Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Past Memories :) :)

Jumping, Playing, Laughing,
Pillow Fighting, Screaming With A Squeaked Voice
Was Our Daily Night Routine
Before Going To Bed.

Scribbling In Your Book
Breaking Your Pencil Lead
Hiding Your Books
Was My Daily Routine.

Mom's Tensed Voice,
Angry Tone, Unable To Control
My Naughty Behavior To
Avoid Noise Pollution At Home.

I Still Remember Our Night Talks
We Used To Sleep Together, Sharing
The Same Bed Spread.

Mom Used To Switch Off The Light
And Both of Us Would Happily Wave
Our Hand Saying, Bye.....Bye!!!!!!

You Are My Close Best Friend,
We Share Many Matters.....Top Secret Matters....
And Tease Each Other.......

Eventhough We Are Far Distant Apart,
We Are Always Connected Heart-Heart !!!!!!!!

Dear Sis, I Terribly Miss You A Lot :((
And I Miss Those Memorable Days As Well :((

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Broken Heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Times Knowingly Or
Unknowingly, Our Life Faces
A Drastic Change, Which Brings A
Complete New Tough Life.....

How Will I Breath With Such A Broken Heart ??
How Will I Mend My Heart, To Continue Pumping of Blood ??

When Do I Adjust With This Kind of Toughest Situation ??
The Situation Is Such That, Nor I Can Stay With, Nor I Can Stay Apart.

I Feel As Though The Entire World  Separated From Me.....
I Feel Scared.......I Fear That, I May Loose Everyone Close To My Heart....
I Feel That, I Have Already Lost The One's Who Were Very Close To Me....
As A Friend, As A Relative, As A Cousin, As A Sibling....What Not ??

I Am Completely Dripped off From Those Good Positive Thoughts,
Everywhere, I See Only Broken Parts & Broken Thoughts, Broken Relation......

It May Be 'coz of Caring My Close One's
With Overwhelmed  Love & Affection, 
Broke My Heart, Mind & Soul........
I Am Completely Collapsed 'coz of Them........

Is This The Meaning of Humanity & Concern ??
Does This Situation Come Under The Definition of Humanity & Concern ??

This Is The Present Life.....
I Face It With Courage,
I Increase My Self Confidence,
I Forcefully Change My Thoughts,
I Protect Myself Only With Positive Views & Thoughts !!!!!!!!!

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Flying Up Above The Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Beautiful Colorful
Wings  Fly To Reach Me
When I Say, I Miss You.

It Shows You Are Caring,
Affectionate, Lovable.

Your Cheerful Smile,
Your Caressing Hand, 
Make Me Feel I Am Secured.

Without You In My Life,
I Feel All Alone.....My Soul
Repeatedly Tells, Do Not Leave That Friend
If You Leave, Then I Would Be Dead......

Your Jokes Expand My Cheeks 
From One End To Another End.

Walking Near The Waves
Hand In Hand, 
Breathing The Same Air,
Tasting The Same Aroma of Nature......
Flies Both of Us Dancing On The Wind !!!!!!!!!!!!

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "True Friends". 

PPS :- This Poem Is Pure Based On My Own Imagination !!!!!!!!!!!! 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Friendship :) :)

"A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever"

Beauty Lies Internally As Well As Externally !!!!!!!!!

You Are Beautiful, Handsome, Caring,
Loving, Affectionate...............

You Understand My Pain 
Behind My Brief Smile.

You Understand My Excitement
Behind My Broad Smile.

You Understand My Happiness
Behind My Cool Tears.

You Understand My Dreadful Sorrow
Behind My Hot Tears........

I Love The Way You Are
I Love The Way You Look At Me,
I Love The Way You Stare At Me,
I Love The Way You Pamper Me.........

You Are My Most Beloved Companion
You Are Safely Locked Indepth of My Heart
Your Love & Affection Are Oceanic.

I Love You To The Core
At Times, I Hate You To The Core
When You Say, Sorry Baby, I Am Busy......
I Don't Have Time.......Will Call You Later.......

You Call Me When I'm Lecturing
When I Reject Your Call & Call Later
Then, Your First Word Would Be,
You Idiot......You Are The Only Lecturer In This World
To Mentally Kill Students.................

When, I Call You & If You Are Busy In Office
And Reject My Call & Call Later
Then, My First Word Would Be,
You Idiot.......You Are The Only Person For
Entire Company......As If Company Winds Up Its
Operations, If You Take A Single Second To Say Hi...Hello To Me.....

However You Are,
Where ever You Are,
Always Be Happy, Keep Smiling,
Maintain Our True Friendship Forever & Ever.

Both of Us Have Shared Many Positive
And Negative Happenings,
Both of Us Fight Like A Cat & A Dog......
Both of Us Disconnect Call When We 
Are In Anger......
Both of Us Are Possessive To Call Back & Say
I'm Sorry.....'Coz I Feel, Let Him Call me....And 
You Feel, Let Her Call Me!!!!!!!

But, Both of Us Are Very Good True Friends. 

Let's Remember, 
 "A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever".

Written For Carry On Tuesday.

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Is It Morning Yet"!!!!!!!!!

PPS :- Dearies, This Is A Pure Imagination Poem. I Missed You All These Days.......I Was Not Well. Now, I'm Fine & Back To My Blog After 5Days :) :) Will Very Soon Visit Your Blogs!!!!!! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is It Morning Yet ??

How Long I Have Been Awake......Is It Morning Yet ??
How Long Will I Keep Roaming On Different Matters ??
How Long Will I Bear Nonsense of People ??
How Long Will I Take To Close My Eyes & Sleep ??

Strained Eyes Wanting To Rest,
My Heart Is Severely Mercilessly Bleeding
Because of Unbearable Mental Pain......
How Long Will My Heart Sustain With This Kind of Situation ??

My Mind Is Fed up of Stupid Thoughts
Which Are Forcefully Digging My Mind 
And, Taking My Mind To Unwanted Foolish Imaginations....
How Long Will My Mind Bear With This Kind of Situation ??

My Soul Needs That Soul
Which Was Very Loving & Affectionate...
But, That Soul Is No More With Me.....
I Have To Come Back To The Terms of Reality....
How Long Will I Take To Come Back To The Terms of Reality ??

My Entire Body Is Collapsed 
There Are Many Cracks
In Between My Bones & Muscles
Which Are Severely Burning & Bleeding...........
How Long Will MY Body Bear With Me ??

How Long Will It Take For My Mind,
Heart, Soul, & Body To Shut Their
Unwanted Activities & Sleep.........

How Long I Have Been Awake To 
Think & Realise Whats Happening  With Me.......
I Want To See Sunrise. 
Those Sun Rays Entering My Gentle Eyes, Soul,
Mind, Heart, & Body Will Demolish All The
Unwanted Activities & Give Me A New Life
BY Showing A New Path & My Hopes Starts
Increasing With Increasing Number of Gentle Heart Beats!!!!!!!

How Long I Have Been Awake......Is It Morning Yet ??

Written For Carry On Tuesday.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hidden Kid's Happiness :) :)

Childish Girl's Face Glowing
Like Sun Rays, Clearly Showing Her 
Hidden Kid In Her Heart, Soul & Mind. 

Her Fragile Heart, Soul & Mind
Mixing With The Excited 
Blood Flow, Flowing With 
A Great Speed, Which She Could Feel
While Her Heart Says, I Love You & 
I'm Pumping Affectionate Blood & You
My Beloved Brain, Stop Recapping Those
Happenings, Which Had Broken My
Fragile Heart, Soul & Mind.

Just Mix With Excitement
Flowing Down The Spine
Thrilling My Veins & Nerves, When
I Saw That, My Blog Has Also Won
Poetry Award For The Month of March
From Jingle :) :)

Jingle, Thanks A Lot For Nominating My Blog As Well As For Award :) :)

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PPS :- Dearies, With All Your Constant Support, Encouragement, Motivation, Inspiration, I Could Connect & Stay With You All Through "World of Poetry".

Dearies, I Feel I Always Uplift World of Poetry. But, Let Me Share With You All How I Started Blogging ??

I Started With A Prose Blog. "Exhibiting Hidden Talents"  I Got An Opportunity, A Space, A Land To Share All My Feelings.

Because of Prose Blog, "Exhibiting Hidden Talents" I Started With Poetry Blog. I Am Not Regular At Prose Blog. But, From Now On I Would Be Regular At Prose Blog As Well. Prose Blog Is A Main Pillar For My Poetry Blog. Dearies, Do Visit My Prose Blog In Your Free Time :) :)

Well, Jingle Thanks A Bunch For The Award :) :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rays of Leaves :) :)

Me & My Friend Went To The Park. She Was Looking Very Sad. As If, She Has Lost Something Precious. I Asked Her, Whats Her Problem ??  Then She Narrated This Painful Incident.

Dear, I  Have Lost Hope. I Don't Want To Speak To Anybody. You Are My Best Childhood Friend. I Would Like To Share Only With You. But, I Don't Talk To Anybody. That's The Reason I Switched off My Cell. 

I Came With You To The Park To Share This Incident. I Loved A Person. He Was Very Handsome, Beautiful, Well Qualified. We Were Friends. As Days Passed, We Couldn't Continue In The Terms of Friendship & We Understood Ourselves That, We Love Each Other A Lot. 

He Had Told Me Very Clearly That, He Can't Marry Me. Because His Parents Would Not Give Permission For Love Marriages. But We Used To Go Out Every Weekend. Phone Calls Were Very Much Frequent. But, Now Unfortunately He Is Going To His Native. He Had Promised Me That, He Would Give Me His Changed Contact Number. But, He Hasn't Given, Nor He Is Replying To My Mails. I Know That, This Life Wouldn't Sustain More. I Don't Know, How To Come To Reality Terms. I Want To Come Back To Reality. But For Me, All Possible Paths Are Closed. 

Then, I Told Her Dear, See The Leaves Fallen From The Branches. They Are Stepped By Many Passer's By. Still, They Have Hope of Sustaining To Some Level. Life Is Not Permanent. Love Your Love As If, Today Is The Last Day of Love Life. 

 Then, Seeing Those Leaves, She Made Up Her Mind That, Knowingly/Unknowingly She Stepped On Thorns of Her Life. Now, Still She Has Some More Years Left With Her To Achieve Her Dreams & Wishes. The Rays of Park Lights, Were Falling On Those Leaves. Seeing Those Rays & Lights, She Clearly Came To The Terms of Reality That, Yes. I Have A Colorful, Beautiful Life Ahead. Will Face Many More Challenges To Win. Now, Her Goal Was To Take Up Many More  Challenges For Experiencing Better Life.

Written For Thursday Tales.

Image Courtesy. 

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality of A Dreamy Girl :) :)

A Girl Landed On The
Land of Poetry, To Share
Her Feelings, Hidden Talents
Which She Didn't Explore
Well Before........

Her Poetry Kept On Overflowing
Her Readers, Followers Continuously
Encouraged, Motivated Her.....
Many Writers Writings Inspired Her
Learn't Different Styles of Writing.....

She Got Another Land of Opportunity
In Jingle, Where Jingle Nominates 12 Blogs 
To Encourage, Appreciate Different Skilled
Talents of Different Bloggers :) :)

Among 12 Blogs, Jingle Selected Her Blog
        "World of Poetry" :) :) 

World of Poetry Is Very Happy
For Being Nominated For First Time
In Her Blog Life.

Creativity, Whole Heartedly Thank
All Her Dear Readers, Followers
For Encouraging, Motivating As Well As
Inspiring Her BY Your Different Writing Skills :) :)

Jingle, Thanks A Bunch, For Nominating My Blog :) :)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exams :) :)

I'm Drenched In The
Pool of Books To Thorough
My Mind To Concentrate On
Various Subjects, Topics By Digging
A Way Between My Tender Heart & Mind.

Heart Wishes TO Keep On Sharing
Poems......But, My Mind Wish To Study
And Give My Best At My Final Year Exam :) :)

Prelims Gonna Start From Tomorrow,
My Blood Would Start Boiling 
At High Level Boiling Point.....No Sleep..
No Difference Between A Day & A Night.

Night I Study & Day Go To College
And Give Exam.....Then, Will Come Home
And Relish MY Mom's Most Tasty Lunch
Then, Finally Throw My Body On The
Bed of Overflowing Tension, Which Says,
Tomorrow You Have Financial Accounting
Go & Study.....Don't Sleep.....

But, I Can't Study During Day
I Sleep During Noon & Get Up By Evening.....

I Would Be Completing My Graduation
On May 15th 2010.....I'm Curiously Waiting
For My BAF[Bachelor of Accounts & Finance]
To Complete :) :)

PS :- Dearies, I Am Busy With My Studies, Exams.....SO Will Surely Visit Your Blog, When I Take Few Minutes Break.......Hope You All Will Stay At My Place Till I'm Back. I Do Share Poems With You......By Sharing Poems, I Could Burst My Stress & Tension :) :) 

Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Wonderful Good Morning" .

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderful Good Morning :) :)

Waking Up, Looking At Blue Sky
To Find My New Bright Sun Rays
To Find Birds Flying High In The Air
To Hear Their Beautiful Voices.
To Start My Day & Wish To Have
New Rays In My Days Work.

Waking Up, Looking At My Face
Feeling That My Cheeks Are Brushed By
My Beautiful Chirping of Love Birds!!!!!!!!!! 

Waking Up, Looking At The Mountain Peak
Setting My Goal of Completing The Task For The Day
Wishing To See At High Levels Each Day
With Increasing Number of My Well Wishers.....
And They Are, My Birds, Animals, Nature!!!!!!!!!

Waking Up, Looking At My Blog
To Read The Cherishable Voices
Said By My Dearest Readers, Followers
Inspires & Motivates To Share Many More!!!!!!!!

Waking Up, Sipping Cup of Coffee
By Visiting All Your Amazing Talented Blogs
To Relish The Sweetness of Writing Skills
Delivered By You All.......
The Sweetness of Your Writing Skills
Tutor Me, Many New Writing Skills And,
That's The Real Taste of Sipping A Cup of Coffee!!!!!!!!

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Night Mare".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Night Mare!!!!!!!!!

Chetan Was Brought up By His Mom Till He Attained 3Years. His Mom Was Suffering From A Dreadful Disease. Though She Suffered A Lot, Never Visited Any Doctor For Her Treatment, Thinking She Can't Leave Chetan All Alone At Home & Also She Can't Take Chetan To Hospital. 

His Father Was A Businessman & Was Very Busy With His Meetings, Conferences. He Never Paid Much Attention To His Family Matters. He Used To Come Home Late Nights. Being Stressed & Tired, He Would Just Stretch His Legs Never Enquiring How Is His Wife & Son Doing ??

As Usual, Chetan's Mom Dropped  Him To  Play Home. Play Home Timing Was From 9am-11am.  All Parents Came By 11am To Take Back Their Kids. But, Chetan's Mother Didn't Come Back To Pick Him Up. He Was Depressed & Was Terribly Crying. He Was Hungry & When His Play Home Teacher Tried To Feed Him, He Neglected Saying, His Noon Food Is Served & Fed By His Mom. He Started Howling, "I Want Mamma"........I Want Mamma"..........I Want Mamma...............His Cries Were So Loud That, All Neighbors of Play Home Came Out of Their Houses & Started Consoling The Child. 

The Play Home Teacher, Called Up His Landline Number. But, No One Received The Phone. So His Teacher Called Up His Dad's Cell & Told That, Chetan's Mom Didn't Come To Pick Him Up & Even No One Is Answering Repeated Landline Calls. Then, His Dad Rushed Back Home. Repeatedly Rang The Door Bell. Maid Was Waiting Outside. Maid Rushed To Him Saying, His Wife Fell Unconscious On The Main Road & So Residents Took Her To Hospital. 

Chetan's Father First Decided To Pick His Son & Inform His Play Home Teacher. Chetan's Father Reached Play Home & Informed Teacher That, His Wife Has Been Admitted In Hospital. Chetan Was Unwilling To His Father, Saying "I Don't Come With You.....I Wan't Mamma......You Never Showed Dad's Love. I Love Mom....I Hate You.....I Want Mom.....Bring My Mom Here.....I Will Come Home".

His Teacher Consoled & Convinced Him To Go With His Dad & His Mom Would Really Come Back To Him. Then, Chetan Went With His Dad To Hospital & Residents Told That, Chetan's Mom Had Heart Problem & Doctors Are Doing Surgery On Her.  

It Was Already 8pm & Suddenly Heavy Downpour Started When, Chetan & His Dad Were On Foot Back Home. It Was Then, Chetan's Dad Realised His Mistake & Rectified His Mistake. Before Leaving Hospital Chetan's Dad Had Told Doctors To Inform Him, About His Wife's Health Condition. Residents Also Forced Him To Go Home & They Would Stay In Hospital. Chetan's Dad Was Inconsolable On His Way Back Home. The Vehicle Lights Pierced His Eyes, The Horns Made Him Fear For The Dreadful Mistake He Made.....He Was Extremely Depressed. Chetan Seeing His Dad's State, Consoled Him Saying, Dad, I Love You Too....I Scolded You In Anger.....I'm Sorry Dad.....

Chetan's Dad Opened The Lock of Main Door. Entered The House & Immediately His Cell Phone Rang. Call Was From Doctor Who Operated His Wife. Doctor Said, His Operation Was Successful & His Wife Is Fine. After Few Days, She Came Back Home. All Three Were Happy & Smiled At Each Other. Chetan's Dad Lovingly Grabbed His Small  Family In His Arms :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "THE POOL".

Written For Thursday Tales.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

THE POOL...............

A Young Girl With Her Innocent Features & Character Failed To Mingle With Different Types of Mindsets. She Always Wanted Someone Who Can Understand Her Pain, Her Sorrow Hidden Behind Her Dreadful Tears Overflowing During Late Nights. She Was Very Excellent At Her Academics. of Late She Lost Her Interest In Studies. She Lost Her Strong Mind & Finally Became Very Depressed. She Had A Difficult Task To Make Up Her Mind To Concentrate Completely On Her Studies. 

She Had Very Few Friends, Who Would Care & Love Her.  All Were Girls. She Never Had Any Friendship With Any Boys. She Restricted Her Movements To Her Very Few Friends. Once She Went To A Resort With Her Family Members. There She Was Playing A Water Game. She Was A Non-Swimmer. The Guide Told Her That He Would Help Her. But Since, She Doesn't Like The Touch Of Anybody, She Ignored Saying She Could Manage & Would Strictly Follow His Instructions. 

As Guide Instructed She Followed. It Was A Slide. After Sliding, They Would Directly Fall In The Pool. So She Had To Have Control Over Her. Her Slide Was Good. But, When She Fell In The Pool, She Lost Her Spectacles & Could Not See Anything. As She Was Suffering To Breath She Couldn't Raise Her Voice. But Guide Saw That Girl's Pain & He Screamed For Help. Then A Boy Who Also Saw The Same, Jumped  & Went Deep Inside. She Was Lying Unconscious. He Took Her Up & Brought Her Near Her Family.

After She Got Conscious, She Saw The Boy Standing Near Her & Heard Her Mom Saying, This Guy Saved Your Life Dear. Please Don't Do Such Life Risky Jumps From Now On. For The First Time, She Thanked A Boy.

This Incident Was The Turning Point In Her Life. Since, She Was Cheered Up Seeing A Boy Helping Her & Felt That, Boys Are Good!!!!!!! She Also Got A Positive Mind Towards Boys.

As She Completed Her Graduation, Started Searching For Job As Well As Her Eyes Was Searching Everywhere For Her Savior.

One Morning, She Got A Call From HR of A Company, To Attend The Interview. When She Entered The Chamber, She Saw The Same Boy As HR. Both Of Them Were Thrilled, Excited & Happy To Find Each Other Again. 

 She Got Job In That Company. Day By Day Their Friendship Increased & They Finally Decided To Inform Their Parents & Tie A Knot.

One Saturday Evening, He Took Her To The Same Resort. Both of Them Played The Same Water Game. Both of Them Together Slide Down To The Pool & He Finally Proposed Her Indepth of The Pool, From Where She Was Saved :) :)

PS :-  Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Guest Post "200th Post". 

PPS :- Many of You Have Asked, Why Toya Was Jealous of Anchal, Eventhough They Both Were Good Friends. Toya Was Jealous Because, People Always Enjoyed Being Around Anchal For Her Good And Sweet Nature & Also For Her Sweet Innocent Infant Smile. So Toya Used To Send Hated Mails To Anchal.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Double Century.....200th Post!!!!! GUEST POST :) :)

 A poet is like a magician,
Seeing beauty in nature like a Venetian.
With an eye for detail,
Following with many an entrail.
A poet explains beauty,
With utmost respect and like his duty,
To preserve what is special and nice,
With an effort that is sincere and wise.

 A Beautiful Story :-

Anchal was a sweet, soft-natured and a charming girl. Every evening, she would go to the park, feed the ducks by the pond, sit on her favorite bench with a book in hand and greet all the passers-by. People loved her for her charm. They would compliment her for that and say that it made their day. Even gloomy looking people would go back happy after having a look at her. On one such evening, Anchal saw a girl sitting aloof and crying. Anchal felt sorry for her. She went across to her, introduced herself and sat down beside her. The girl looked back and introduced herself as Toya, meaning water. Anchal told her not to be sad and asked her to look at the evening sky with all of its myriad colors, so that she could see the Hope-Fairy. Sure enough, Toya found the Hope Fairy (the tiny patches that look like rainbows when the eyes are moist)  and smiled. Toya started to like Anchal. From that day onwards, Toya wold join Anchal in feeding the ducks and greeting people. For them, the day would seem incomplete till they spent time with each other. They became really close to each other.
One fine day, Anchal started getting hate mails. The mails would just not stop. Every day a new one would pop-in in her inbox and this started to upset her. She shared this with Toya and asked her who would hate her so much. Toya said she was equally surprised and shocked. They both decided to ignore those mails. After a few days, Anchal broke the news that she would be getting married in a few weeks time. From the next day, the amount of hate mails simply doubled. Then Anchal got pre-occupied with her wedding celebrations and stopped going to the park. Toya would sit alone on the bench each day and feed the ducks thinking of good times. 

Next morning, there were more hate mails in Anchal's inbox. Anchal showed all of those mails to her husband and they decided to go to a different country.  That evening, Anchal met Toya to tell her that she wouldn't be able to join her from the next day as they would be relocating. Toya was upset and cried. Anchal reminded her to look up at the sky for the Hope Fairy whenever she felt like crying as that would make situations a lot simpler. Toya promised her that she would follow that.

After a few years, even after a couple of new mail id's and a couple more of relocation's, the amount of hate mails had only increased. To Anchal, it was like a routine. As long as she didn't receive a hate mail, she couldn't sleep peacefully. To her, it was like a part and parcel of life. She had stopped worrying about them. She infact, had started looking forward to them. Then one fine day, she decided to meet her old friend, Toya and visited their old place, the bench in the park and sat down there, feeding the ducks. Suddenly, there was a gasp and she looked back to see Toya standing there. They both were happy to have met after such a long time. Then, they shared their anecdotes in life and updated each other on the happenings in their lives. 

Anchal handed over an envelope to Toya before she left and asked her to read it by the weekend and made her promise that she wouldn't open it early.
That weekend, Toya opened the letter, and began to read through. It read,
    Dear Toya,
    By the time, you read this letter, I might have finished my days on Earth. I came to meet you because I was counting the days in my life. I was suffering from cancer, the first time when I met you.
    It only got advanced with time. We changed locations to meet different doctors so that we could look for a cure, but in vain. Do you remember the hate mails that I would keep getting everyday? It     only became more in number. You know, that was the only thing that kept me going till now. Things like that can happen only when you do something right and there is someone who is jealous of that.
    I got to know who that was, the day I received the mails even when I changed my mail-id. I knew it was you, Toya, all the time. So, I stopped feeling scared and started looking forward to it     because that would mean that you are fine and things are going on great with you. Why were you jealous of me, Toya? What had I done to you? It might be too late for an apology now since you     cannot reach me in the place where I am. I hope you give up that attitude in you and change for the better. Now, please stop crying, there is still hope for you. Change for the better and whenever     you feel like crying, look up at the sky and find the Hope Fairy.
Toya was filled to the brim, with pangs of guilt. She just couldn't forgive herself for the mistake that she had committed. She couldn't stop crying. She looked up at the sky to find the Hope Fairy but instead saw a Rainbow, the one that Anchal used to believe that would appear when you decide to change for the better !!! She missed Anchal....

PS :- Dearies, This 200th Was Composed BY A Beautiful Writer Smt.Sowmya Partha. A Sister, A Friend, A Companion Of Me. She Is Like My Own Sister. This Is The First Guest Post In My Blog :) :) I Am Extremely Thrilled, Excited & Happy That, I Could Make 199 Posts & Finally 200th Post Is A Special Guest Post. I Sincerely Thank, Sowmya For Composing A Guest Post For This "WORLD OF POETRY"

Lets All Know About Sowmya :-
Sowmya Is A Simple, Caring, Kind, Affectionate, Loving Girl. She Is Excellent At Poems As Well As Fiction Stories. Her Writes Expresses Different Kinds of Feelings, Emotions, And Most Importantly, Each Story, Will Have Its Own Moral. MORAL of The Story Is A Very Important Aspect For A Reader. He/She Can Change Their Preferences or Their Life Style or Mind Set By Knowing The Moral. 

Click Here To Read Sowmya's Blog. 

A Small Token of Love To My Dearest Sis, 

Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Presence Here & As Well As For Your Cherishable, Memorable Compliments For Each & Every Post. Yes, Your Compliments Are Very Much Important To Me, As It Inspires, Encourages & Motivates Me To Share Ample of Poems With You All :) :) This IS For All My Readers & Followers :) :)

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