Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is This Love??

Have You Ever, Loved Some1 Very Deeply
Have You Ever,
Felt Like Holding Her Hand,
To Console Her, After Misunderstanding..

Have You Ever,
Tried To Understand
Her Silence
By Holding Her Hand
Without Uttering A Word

Have You Ever Tried To Smile At Her

Eventhough You Are Tensed.

Have You Ever Got Scared At
Possibility Of Losing Her

Have You Ever Found Her
Like Stars Sparkling All The Time :D

Have You Ever Tried To Find

Innocence Behind Her Anger

Have You Ever Tried To Call Her
Even In Your Busy Schedule,

Just To Say I Love You/I Miss You.....

Have You Ever Tried To Hug Her,
After A Lovely Fight :D

Have You Ever Tried To Console Her
Before She Says, Sorry......

Have You Ever Tried To
Admit Your Mistake
Rather Than,
Pointing It Out At Her......

Have You Ever Found The Difference

Being With Her & Not Being With Her......

Have You Ever Praised Her Cook,

Her Dressing, Her Looks, Her Beauty

With Makeup & Without Makeup.......

Have You Ever Tried To Help
Her In Kitchen
Rather Than, Complaining.....

Ps :- Dearies, This Is Just An Imaginary Doubts Which Cropped Up Today Many Times :D Don't Know Why??

Title Was Suggested By My Most Beloved Friend, Sowmya Partha :D

Dearies, Do You All Feel That, My Poems Look Similar, But Only Phrases Are Different :) Pls Let Me Know About This..Bcoz, Few Of My Friends Told, All My Poems Look Similar Only Words Used Are Different :D If You Also Feel The Same, Pls Let Me Know :D

Love Is Like A Cup Of Coffee :D

As The Sunrises,
Birds Too Come Out Of Their Nest,
Start Their Melody,
I Wake Up, By Their
Warm, Lovely Chirping :D

I Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature,
By Watching Amazing Scenery, Greenery,
Different Kinds Of Creatures :D

Then, Stretch My legs,
Sitting On A Easy Chair
To Relish Delicious Morning Coffee :D

I Feel,
Love Is A Cup Of Coffee
It Tastes Too Good In The Morning,
Noon, Evening As Well As Night :D

Morning Coffee Makes Our Senses,
Much Attentive Towards Nature,
Also, Towards Newspaper :D

Noon Coffee Relieves From
Stress, Tension, Body Pains
Working From Morning :D

Evening Coffee Is For Relaxation :)
Night Coffee Is A Refreshment Coffee :D

Ps :- Dearies, When I Had Been To A Mall, I Came Across LOVE IS LIKE A CUP OF COFFEE, WHICH TASTES GOOD IN MORNING, NOON, EVENING & NIGHT Written On A Tumbler :D

This Made Me Analyze & Experience :D I Tried, Tasting Coffee In Morning, Noon, Evening & Night :D This Really Works :D

If You Are Interested You May Also Try & Let Me Know Your Feeling :D Long Back I Planned To Share This With You All, But Didn't Find Time :(.....Anyways, Finally I Shared With You All :D

Medically Its Advised To Avoid Coffee Bcoz Of Chicory Content :D But, Rarely You Can Taste It :D

Have A Great Sunday :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Angels' Sleep :D

Beautiful Scented Flowers
Showered From Above :D
I Could See The Three Precious Lovable
Words Written In Air :D

Thunderstorms Took Away My Heart,
To That Hidden Special Star :D
I Flew So High Above,
That, I Heard Star Whispering,

A Thrilling......Exciting Experience,
Dream Was Twisted Into Reality :D

I Told Star That,
I Want To Have A Huggy Cozy Sleep :)

That Star,
Stretched His Arms, On My Shoulders,
I Leaned On His Shoulders,And
Had A Pleasant Sound Sleep :D

Ps :- Dearies, Again An Imaginary Poem :D Wish You All A Pleasant Sound Sleep :D Good Night :D Sweet Dreams......Take Care :D

Dearies, Can You Suggest Me A Title For This?? I Don't Know, Why I Gave Title As Angels' Sleep :) I Feel Its Not Suitable :(. Kindly Suggest Title :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maiden Of My Dreams :D

Everyday I Wait
Floating, Dreaming, Wishing,
For The Day, You Become Mine :D

My Mind Flutters All Over My Heart,
Searching For That Pure Soul,
Who Deeply Love Me :D

My Hand Shivers To Touch That Pure Soul
My Heart Flutters To Hear That, Melodious Voice :D

Clouds Are The Best Place
For Us To Hide & Gossip,
For Us To Embrace,
Feel Our Touch, Feel Our Feelings,
Emotions :D

Heavy Breathing,
Tears Flowed Down Our Cheeks,
When We Were Not Together,
Burning Eyes, Marathon Talks,
During Night,
Made Miss Both Of Us
A Lot.......Lot.........And, Lot :(

Now, I'm Happy That
You Are In Form Of Bright Sunlight
During The Day,
A Moon During Night &
A Star Glowing All The Time :D

Ps :- Dearies, Again An Imaginary Poem :D

I Might Have Missed Few Of Your Posts :D But, Will Read & Comment By This Weekend :D I Am Busy With My Internals :) Very Soon Will Get Back To You All :D Hru All ??

All Of You Take Care :D

Title Was Suggested By Sowmya Partha, My Close Beloved Friend :D

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Special Friendship With Sweety :D

One Tiny Honey Bee Came
Sat On Rose Petal,
I Started Staring At Him,
Trying To Understand His Feelings :D

I Could See Him Getting Scared
Thinking, Whether I May Kill Him....
But, I Convinced Him, Saying,
I Am Your Special Friend :D

He Was Amazed, Shocked,
How Come A Human, Can Be A Special Friend??

I Named Him, Sweety,
Each Day Both Started Meeting,
In My Window Pane :D

Each Day, Our Friendship Bond Increased,
Our Feelings, Were More Than,
What We Thought Or Expected :D

He Fly Away As A Rocket,
When My Mom Enters,
And Again, Come Back,
Sit With Me, Near My Study Table,
Even In Front Of Computer, Reading Poems :D

His Buzz Makes Me Happy,
He Never Allow My Smile To Fade,
We Always Play, Enjoy & Relish Our Talks,
Thinking Of Our Future Days,
Promise Each Other To Be In Touch Always :)

He Stays In His Honeycomb,
Just Opposite To My Window,
I Stare When He Sucks The Nectar,
Flying From One Flower To Another :)

Ps :- Dearies, This Is My First Attempt On Honeybee :D Today, When I Went For A Morning Walk, I Came Across A Honeycomb, Few Bees Were Busy Sucking The Nectar, I Couldn't Stop Myself, Without Staring At Them :D I Saw Their Structures Standing Closely, Without Harming Them :D

I Dream Of Myself Being A Special Friend Of HoneyBee :D This Is Just A Dream, Imagination Based Poem :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dedicated To My Sis :D

When I Think Of You,
I Think of All Our Days, Which Was Spent Together :)

I Think Of All Our Pillow Fights,
I Think Of All Your Prolonged Purchases,
I Think Of All Your Selections,

The Way You Used To Communicate
To Shop Keepers.
The Way You Used To Dress Me Up,
The Way You Used To Guide Me, In My Studies,
The Way You Showed Love & Affection :)

You Are My Sis,
You Are My Special Best Friend,
You Are My Preacher,
You Are My Life Supporter

You Are Beautiful & Genius,
You Are Everything To Me :D

I Terribly Miss You A Lot,
Right Now, I Want You Here,
Hug Me, Comfort Me, Stare At Me,
Console My Heart, Soul & Mind :)

When I Think Of,
All Our Stupid Fights,
I Feel Very Much Guilty Of Myself,
Now I Feel, I Troubled You A Lot :(

You Never Raised Your Voice On Me,
Nor You Hit Me :D
Your Serious Stare At Me,
Would Make Me Nervous,
A Kind Of Scary, Would Make Me Stop,
All Those Non-Sense Fights, &
Get Back To My Study
And, Also Allow You To Study :D

Now, I Feel It Was All A Drama,
Which Really Happened :)

When Do I See You,
When Do I Touch You,
When Do I Hug You,

When Do You Stare At Me,
When Do You Play With Me,
When Do We Again Re-Start All Our Non-Sense Fights,
To Relish Throughout Our Life :)

You Are Like A Fire,
Bright All The Time,
Even Though, We Are Far Apart
We Are Always 2-1=1 :)

Our Hearts Are Connected To Each Other,
Both Have Made A Special Place
In Depth of Our Hearts, For Us TO Stay Together :D

Our Fights Would Increase Our
Love, Affection & Bond :D

We Used To Hug & Sleep
Sharing All Our Daily Experiences :D

I Feel Like Hearing To Your Voice
All The Time, But, When, My Phone Rings,
I Get Excited To Immediately Listen To Your Voice
Even Without Wasting A Second :)

Ps :- Dearies, This Poem, Is Dedicated To My Sis. I Am Terribly Missing Her A Lot :(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Wish To My Darling Sis :D

From The Beginning,
We Both Grew Up Together

As A Single Soul, Heart & Mind.

We Journeyed Through Peak Of Mountains

Experiences Afar
Shared Our Toys, Joys :)
Bubble Bath

We Fought Like Cats & Dogs,

Our Love & Affection Increased :)

We Used To Shout At Mom,

Saying, Its A Lovely Fight :D

You Always Stood By My Side,

When I Was In Trouble,

You Always Comforted Me, Supported Me :)

I Miss You A Lot Sis,

Love You A Lot
I Love You

On Your Birthday,

I Am Not Able To Attend,

Since We Are Far Apart,
I Will Always Be In Depth Of Your Heart,

Just Take My Name,
I Will Come Out Flying
From Depth Of Your Heart :)

Have A Fun & Enjoy Your Day Dear :D May You Have Many Many More Birthdays :D
Wish You A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Darling Baby :D
Birthday Balloon
Ps :- Today Is My Sis Birthday :D This Post Is Dedicated To My Sis :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Beauty Of Love :D

When Sun Rise,
When The Branches Dance
With Morning Breeze,
When The Flowers Bloom,
When The Birds Start Their Melodious Songs,

I Go For A Morning Walk :)

The Fragrance Of Flowers,

The Cool Chilly Breeze,
Feels As Though,
Its My Beloveds' Tight Squeeze :D

Can Feel A Sensibility Of Affection,
In Your Arms :D

My Heart Flies Away Like A Rose Petal,

Wafting In The Air,
In An Entranced Waddle,

In My Heart, Love Oozes Through Deepest ,

Rests My Heart & Soul, As A Pure Love Flows :D

I Feel Very Much Protected In Your Arms,
From Worldly Blows :)
In Your Arms I Feel So Comforting
And Promise To Hold Me Forever & Ever

Without Letting Me All Alone :D

You Melt Me Like A Ice,

With Your Tender Touch On My Skin,

With Your Tender Warm Hug,

With Your Tender Lips On My Cheeks,

With Your Tender Eyes Looking At Me

By Holding Me Tightly In Your Arms :D
Under The Sun, Moon, Stars :D

Ps :- Dearies, Again An Imaginary Poem :D

Title, Is Beauty Of Love Bcoz, Being In Garden, I Love The Grass, Flowers, Plants, Trees[Herbal & Non-Herbal] More Or Less, Comparing The Same With Romantic Dreams, I Love Greenery[Creation of God] As Well, Love[Creation Of God] & Innovation Of Love Is By Human Being :D

So What All Beauty I Felt In Garden, Is More Or Less Same To Our Human Love As Well :D So The Title, Is Beauty Of Love :D

Dearies, Tell Me, Whether This Title, Suits Or Not ?? If Not, Pls Suggest Me A Title :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Salutation To All Martyrs :)

Mahatma A Enlightened Bapu [Father]
Won A War
Without Sword or Gun........
Born In Saurashtra,
Made His Fame,

By Succeeding War & Helping Nation,

To Get Independence :D

A Gentle Man,
His Foot Print In The Form Of History
Who Suffered A Lot For Sake Of The Nation :D

He Always Followed The Principles
Ahimsa[Non-Violence], Peace :D

His Messages Are Simple & Clear,
Which Says,
Everyone Should Be United &
Do Not Discriminate Cast & Creed :D

Many Fighters, Soldiers,
Sacrificed Their Lives,

Even Though, Drop Of Blood

They Had An Inspiration,

A Faith, A Belief,
A Moral Support Of Each Other

Made Them Mentally & Physically Strong,

To Struggle With Ahimsa & Peace

Finally Succeeded :D

Gandhiji Quote :- "My Religion Is Based On Truth & Non-Violence. Truth Is God. Non-Violence Is The Means Of Realising Him."

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Quote :- "One Individual May Die For An Idea, But, That Idea Will, After Its Death, Incarnate Itself In A Thousand's Lives. That Is How The Wheel Of Evolution Moves On & The Ideas & Dreams Of One Nation Are Bequeathed To The Next."


Bhagat Singh Quote :- "Revolution Is The Inalienable Right Of Mankind. Freedom Is An Imperishable Birth Right Of All. Labor Is The Real Sustainer Of Society. The Sovereignty Of The Ultimate Destiny Of The Workers."

Ps :- A Great Freedom Fighter,With Whom, Others Also Joined As Freedom Fighters,
Vallabhai Patel, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Ram Prasad Bismil, Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose & Many More :D We All Should Salute For All These Great Personalities, Who Helped Our Nation To Grow Better & Stronger :D

Jai Hind :D Jai BharathMatha :D Wish You All A Very Happy Independence Day :D

Salutation To All Martyrs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wrapped In Love.....Being In Love......Brimming With Love :D

My Morning Start,
With A Polar Bear Embrace :D

With A Sound Of Your Breath,
With Your Gentle Touch On Hair,
And With A Feel Of Your Heart Beating With Mine :D

I Love The Way You Stare At Me,
I Love The Way You Convince Me,
I Love The Way You Hang Up Phone,
I Love The Way You Extend Your Arms On My Shoulders :)

I Love The Way You Make Me So Happy,
I Love The Way You Care
I Love The Way You Say, "I Love You"
I Love The Way You Touch Me :D

I Love That You Are In My Depth Of My Heart,
Sometimes, In Form Of Clouds, Stars, Sun & Moon :D

Ps :- Again, An Imaginary Poem :D Hey, Dearies, Can Any1 Suggest Me The Title ??

PPS :- Dearies, I had asked You Suggest A Title, For This :D So,

Kelly Said, It Could Be "Wrapped In Love",

Kajal Said, "Being In Love", &

KParthasarthi Sir Said, "Brimming With Love" :D

All Titles Are Equally Beautiful & Excellent :D So, I Used All Titles For This Post :D Earlier, I Had Used, "Dream Girl" :D Thanks A Trillion For Suggesting The Titles :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Journey Of My Ideas :D

Here Goes My Mind,
Digging Into The Fragments
Of Views, Accumulated
In Depth Of My Heart :D

Your Gentle Touch On My Heart,
Makes Me Hear My Own Heart Beat :)

With Your Sweet Melody Songs,
Burning Floating Candles,
Increases My urge For Salsa Dance :D

Gentle Touch, Melodious Whisper,
Make My Sense Organs Soft More,
Than A Rose Petal :D

Your Bear Hug,
Makes Me Feel Secured, Protected
In All Sorts of Gestures & Postures.....

Forever & Ever,
Rock & Roll & Be My Love :D

Ps :- Dearies, Again An Imaginary Poem :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Special Couple :D

Saw A Beautiful Couple
In The Mall :D
Her Man Was Purchasing
A Diamond Necklace For Her :D

He Took His Hands To Her Neck,
Placed That Necklace,
Which Uplifted Her Beauty :D

He Turned Her Face Towards Him
And, Gave A Broad Smile, Looked As If,
He Gave Her A Romantic Kiss ;)

She Nodded Saying, Its Costly,
He Stared At Her, Which Said,
Its Not Costly My Dear,
Its Nothing In Front Of You,
You Are My Gem,
My World, My Dream,
My Girl, My Lover :D

Both Were Beautiful,
Understanding, Caring............
Ahhh God!!!! Bless Them What All They Want & Wish :D

They Spoke,
By Staring, Smiling & Touching
Each Other :D

Ps :- I Had Not Seen Such Understanding Couple Till Today :D I Had Been To Mall, With My Friend Where, I Came Across Special Couple :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journey Of Dreams.....Imaginations :D

You Enter My Mind,
Soul & Heart, When I
Need Some1 To Be With Me :)

Your Presence In My Heart
Feels Your Touch, Makes Me Deepened
To Give Back A Huge Romantic Hug :)

Your Caring & Loving Words,
Take Me To Seven Wonders Of The World :)

I Can See,
The Gleam In Your Eyes Which,
Keeps Me Alive :)

You Are The Vision of Beauty
The Acute Sound Of Your Sweet Voice,
Makes My Heart Rejoice :)

You Filled In The Holes Of My Life,
You Have A Special Place In Depth Of My Heart
Soul & Mind :D

You Are My Love,
You Are My World,
You Are A Gift Sent To Me From God :D

Ps :- Hi Dearies, Once Again, An Imaginary Poem :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Girls' Pinch x-(

Traveling In A Bus,
Fully Packed.....
My Make up Faded......
As If I Drenched,
In A Heavy Downpour :P

A Person Standing At The Back,
Was Standing As If, He Is Unable To
Find A Place For His Foot x-(

My Pleasant Eyes, Turned Into
Red Chilly Eyes, Stared At Him,
He Sweated A Lot & Made A Place
For Himself :D

My Ring, In Left Hand Ring Finger
Was Falling...
Felt As Though,
London Bridge Is Falling Down.....Lolllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It Was Terrible,
But Had To Go To College.....
Somehow Reached College......With All
These Non-sense :)

Ps :- Dearies.......This Happened Yesterday While I Was Traveling In Bus To Go To My College :) Hey, I Didn't Know, How To Attract This Poem, But, Still Tried To Do My Level Best..But, As I Share Every sort of Poem, Wanted To Share This Too :D

Hey, Title Is Girls' Pinch Because, My Red Chilly Eyes, Scared Him To Find Place For him :) I Really Don't Know, Whether This Title Suits Are Not :( If Any1 Can Suggest Me A Title :) You Are Most Welcome :D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Journey of Imaginations :D

Standing On Peak Of The Mountain,
Huge Breeze Covering,
My Face By Hair.......

Looking At The Sky,
Moving Clouds, Birds Flying Back
To Their Destination.........But,
Where Do I Search You????????????

Felt As Though Birds Are Moving
Along With Clouds.......
A Deep Blue Sea, Making Me Curious
To Visit
Aquatic Creatures :D

A Romantic Feeling,
My Voice Reached Everywhere :)

Birds Searched My Voice,
And Started Conversing With Me.......

I Told Them,
I'm Searching For You :D

I Too Joined Them Flying,
By Sitting On Peak Of The Mountain,
Closing My Eyes, Widely Spreading My Arms.....
Again, Face Is Covered My Hair,

I Found You Deep Seated In My Heart
I Found You In Each Blink Of My Eye
I Found You In My Each Breath
I Found You In My Wide Spread Arms
I Found You Pampering Me......
I Found You In My Self Hug.........

I Could See You,
Everywhere.........Everywhere..........Everywhere :D

Hi Dearies, This Is Based On My Imagination. Every Night, B4 I Sleep, I Listen To Few Bollywood Romantic Songs :D When, I Was Listening To Kahani Mohabat[Story of A Love], This Was My Imagination & Feeling :)

If Possible, You All Try To Download & Listen To That Song!! Its Really Extremely Heart Touching :D I Really Extremely Loved It A Lot :D Click Here :D

Haaa.......If You Listen To That Song, Don't Forget To Share Your View About That Song :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flourishable Dreams & Journey Through Dreams :D


Dreams More Than A Ocean
Spread Far & Wide, Scattered
Into Tiny Pieces Deep In My Heart

The Doors of Heart Are Opened
Eagerly Waiting For Your Foot Prints
Enter As A Rose Petal
With Fragrance Of Heart & Nature :D

Your Arms Around My Shoulders
Feels Me Secured,
Your Chest Is The Safest & Best Place
For Me To Hide My Face & Sleep :D

Both Of Us Stare At Each Other
To Understand The Feelings Of Each Other
Finally Embracing Each Other, With
A Broad Smiley Face, Expressing Three
Beautiful Phrases.......I LOVE YOU :D

A Artificial Water Fall, White Bed Spreads,
Rose Petals, Fragrance Of Rose Petals
Wowww.......So......So......Beautiful :D

A Divine Love,
With Full of Ambitions, Enthusiasm,
Curiosity......Many More!!!!!!!!!!

I Love You More Than I Say,
I Love You.....Is Not Enough,
To Express My love Towards You......

I Miss You.....Is Not Enough To Express
My Feeling, How Much I Miss You..........

Where Ever You Are,

You Are Safe In My Dreams,
You Are Locked In My Prayers!!

You Enter Into My Life, After 4Years...
Till Then, Just Dream Of Your Future Gal!!!!!!!

Ps :- Hello My Near & Dear One's, This Is Again An Imaginary Feeling.....A Dream.......Have I Gone Mad?? I Really Don't Understand :D

Title Is Foolish Dreams..I Really Don't Know, Whether I Am Over Reacting or What ?? Can Any1 Clarify This Doubt Please :( haa..... & Also Suggest Me The Appropriate Title :D

Well, For My Previous Post, i.e. 75th Silver Jubilee Celebration, Thanks For Every1 Who Attended..........The Phrases Thanks A Zillion Is Not At All Enough To Show My Gratitude To You All.......But, I Really Don't Know, How To Thank You All For Supporting, Motivating, Inspiring Me, From Day1 Of This Poetry Blog :D

I Am Completely Addicted To Blogging, That, Not Even A Single Day, I Can't Stay Without Blogging Or Checking With All Your Updates :)

Hey, I Really Feel Relaxed, Refreshed, Once I Enter Into This Blog, Reading Others' Blog & Sharing My Feelings, Dreams, Imaginations :)

Once Again, Thanks A Zillion To All My Near & Dear Ones'.

My Dear Friends, Pramoda Suggested With Flourishable Dreams In Her Comment :) & Kelly Suggested Journey Through Dreams :) I Felt Both The Titles As The Most Beautiful Ones'.. So I Included Both The Titles :) B4, It Was Foolish Dreams :P Hey Thanks A Zillion For Suggesting The Titles Dearies :D