Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunny Days....

 Too Hot
Unbearable Heat
Wish To Always Stay
In Cold Water And,
Relish Ice-Creams, 
Fruit Juices!! 

Fed Up of Vitamin D
Coz, Its Causing Sunburns, 
Sun Strokes, Rashes, 
Burning Eyes, Dry Nostrils......

I Feel Pity For Animals, 
Birds, Insects, Ants of How They Live ?
Where Do They Get Water ? 
Who Shall Feed Them ?

Dear God, Help 
Those Poor Animals, 
Birds, Ants, Insects....
Feed Them Water, 
Quench Their Thirst
Give Us Cold Chill Breeze,
Instead of Hot Breeze.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


A Loss Could Neither 
Be Expressed In Words
Nor Through Expressions.....
But Could Be Felt Deeply
When It Touches The 
Tender Heart....Soul & Mind. 

Takes Some Time To Cope Up
Need Some Time To Come 
Back To Normal Terms, 
Doesn't Feel Like Talking To Someone.

Wish Things Happen As 
Each Individual Wishes To Happen 
But, It Happens As Per Destiny
Neither Could Change Nor Avoid!! 

But, Should Always
Be Surrendered To
Almighty To Help Us 
To Swim Out of Troubles
As Soon As Possible. 

PS :- This Poem Is Written In General Describing How A Individual Feels When He Experience Unexpected Loss In Any Kind or Manner. But, Everything Happens For Some Good Reason. God Knows What To Give Even When We Don't Pray For It. He Gives When Its Very Much Needed & Gives What We Should Get & Preserve With Us As A Golden Opportunity. Be Brave & Bold. Don't Loose Heart.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Childhood Memories.

Those Were The Days,
Days Which Were Beautiful, 
Beautiful Just Like Sun Rays
Embracing Us, When Playing
With Our Fellow mates.

No Worries, No Thoughts, 
Just Enjoying Happiness 
All Round The Clock
Running And Hiding From Mom 
When She Used To Feed Food. 

A Very Good Sound Sleep
Without Any Tensions or Worries
Drinking A Glass of Milk, Going 
Out TO Play With Friends. 

Used To Play Many Games
But Now, I Hardly Find Kids
On The Ground, As They Are
Busy With Their Homework, 
Projects, Assignments, Exams!!

Conducting Interviews Even For
Kindergarden Kids, A Very Limited 
Enjoyment, No Time For Them To
Experience The Essence of  Their Childhood!!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Fresh Morning,
A New Day
Started With Nightingale's
Cuckooo Cuckoo Alarm....

Pigeons Were Waiting
For Their Grains
Dog For Its Morning Walk
After All These Course of Work...
I Sat On The Floor,
Stretching My Legs.

Took A Cup of Coffee
Relished Each Sip
By Looking At The Waves.
Eyes Relaxed BY Looking At
The Nature's Beauty
And The Tongue Had A 
Experience of Different Taste of Coffee. 
Heart Deeply Saved This Combination of
Beauty & Aroma of Nature!!

What Else I Need ?
Ohh Ya!! I Need 
Some Time To Spend With Nature.....
At Times, Nature Is 
The Most Pleasurable Scenery
But At Times, When It 
Becomes Ferocious
Nobody Can Control!!

I Wonder How
Those Young Boys
Swim In The Beach
Which Is Quite Dangerous. 
Can't Predict About 
Natures Reaction. 

I Love Nature 
There Is Nothing Which 
Can Win Over Natures Beauty...
As It Is Almighty's Dearest Creation.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Sincere Prayer!!

 I Need A Open Space
To Scream, To Shout,
To Relax Stressed Mind
To Get Back Those Lively Days!!

I Am Extremely Tensed
Than Patience....
Extreme Pain, Sorrow
Than Happiness...

Most of The Time
I Fear To Switch On
The Television....Computer
Just Can't See Those Painful Views of JAPAN.

So Many Souls
Lost Their Life,
Their Beloved One's
How Do They Live ??
How Can They Live ??

Days Are Worsening...
The Moment I Take
Newspaper, Just Could See
Rape, Murder, Suicide,
Riots, Stabbing....

More Than, Pleasant News
I Find Horror News...
Ohh Almighty!!
What's Happening On This Earth ??

Is The Question Which
I Ask Almighty Repeatedly!!
Do You All Join For The Prayer ??

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

LOST In Thoughts!!

Lost Somewhere
Somewhere In Dense Thoughts, 
Thoughts of Childhood Days
Days, Which Doesn't Come Back.

Though Can't Get 
Back Those Days, 
Can Atleast Remember 
And Cherish.....The More I Cherish,
The Most I Terribly Miss Those Days
And Get Lost In Dense Thoughts!! 

Should I Stop Cherishing ?
Or Should I Control Limits of Cherishing ??
Or Should I Completely Stop Remembering
Those Happy, Innocent, Funny, Jolly Days!! 

What Can This State of Mind Be Called As ??
Can This Be Called As Confused State Or
The Lost Mind Or The One Who Is Completely
Lost In Dense Thoughts Or The One Who Doesn't
Stop Thinking Or Remembering Ever & Never!!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day!!!!!!!!!!


God Created A Woman
He Brought Her Onto This Earth
To Play Various Vital Roles
Till Her Last Breath!!

She Plays As A Kid,
Adopts Her Mom's Way of Living
Respects Her Fellow Beings
Hugs Her Dad And Mom Very Frequently.

She Plans For Her Future
Well In Advance, Draws A Map
of How To Shape Her Career
And What Kind of Job Suits Her ??

After Certain Number of Years
She Plans & Thinks, How To
Adjust With New Family She Gets
And How To Be With Them.

Continuing Her Personal Life
Journey Being A Daughter, Sister
And, Moves On To Be
The Wife, Then Mother
Then, Sister-In-law, Aunt,

She Has To Balance Her
Personal Life With Professional Life
May Be As A Teacher, Software Engineer,
Farmer, Airforce Officer, In Navy, As An
Accountant, Auditor, Manager, Director,
President, Minister, And Many Many Moreee!!!!!!

She Is The Chief Chef
Learn & Prepare New Recipe
Play With Her Kids,
Spend Some Valuable Time
Teaching Her Kids &
Spend Sometime Talking
To Her Near & Dear One's.

Sacrificing Many Things
In Her Life, Joins Her New Family
But, Some Husband's May
Or May Not Recognize Her Value.

Still, I Find Many Men
Criticizing, Comparing, Insulting,
Disrespecting Her.......
Instead Should Encourage,
Support Women To Come Up !!

Women's Are Physically
And Mentally Strong.......
They Can Sustain Any Sort
of Problems...They Are The 
Best Encouragers On This Earth.

They Cry To Burst Out
Their Feelings, Sorrows, 
Pains, Hurts And Increase 
Their Will Power By Smiles
And Laughter :) :) 

At Present, Women Are Bold,
Brave, Great Achievers, Hard-workers
Women Are There In Each & Every Field
Progressing More Than The Men !!!!!

Creativity, Wishes Each & Every Women, "A Very Happy International Women's Day" :)  :) 

PS :- I'm Not Comparing Men & Women. But, Highlighting How Women Are Equally Progressing When Seen With The Current And Past Generation Individuals!!!!!!!! 

 PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Random Thoughts".

First I Wrote And Shared This Poem IN My Another Blog, Screams of A Woman. But, Thought of Sharing It Here Too. Here Is The Link For "Screams of A Woman Blog"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Thought!

Thoughts Keep Overflowing
Mind Keeps Moving Everywhere
Sometimes Think On 
Unwanted Issues
Without Any Break.

I Tried Penning Down
On A Sheet of Paper
But of No Use....
Finally, My Sub Conscious Mind
Said, Why Not On Blog ??

But, My Reply Was
Sometimes I Write Good Poems
or The Articles, But Sometimes
I Fail Writing, Because,
Once Again I'll Be Blank,
Thinking What To Write ?? 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Journey With Nature's Beauty!!

Unending Path,
Not Knowing Where
It Leads, Its Destination
Just Started Journey
As A Long Walk.

It Took Me To
Beautiful Streams,
Lakes, Water Falls
Beautiful Scenery
Was Mesmerized At
The Nature's Beauty. 

Pleasant Weather
Cool Breeze
Chirping of Birds
Felt As, If I Entered
And Joined The Journey of
Nature & Its Beauty. 

But, After Few Hours
I Realized That, 
It Was Just A Dream. 
Hope, This Dream Comes True !!!!!!!!

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