Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Night :) :)

2 Souls Become
1 Soul By Their 
Breath &  Heartbeat :)
Their Distant Apart 

Is Wired To Nearest Distance
By Their Saved Memories :) :)

Those Bear Hugs 

Help Souls To Rest
By Carefully

Each Others Soul 
On The Outer Layer
Of The Soul To Give 

Complete Rest 
To Inner Soul & Fragile Heart :) :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mother's Love :) :)

You Mean So Much To Me
You Are Universe To Me
Your Unconditional Love,
Your Kind, Caring, Touching Nature,
Purely Defines A Mother :) :)

You Can Know My Tears Behind My Smile
You Can Know My Sorrow Behind My Smile
You Can Know My Anger Behind My Smile

You Can Know My Troubles Behind My Smile......

Your Love To Cook All Sorts Of Dishes,
Give A New Life To My Tongue On Each Special Dish....

You Are World's Greatest Creature To Be Born
To Teach, To Guide, To Bring Up A Child
To Help The Child To Shape Up Its Career
And To Stand On Its Own Foot :) :)

Mother's Are Really Great
Mother's Do Wonders......
Mother's Are Goddesses

Mother's Are Everything To Each & Every Individual :) :)

Dearies, This Poem Is Dedicated To All Mother's............... There Is A Sanskrit Saying, "Mathru Devo Bhava" Means, Mother Is Goddess & One Should Worship Mother :) :)

Well Dearies, I Was Inspired To Write This Poem Based On An Email Sent By My Friend. This Is A Story & Title Is "Eight Lies Of A Mother." Here It Goes :) :) 

Extremely Touching Story Dearies, Even The Acro Is Awesome, Completely Related To The Story :) :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lonawala, Khandala & Karla :) :)

Hi Dearies, After Sooooo Long Time, I'm Back To Blogoville :) :)

Well, Guys, My Exams Were Over On Saturday. Few Papers Were Tough & Few Were Better :) :)

Anyways, Let Me Tell You That, On Sunday I Had Been To Hill Stations With My Parents & My Friend. Lonawala, Khandala & Karla.......

Here Are Few Pictures Taken By Me :) :)

Buddhist Monument Build During Ashokan Empire.

Bhaja Caves.

Tiger Point.

Lion Point.



 Cold Lemon Drink.

Telescope View, To View Those Points Very Clearly.

Mountains Covered With Fog.

Horse Cart.

Camel Ride.

A Girl Selling Corn.


Dogs Exhibiting Their Skills, By Jumping & Catching The Bread :) :)

A Real Beauty Of Nature.

Could View All Points Together From This Below Pix......

Vulture Flying.....I Fully Zoomed, Still Not Much Clear.




Sunset Point.







Ohh.....Last But Not Least, Monkeys Posing To My Camera.

Well Dearies, One Day Trip To Lonawala, Khandala & karla Was Extremely Good :) :) Enjoyed A Lot :) :) The Points Which I Have Mentioned Above Are In Karla & Few Are In Khandala. In Karla, There Are Many Caves, Inside The Cave There Is Goddess Temple, Named Ek Veer Matha.

Just Beside That Cave, There Is A Bhaja Cave Built During Ashokan Empire......Everywhere There Are 3Lions Symbol.....Inside That Cave, There Is Buddhist Monument.

There Are No Steps....Should Climb The Hill To Reach This Place.....It Nearly Took 45Mins To Climb.......

Then, Came Down To Khandala.....There We Saw Tiger Point, Lion Point, Sunset Point......Dearies, Sunday Was Extreme Hot Because Of Second Summer In Mumbai......But Still Weather, Was Extremely Cool In Khandala Because Of Fog.......Very Beautiful Place......Beautiful Forest Area......Heard That, Wild Animals Stays There & Its Quite Dangerous After Its Dark......

We All Really Extremely Enjoyed.....But Best Visit To These Places Is During Rainy Season.....All Waterfalls Were Dried Up And Even Bhimsa Dam Also......

PS :- Dearies, Very Soon Will Come Up With Regular Blogging :) :) I Extremely Missed All Your Blogs........Will Surely Read All Your Posts & Comment :) :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Children's Day :) :)

A Greatest Gift We Ever Know Is A  
Child  To Grow With Love & Care.....
But, Does This Apply To Child Laborers ??

We All Know That, 

Every Individual Need
Excellent Quality Education,
Provided By A Good Reputed Institute
As Well As By Parents.

We See Many Children Working On Street
As Labourers, As Beggars, 
Does Our Government Or Any Organisation
Or A Citizen Ever Bother To Take Care Of Them ??

We Celebrate Children's Day
On The Occassion of Birthday Of Sri.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Many Organisations, Just Pose With Orphan Children,
Child Labourers, They Also Try To Save Few Children From The
Custody Of CHILD LABOURERS...But Is There Any End For CHILD LABORERS ??

I Saw In Newspapers, Journals, News Channels
That, Today, All Child Labourers Are Enjoying....
But, Have They Ever Checked This In Each And Every Part Of Our Country ??

So, Does This Really Mean Children's Day ??
Nehru Chacha, Was Very Fond Of Children.....
But, This Might Have Wiped Off By Our
Current Scenerio Of Our Country.

PS :- Dearies, Todays Poem Is Like A Story Or An Argument....I Myself Don't Know. What All Came To My Mind, I Shared Here.....

Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Poem, Rosy And Dexter :) :) Dearies, Because Of My Exams, I Am Irregular To Blogosphere...But After, Nov21st I Will Be Regular....So All Of You Take Very Good Care Of Yourself :) :)  Have A Fabulous Weekend. 

I Have Many Upgoings To Share With You All :) :) On 21st, November, Will Come With A Gigantic Post :) :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rosy & Dexter :) :)

I Stood Near The Beach
Looking At The Waves,
My Heart Compelled Me,
To Stand In Waves.....

I Was Very Much Depressed, Sad
Was Also Feeling Lonely.....I Had Come
With My Dexter, Labrador.....
He Too Was Upset & Was Not Willing TO Play With Me.....

He Greeted Only Waves
He Pulled Me To Stand In Waves,
After Long Time, I Opened My Mouth
To Say, Dexter Control, Don't Pull Like That, It Hurts My Palm..

He Happily Excitingly Started Wagging His Tail
Jumped On Me, Placed His Arms On My Shoulders,
Licked My Cheeks, To Hear To My Voice After Long Time.....

Reason Of MY Feeling Sad, 
Was Nothing, Just I Missed My Rosy, Labrador

Dexter Loved Her A Lot, She Too Loved Dexter A Lot,
But Didn't Turn Up After Her Last Visit, Which Was
Two Days Ago :((

Dexter Was Excited Because,
He Saw Rosy Running From Long Distance TO Meet Dexter :)

Both Of Them, Hugged Each Other, I Pampered Rosy,
Told Her, They Can be A Couple :) :)

Rosy & Dexter :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Zillion For All Your Cherishable Compliments FOr Previous Post, "MEDITATION"
Thanks A Zillion For All Your Wishes For My Exams :) :) Exams Are From, 16th November To 21st November :) :)  Take Care :) :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Meditating Closing Our

Eyes And Concentrating


In Depth Of The Heart
To Conquer Our Mind, Soul & Heart

Attaining The Inner Ability


Increase Patience

On Self And To

Never Hurt Other's Values/Views/Opnions :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Meditation Is The Best Medicine For All Sort of Mental & Physical Diseases.....It Increases Concentration As Well As Provides Ample Of Energy For Us To Efficiently Work :) :) 

Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Memorable Compliments To The Previous Post "WOMAN"......Have A Fabulous Sunday :) :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

WOMAN :) :)

Wonderful Looks, Qualities, Abilities.....

Outspoken With Her Beautiful

Melodious Voice As Well As  Multi-Tasker, Doing

Aerobics Along With Her Household Work To Rush To Office

Never Mix Her Household Work With Her Office Work & Vice A Versa.....

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post "LIFE". 

Special Thanks TO Hemanth For Linking LIFE Post :) :) Hemanth, I Am Unable To Comment In Your Blog....I Tried Many Times, But A Message Appears Saying, "ONLY  MEMBERS OF THIS BLOG ARE ALLOWED TO COMMENT"

Dearies, This Post Is Dedicated To All Women Who Are Working, Studying :) :) Women Are Dynamic In Their Actions, Work & They Can Do Multi Tasking Like A Computer[Its My View & Experience].....

Hatts Off To WOMEN :) :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Learning New
Interesting Inventions & Innovations
Filled With Ample Of Knowledge & Fun
Enjoying Each Moment Of LIFE :) :)

Life Is Mysterious
One Will Never Know About
The Prose & Cons Of Life :) :)

Life Will Take Us To Bad & Good Moments....
Wrong Decision Gives Us Experience :) :)

Experience Gives Us The Ability To Make Right Decision :) :)

Right Decision Is The Secret Of Success :) :)

Life Takes Exam & Then Teaches The Lesson, Whereas Teacher Teaches & Takes Exam :) :)
This Is The Only Difference Between A Career & Personal Life :) :)

PS :-  Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Inspiring Compliments For "Queen Of My Heart" :) :) Dearies, I Have Combined Acro And Free Style :) :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Queen Of My Heart :) :)

Where Did Those Days & Nights Went
Which We Spent Relishing Lovable Talks ??

I Agree That, 
You Are Quite Distant Far From Me,
You Are Not Physically In Front Of Me,
You Are Not With My Heart, Soul And Mind.....

But, I Could See Your Face In My Eyes,
Could Hear Your Echoing Voice In My Ears,
Your Face Is Poster Of My Heart.....
My Brain Is Covered By Your Face Membrane :) :)

But, I Feel That You Totally Forgot Me,
The Moment You Said, Bye....See You When Time Permits :((

When Do You Come To Meet Me,
When Do You Hold My Hand
When Do We Hug EachOther Again, Under A SnowFall :) :)

My Heart Is Feeling Thirst To Meet You,
My Eyes Is Feeling Thirst To See You,
My Ears Are Feeling Thirst To Hear Your Sweet Voice,
Coated With Lovable, Affectionate Words :) :)

But, Now I Want To Tell You That,
When You Were With Me, I Had Stolen Your Heart
Your Fragile Heart Is Very Much Safe In Depth Of My Heart, Soul & Mind :) :)
You Are Queen Of My Heart, My Dear Princess :) :) :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Precious Compliments For Previous Post "GOOD EVENING"
This Poem Is Purely Based On My Imagination :) :)