling From A Height
Was An Amazing Sight
 Danced For The Melodious 
Tune of The Shower. 

Stars And The Moon
Embrace The Sky
Wards off The Fear of Dark
Which Brings A 
Peaceful Sleep At Night 

With A Wide Opened Arms
Lovingly Welcomed Monsoon
Lifted Up My Face....
Stretched My Hands
And Collected Those Rain Drops On My Palm
To Love & Kiss Those Sweetest Drops!!!!!

PS :- Dear Blogger's Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Twinkling Sucess!!!

Silent Night
Drifted off My Fear
Filled Me With Peace
And, Brought A Smiling Face. 

Many Waves Hit Me, As If A Series of Oceanic Thoughts Hitting The Sea Shore. I Knew, I Couldn't Sleep In A Relaxed State. I Hugged My Teddy So Hard That, All Its Stuff Bursted Out. I Need A Break, Said My Sub Conscious Mind. But, When And Where Do I Get A Break ?? 

I Climbed Stairs, Standing Near A Pillar, Stared Continuously At Stars, Assuming Those Bright Illuminated Stars, May Bring A Torch Light, Into The Dungeon of Thoughts. But, I Terribly Missed............ Missed Those.........

Missed Those Minutes of Airy Messages
Missed Those Moments of Happiness
Missed Those Seconds of Love
Missed Those Milliseconds of Airy Kiss.

Finally, Came Back To My Couch. Closed My Eyes & Tried To Recollect Those Captured Images of Stars. Finally, I Clearly Saw Few Stars, Which Appeared To Be Written As,          
Then, I Understood, As The Curtain of Fear Was Pulled Down, There Was No Space For Me To Change My Mind Set To Think In A Positive Way.Finally, 

Windy Air Washed off Negative Thoughts
Those Illuminated Stars Showed Me The Brightness of Success, 
Thereby I Forcibly Threw That Curtain of Fear
And, Heartily Welcomed Positive Thoughts!!!!!

From, This I Learn't Being Positive Will Always Embrace Us With Success :)