Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beauty of Nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traveling In A Train,
Came Across Varieties of Birds,
A Land Full of Greenery...
A Gorgeous Beauty of Nature!!!!!

Different Birds, Different Sounds......
Even A Crows' Sound Was Melodious...
I Saw Love Birds, Having A Glimpse At My Camera
Was Curiously Waiting To See,
What I Do With That Camera??

There Was Thunderstorms.......
As The Thunderstorms Said, Bye...Byee......Rain Said, Hi.....Hello,
I Got Much More Excited To See What Those Love Birds Do??
As They Started Singing, Peacock Started Dancing,
And I Started Recording :)

Felt As Though......
Trees, Plants, Birds Were Also Moving With Me.......

A Beautiful Fragrance Of Flowers,
Made To Preserve Those Fragrances With Me,
Deep Inside My Heart..To Cherish These Experiences
With Me, Forever & Ever :)

Came Across Many Hill Stations, As I Was Passing Through
Hill Stations.............A Cool Pleasant Weather :D
Humming Birds, Love Birds, Parrots
Couldn't Control Themselves Stop Singing :D

I Didn't Leave My Window Seat,
Even To Have A Beverage......
Because Nature Was Itself A Food For Me :)

Was Thrilled At The Nature............Creation of God :)

As The Train Reached Its Destination,
I Didn't Realise That, I Should Get Down
Nature Was Deep Rooted In My
Heart, Soul & Mind :)

But After Few Seconds, My Neighbor Made Me Realise
That, I Should Get Down.....As Soon As I Got Down,
I Ran Up The Hill, To Have A Glimpse At The Whole World
The Most Beautiful Gorgeous Beauty Created By God!!!!!!!!!

I Sat At Peak Of The Hill,
Watching Ample Varieties of Insects, Birds,
Herbal & Non-Herbal Plants.......Fragrance Of Nature :D

Then, It Was The Time For Sunset & Moonrise
I Saw Sun Smiling At Me, Convincing Me That,
He Will Surely Come As Earliest As Possible
To Provide Me A Natural Brightness, To Experience,
Much More Beauty Of Nature :D

As Sun Said, Byee.....Bye.....Birds Too Said Byee Byee.....
Kissed Them, Hugging Deep Inside My Heart!!!!!!!!

As Moon & Stars Arrived, I Had An opportunity
To Have Glimpse of Lighting of Whole World!!!!!!!!

Now, My Companion Was White Owl,
He Was Staring At Me, I Was Smiling At Him,
Asked Whether He Can Stay With Me.........

He Spread His Wings, I Layed My Head, Under His Wings
And Had A Pleasant Sound Sleep :D

Woke Up At 5am, Gossiped With Owl,
Sharing My Wonderful Cherishable
Experiences of Nature........Now,
Was Time To Say, Bye.....Byee To Owl,
Thanked Him, Now, I Stared At Him
He Smiled At Me ;)

Sun Came, Birds Too Arrived ......Gave Me Some Fruits,
Nectar & Again Started Singing.......I Continued Recording :D

Ahhh!!!!! God, You Are Really Great..
I Am Thrilled At Your Creations,
I Would Like To Stay Under You......With You......Always.....
I Understood That, Your Presence Is In Form Of Nature..........
Your Blessings Are Always With All Of Us :D

Ps :- Hellooo My Near & Dear One's.....This Is My Dream of Last Night :D I Shared My Dreams Here, With You All :D It Was A Fantastic Dream, Which I Experienced For The First Time :)

Haaa.......For My Previous Post, Every1 Motivated Me, To Come Up With Many More Inspirational Poems :D This Is My 73rd Post........75th Post Is A Special Post :) You All Have Surprises.......Hope You Don't Miss Those Surprises :)

Creativity, Will Surely Come To You All With Her Surprises As Earliest As Possible.....May Be In A Day or Two :D



A wonderful dream, the poetry was great as were the photo's, a real pleasure to read.


Anonymous said...

again u've cum up with a lovely post...seems as if u're a gr8 nature admirer..gud..n those photos added to the beauty of the post...

septembermom said...

That is a special dream! Wonderfully description and emotion throughout the poem. Cool photos too!

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Madhu :- Thanks A Lot Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Anonymous said...


You showered all wonderful gifts of Nature..:)

When you said"Even A Crows' Sound Was Melodious..." made me think hw pleasant your take was..:)

For every verse you made me drown deep into bliss..!

You captured every emotion in a poignant way .....thanks you made me sit back here and enjoy the nature with your Magical poem..:)

Creativity!! said...

Vyshu :- Thanks A Zillion For Those Sweet Cherishable Compliments Dear :D

vishal said...

WOW! The only reaction i cud give after reading ur post. This is my first visit 2 ur post as hav heard a lot of praises frm pallav bhai. gud job. keep it up.
will try 2 read previous posts as well as much as psbl.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Sahana,

Another beautiful stuff from u.. keep it up re..:)

Creativity!! said...

Vishal :- Thanks A Lot For Dropping By & For Sweet Compliments!!!!!!

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Dear, Thanks A Zillion :D

PD said...

Hey, These birds are very cute.. :)