Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Need Some1........................

We Need Some1,
To Stand By Us

In All Ups & Downs.......

We Need Some1,

To Wipe Our Tears &
Bring Back Our Broad Smiley Faces!!!!!!!

We Need Some1,

To Guide, Suggest & Advice Us

When We Are Totally Desperate & Confused :)

We Need Some1,
To Lend Their Hand

When Its Most Needed :D

We Need Some1,

To Embrace Us During,

Achievements, Excitements

Which Is A Most Joyful Experience :D

We Need Some1,
To Be A Mountain.......
To Support & Encourage During,
A Challenging Task :)

We Need Some1,
To lift Us, When We Fall :)

We Need Some1,
To Care & Vanish All Our Fears :)

We Need Some1,

To Share Our Top-Secrets........

We Need Some1,
Stay With Us All The Time,
Deep Rooted In Our Heart, Soul & Mind :)

We Need Some1,
Who Can Provide Their Shoulders,
As A Pillow :)

We Need Some1,

Who Can Watch Rainbow With Us :)

We Need Some1,
Who Can Protect Us, When We Are,
Struck In A Deep Sea :)

We Need Some1,
Who Can Always Stay Deep Inside Our Heart,
Even though Distance Apart Us :)

We Need Some1,

Who Can Stay Beside
Forever & Ever...................

That Some1 Refers
To Precious Friend :)

PS :-This Post Is For Friendship Day :) As We All Know, That August 2nd Is Friendship Day :) I Had Planned For Some Special Posts :) But Was Unable To Do, Because Of Viral Fever :(

Wish You All Happy Friendship Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, This Is 74th Post!!!!!!!!!!! Next Post Will Be A Special Posts & Have Many Surprises :) Have A Fantastic Day Ahead :) Tataaa!!!!! Byeee!!!!!!!!


chinnu said...

Yes dear you are absolutely right we really need someone with us.... :) Friends are like angels :)very nice poem....
Wish you a happy friendship day :)
tak care of your health

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Sahana,

Very lovely write-up!!

We despertely need someone in every juncture of our lives, not only to understand who important we are to this world, but also to let them understand what they can accomplish in one lifetime..

And HW r u now? Hw abt viral fever.. Take care re..Eagerly waiting to see ur 75th post.. All the best for that post..

Happy friendship Day...


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

beautiful write.. and hey get well soon.. god bless you!

Creativity!! said...

Chinnu :- Thanks A Lot Dear :D

Happy Friendship Day :D

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Thanks A Lot Dear :) Happy Friendship Day :)

Hey, Viral Fever Is With From Past 2Days :( But, Will Get Well Soon :D

Creativity!! said...

Kajal :- Dear, Thanks A Lot For Dropping By & For Sweet Compliments :D

Pallav said...

hey Happy friendship day...
so tk cr of ur self...

get well soon

for u..from me said...

heyy..wish u a vry happy frndship day dear..!!!
again, wonderfull thoughts u've poured in..vry nice poem..n ya eagerly waitin fr ur 'special silver jubilee' post..:P

Anonymous said...

Hey Sahana,

Thanks for such a mesmerizing wish ..!

How are you doing? Pls take care of health ...I wish u a speedy recovery ...Get well soon .. eagerly waiting to that big surprise..:)

Happy Friendship Day Dear..:)


We all need friends and your poem reflects that fact. without friends.....true friends life can be very lonely. Enjoyed the read.


Creativity!! said...

Madhu :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- Thanks A Zillion :D

Creativity!! said...

Vyshu :- Hi Dear :D Thanks A Lot Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Lot Dear :D

for u..from me said...

errr...a mistake shld be 'platinum jubilee..:)..begging excuses..:P

Creativity!! said...

For U & Me :- Its Fine Dear :) Doesn't Matters :D Every Human Being, Creature Commit Mistakes :D