Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Girl's Life :) :)

She Was An Innocent Child
She Was Very Fond of Everyone
She Had An Inherent Talent.....
But, She Couldn't Exhibit Her Talents
Because of Few People, Who
Who Never Supported & Failed
To Notice Her Talent!!!!!!

Here Is Her Life Story :-
Her Home Was A Sweet Home In Everybody's Eyes. But, She Was Scared of Everyone In That House. Her Grandparents Were Extremely Orthodox & Conservative. She Had Huge Restrictions For Everything. Nobody Were Allowed To Enter House. Whenever Her Friends Used To Say That, We Come To Meet You At Home, She Always Lied  Them Saying She Would Be Busy or Going Out With Her Family. She Never Had Any Good Fond Memories of Her Childhood.  

Her School Education Was Terrible. Her Classmates Used To Hate Her A Lot. Her Teachers Used To Fail Her Purposely. Even Her Parents Failed To Notice The Truth Which Their Child Would Always Reveal. But, Parents Kept On Increasing Their Faith Only With Her Teachers & Used To Curse, Scold & Sometimes Even Terribly Tortured Her By Beating Repeatedly. 

This Went On Till She Reached 10th Grade. As Usual, Teachers Had Failed Her In Her Second Test & Had Called Her Parents. Her Father Was Busy So Mother Went To School. As Her Mom Reached The Door of Principal She Heard Terrible Howling Cries of Her Daughter. Her Mom Started Moving Slowly And Saw What That Teacher Did. Teacher Was Tearing All Her Answer Scripts & Burning Those Pieces of Paper. Her Mom Seeing This, Couldn't Control Her Emotions, Since That Girl Was Narrating Each & Every Happening. But, The Day She Saw By Her Own Eyes, She Rushed Into The Principal's Room As A Thunderstorm & Blasted Her Teachers For Ill- Treating Her Daughter Very Badly. 

Her Mom Was Also A Teacher Working In Different School. But, Now Knowing The Truth She Brought Her Back Home & Started Tutoring Her At Home. Finally She Passed Her 10Th Grade With Distinction.

Her Dad Got Transferred &Entire Family Shifted To Another State. Where She Had A Better life & Enjoyed Her Life By Seeing Kids Playing In Her Colony. By Seeing Her Friends Blog, She Started Writing Stories, Poems & Finally She Learn't Different Forms of Poems By Different Bloggers, Writers. 

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bird's Life.

Huge Trees, Each Branch
Decorated With Birds Nest
The Path Was Decorated With
Spring Flowers, Fragrance of
Sandal Trees, Beauty of Various Flowers
Different Types of Greenery In Each 
Tree......I Was Speechless With The
Beauty of Nature.

The Path & Its Surroundings

Were Occupied By 
Varieties of Birds & Their Families :) :)
Their Continuous Conference Went On
 And On And On........Till The Point I Reached
Their Destination From A Distant Far Kilometer.

A Beautiful Multi-Colored Parrot
Approached Me, Saying
Please Don't Hunt Us....We Don't
Have Any Place To Stay, Our Places
Have Been Occupied By Human Beings
Our Nests Were Buried After Cutting Down
Trees For Commercial & Non-Commercial Purposes..
Moreover, Human Beings Kill Us,
To Feed Their Tummy......

We Have Lost Many Members
 of Our Family....And Now, We Are....
Are Brave Enough....We Fight With You 
If You Harm Us....

I Was Standing Without
Any Lip Movements.....I Was
Still, Like A Statue......Then, A Crow Approached
Are You Fine ?? Why Are You Not Talking ??

With Tears Filled & With Heavy Heart
I Saw The Unity of All Varieties of Birds,
All Carnivores & Herbivores Birds Were Staying Together
Was Extremely Happy To See Their Togetherness
I Compared Them With Human Beings For Just A Second
But, I Felt Ashamed of Myself, To Compare Those
Pure Souls With Bad Evils of Human beings, Who Were
Torturing Those Birds, Who Took Away Their Pleasures
Who Killed Them For Their Meat, Who Cage Those Beautiful Birds......

My Lips Were Shaking, MY Hands Were Shivering
My Heart Beat Was Increasing Rapidly
I Could Hear My Own Heart Beat & Even
Birds Also Heard My Heart Beat & offered
Me Sweet Cherries, Plucking From A Tree....

After Having Sweet Juicy Cherries,
Parrot Started Questioning Me.....
Are You Alone ?? How Come You Came Here ??
Why Are You Crying ?? Whats Wrong With You ??

With Shivering & Whispering Voice
I Told Parrot That, I Have Not Come Here
To Harm Anybody......But, To Stay With My Lovely Birds
I Don't Have Anybody, Since I Myself Hate Human Beings
I'm A Pure Herbivore......Please Don't Be Scared of Me......
Starting Tears Were Over Boiled Tears
Those Tears Came By Hearing To Your Problems....
Later, When I Saw You All Staying Together
Those Were My Cool Warm Tears......

I Wish You All A Happy Long Life.
Many Generations Are Yet To Come
Let All Your Lost Members Come Back To You
In Any Form.......Now, Got To Go!!!!!!

Now, I Could See Tears From Those Birds
They Pleaded Me To Stay With Them
But, I Didn't Wanted To Trouble Them In Any Manner
So, Saying Everybody Takecare. Maintain Your
Togetherness Forever & Ever, I Came Back To This Cruel HUMAN WORLD!!!!!!!

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PPS :- Dearies, Lets All Save Birds.......They Are Becoming Extinct. Don't Kill Them.....Feed Them Grains....I Love Birds A Lot :) :) Next Part of This Post Would Be Posted IN My Next Post!!!!!

Dearies, Recently My Friend Smt.Anupama Had Posted A Post About Her Lovely Sparrows. Click Here To Read :) :)

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Friday, March 26, 2010




Capability Level of



Organs By


Ownership of


Yacht of A Heart.

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Written For Acrostic Only.
Prompt #7

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FAMILY :) :)


Aunty's & Uncle's

Mom & Dad,

Inlaws [if Married]

Lovable, Affectionate......

Yes Indeed A Blessing Heart Of All Our Elders :) :)

That Makes A Complete Family :) :)

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PPS :- This Post Is Exactly A Informal Acro,  Just Exhibiting The Love & Affection of  FAMILY Members :) :) 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Satisfactory Words Giving 

Pleasure To

Ears Increasing

Anxiety To Enhance

Knowledge By


Notes Spread By

Gigantic Knowledge

Owning & Sharing The Knowledge

Unknown To Many By

Teaching Through Various Means. 

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Written For Acrostic Only.
Prompt # 1

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Cultured Children

Lovely, To Whom A
Drench of Blood

Approaches With

Straining Their
Energy Level To Fight For Justice.

Written For ACROSTIC ONLY.  

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Habit of


Stupid talks



An Individual To 

Train Them Mentally To

Increase Will Power

Oozing From The 

Nest of The Heart!!!!!!!

PS :- Dearies, When Any Individual Hesitate, To Share His/Her Thoughts/Views/Opinions, Its Understood That, Someone Or Somebody or Some Incident Has Hurt Them Deeply....Their Mental Mind Might Have Suffered From A Deep Cut Which Needs Ample Of Time, Ample of Good Words, Ample of Good Understanding People To Heel :) :)

Here, I Tried To Come Out With The Aspect That, A Person Who Hurts Another Individual, He/She Might Have Some Intention of Hurting Them...But, The Person Who Suffered Deep Cut Should Forgo With The Pain In order To Keep Himself Healthy & Happy.

The Pain, Which Happens Because of Mental Illness Is Terrible Than Compared To Physical Illness. Each Creature Would Experience This Sooner Or Later....

Previous Post of Murmuring Was Quite A Sad Post. But, This Post Is A Kind Of Encouragement Saying, Ignore People Who Hurt You.....Its Your Life, Your Soul, Your Breath, Your Heart, Your Mind And Its Your Inner & Outer Body. Inner Body Is SOUL. Outer Body Is The Shape Of Individual.

Anyways, Let Me Stop Here. If I Start My Speech. It Never Ends......My Thoughts Keep Flowing Continuously By Picturing The Real Happenings Of Different Stages Of Each Individual's Life.

Dearies, In The Above Picture, We Can See A Kind Of HESITATION" LOOK AT THE PICTURE AGAIN :) :)

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Written For OSI.  

Thursday, March 18, 2010



Unsolved Cases

Registered In



Ruptured Phrases That Are

Inexpensive To 

Negotiate With On

Going Activities.

Written For OSI

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PPS :- Dearies, Few Days Back, My Friend Snow White Has Composed A Beautiful Poem About Murmur. To Read Her Beautiful Lines, Click Here :) :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Some One's Voice, 
Echoing Indepth of My Heart
As I Commanded My Mind
To Destroy All Unwanted Issues....






Murmuring &


Nth Command To

Destroy All Unwanted Issues....

Mind & Heart Are Fighting With Each Other. As Though,  I Commanded Them To Fight......Now, I Did This!!!!!!!!

Mind & Heart Listen
I Don't Want You Both

I Asked To Relieve Me
From Mental Stress.....
But, Instead You Both Are Fighting
I Execute MY Plans By A REMEDY TOOL.....



Mental Stability & 


Deep Open & My Mouth Is

Yawning, Saying Tired....Paste Yourself On Bed :)  :)

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PPS :- Dearies, Wish You All A Very Happy Ugadi :) :) Today Is New Year According To Hindu Calendar. My Friend, Smt. Anupama Has Written Very Well About Ugadi. Click Here, To Read UGADI ARTICLE :) :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Squeezing Soul
Occupying Collapsed Heart To Experience

Unburnt Ashes Of  Breath

Loudly Howling To Save Life!!!!!!!!

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Ample Of Negative Thoughts Flowing Through
Nerves, Spine, Mind, Heart, To Create
Genius Levels To Destroy Negative
Energy Levels To Shoot Out As A
Rocket With Burning Blood.


Attitude Of
Increased Negative
Energy Levels To Destroy
Negativity To Stay
Cool & Calm To
Enhance Positivity.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Step On Thorns To Succeed :) :)

When You Are In Dark Trouble
Place Your Foot Firmly On The Ground
Increase Your Energy Levels 
Set Your Shoulders, Say With A Broad Smiley Face

Take Troubles Are Challenges
Look At The Open Doors, Rather
Than Repenting At The Closed Doors....

Speak Openly To Everyone
Even To The Person, Who Hurt You
'Coz That Person, Would Repent For Such Act
Which Caused Deep Pain!!!!!!

"Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there."
~Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (121 - 180) Augustus was Roman Emperor from 161 to his death in 180. He was the last of the "Five Good Emperors", and is also considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. He was often referred to as "the Wise."

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. "
~Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896)
Stowe was an American abolitionist and author. Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) depicted life for African-Americans under slavery.

These Quotes Inspired & Encouraged Me A Lot....So Shared With You All :) :) These Were Taken From Here

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PPS :- Dearies, I Felt Like Sharing Few Views Of Mine, With You All :) :)  Hence, The Poem Is Looks Like A Suggestion But Doesn't Look Like A Poem :) :) 

Dearies, Today I Also Want To Share With You All  That, Amity Awarded Me........Thanks A Lot Amity Dear :) :) Hugs!!!!!!

Dear Amity, This Is For You Sweety :) :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Dearies, Today Is Women's Day!!  I Have Shared Two Acro Poems Here.....These Poems Are Dedicated To All Women. 

Women Plays Different Roles In Both Personal As Well As Professional Life. As A Child, Wife, Mother, Mother-Inlaw, Grandmother, Sister, Friend.......To Cross Each Stage, The Pain Which She Takes Is  Unimaginable.....Only Those Who Have Experienced, Can Understand & Feel Her Pain. " 

Willingness To
Nerves Twisted With 
Spinal Cord.

This Is A 

Day Of Opportunity
An Ability To 
Yield Fruitful Results :) :)

Another Acro For Women's Day :) :)

Women Put
On High Efforts To Challenge
And Men Dominated
Nation To
Show Capabilities & Strength Of Women.....

This Is A 

Day Which Exhibits Various Unbelievable
Achievements Of Women Through Hard work To
Yield Respect In This Male Dominated Society.

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PPS :- Dearies, I Came Across A Wonderful Fabulous Post Composed By Smt.Anupama In Her Blog Sincerely Yours. Here Is The Link. Definetly Read & Compliment Anu For Her Efforts To Write Down All The Roles Of Women In Her Personal As Well As Professional Life. Anu Has Very Well Written. I Really Appreciate Her For Her Beautiful Write About A WOMAN.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Scary Situation!!!!!

There Came A Shadow
In A Complete Dark Room
Locked From Outside.....

Girl Was Extremely Afraid
Of Skeletons, Hanging Here & There
Tsunami Flooded In The Form Of Tears,
Her Shaking Voice, Shivering Body
Burning Stomach, Pulling Legs
Were A Real Torture For Her.....

Her Mind Took Her To Many 
Frightening Places, 
Her Soul, Screamed Which
She Heard As A Volcanic Explosion.

Her Body Completely Shrinked 
Into The Size Of A Kitten.....
She Screamed As The Blast Of The Roof
She Didn't Even Open Her Eyes......

Her Parents, Just Rushed Breaking
The Closed Door OF Her Room
Shaked Her Body, Trying To Wake Her Up.....

She Was Screaming, Don't Touch Me......
Don't Touch Me, I'm Touch Me Not Infant......
Moreover, I Am Very Much Scared,

Her Mom Placing Her Palm On Her Hair
Caressing Her Hair, Holding Daughter's Hand
Said God, Almighty.......Is There Dear, He IS Very Next To You.....
Don't Worry, Open Your Eyes......
Look At Me, Look At Your Dad Sweety!!!!!

Then, She Slowly Opened Her Eyes,
Embraced Her Parents Tightly
And Realized It Was Just A Dream!!!!!

Girl Was Just 10years Old. She Was Very Beautiful, Caring, Kind & Was Very Reserved......But, One Night, She Saw A Scary Serial Of Devils, Skeletons......She Had Heard Her Friends Discussing About Those Scary Serials.....She Was Inspired To See That Show, Because Of The Friends Conversation. 

Her Parents Insisted Not To Watch, Still She Watched That Show & Since She Was Very Sensitive, She Was Scared. Moreover, She Was An Excellent Dramatist. She Assumed Herself To Be A Skeleton & Started Composing A Script For Her Inter-Level School Drama Competition.......But, Unfortunately, It Was The Other Way Round.

The Main Intention Of Composing This Post Is To Tell My Dearies, That Lets Not Allow Any Child Or Any Sensitive Minds To Watch Such Serials........Even, I Am Also Extremely Scared Of Such Serials......But, My Sis Is Really Very Much Interested In Such Serials......Many Like & Many Dislike.....But, Lets Not Allow Kids Of Minority Age To Watch Such Serials!!!!!!

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PPS :- Dearies, This Post IS Completely Based On My OWN IMAGINATION. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sia was a simple and sweet-natured girl with an attitude that was very different from others. She never used to involve herself in the kind of stuff that girls of her age would usually indulge in. She was very daring and straight-forward in her approach to situations in life. She was a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She was very confident in her approach towards life and believed that everything happened for a reason and so she never felt the need to plan anything. She would just let things happen and then take the situation to her advantage. In short, she believed in living life at the moment for she felt the next moment was uncertain. She only believed in herself and never relied on anything or anybody other than her. She had a lot of acquaintances but very few friends. She could sacrifice her life for her friends and her friends were ready to do the same for her. So she never had the need to look up to anybody else. She always felt that she would never fall for any guy in life. 

One day, there came a guy, called Swayam, who was very much like Sia in everything. Since their attitudes matched, and their thinking resonated each other, they soon became best friends. Sia never wanted any other feelings to develop between them but Swayam was ready to give his life for her, or so she felt. Not even once, did they think of putting a toe out of the line. One day, they realised they loved each other beyond words and were very happy in their life when, like a storm in the sea, Swayam suddenly said he was never serious about her. She had never imagined staying without him even in her wildest dreams and he accused her of using him for her selfish motive. Sia was shocked beyond everything else. She went into a depression and was treated by a psychiatrist for two months. 

During that time, one of her relative, a guy called Sukhi, a guy with a smile like his name, came forward to marry her at the cost of his parents' happiness but Sia was scared of going to the psychiatrist again in her life. So she stepped back from the proposal. By then Sia's parents got her married to a guy who was initially the soft-spoken, sweet-natured, humble guy but after the bethrotal, he changed a lot. He gave her mental tension to the extent that she thought of committing suicide twice. She felt that all the happiness in her life was no longer real. It was all an illusion. She tried to find happiness but in vain. Sia started getting nightmares in her sleep. She was losing her cool. She was getting weaker by the day. She cursed herself for having considered Swayam as her best friend. He never deserved the respect or emotion that she had showered upon him. She was not able to get adjusted to the new guy in her life. She realised how much she hated guys all her life, but now she was feeling was getting only stronger by the day. She started losing trust and hope in everything. She felt she would lose whatever she considered close to her. 

One night, she had a dream. A dream about a monkey and a running horse. She could figure out what it was. Two days later, the dream repeated but this time in a different way. She dreamt that her soul was taken away from her body and was in queue to be decided whether it must be sent up or down. When it was almost her turn, a monkey appeared out of nowhere and threw a stick at her and woke her up. Sia was very confused. She couldnt understand. She had set aside some time every day as realisation time during which she would recollect the previous day's events and conversation with different people. It was then that she understood her dreams. She had read in one of the holy scriptures that every night when a person sleeps their soul is collected by the God of Death who takes it to his kingdom and checks with his books whether the soul has completed its time on Earth or not. If yes, then it would be sent for further scrutiny, to decide whether the soul must be kept with him or sent to heaven. If not, he returns it back to the body. Probably that is what happened to Sia. It was her turn in the queue, when suddenly the monkey-God appeared and stopped her from going inside. It said Sia still had something to do in life and returned her back to her body. It was then that realisatio dawned upon Sia that in the dream about the monkey and the running horse, the monkey was trying to make her look back at the running horse as if to tell that she should not be running away from her problems but instead face it by making her turn and look at the running horse. The running horse meant that she has to put more efforts into her life at present to achieve her goal and that she should not give up and continue to run like the horse. The whole picture dawned on her. It was the beginning of a new life for Sia. It was her second chance. She remembered the words of a wise old turtle "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but TODAY is a gift. That is why is called as PRESENT." She understood the meaning of her life. She decided to forget her past and work towards a new beginning and carve a niche little place among the stars. All she had to do was believe in herself. The dream just brought back the old Sia, the happy-go-lucky and brave Sia who only believed in herself. When she woke up from her dream, she made coffee for her husband, Samarth, who like his name had completed her jigsaw puzzle of life. He simply looked at her, smiled and said "Sia, Sweet Innocent And my LOVE." For the first time in a long while, she blushed.....

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PPS :- Dearies, This Post Is Composed By SIA!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Significance Of Footprint On The Sand!!!!!

I Had Lost Hope Of Meeting You
Again In My Life, After You Flew To
Different Country For Higher Studies......
But, My Thought Was Wrong!!!!

When I Was Standing All Alone
Near The Waves, Suddenly From
No Where Thunderstorms & Huge Breeze
Pulled Me Back To The Sand, Where
Our Earlier Foot Marks Were Saved!!

I Thought, Those Foot Marks Could Be
Recent One Of Someone Else,
But, When You Held My Moving Arm,
I Was Confirmed That, Its Our Foot Print!!!!

You Ultimately Grabbed Me Into Your Arms
You Safe Locked Me Inside Your Arms,
'Coz Of Oceanic Tears.....I Couldn't Console Myself,
Since I Didn't Even Dream Of Meeting You Again In MY Life!!!

There Began The Conversation Between Those Two!!!!

Girl[G] Boy[B]

G :- From Where You Came ?? You Said, You Are Going For Higher Studies.......Didn't You Go ??

B :- Darling, How Can I Leave You And Go All Alone ?? Do You Think, That I Can Breath Without You ??  You Are My Universe....I Can't Leave You And Go Dear.....Never....If I Want To Go, Will Take You With Me!!

G :- Ohh....My Dearest, I Don't Know What To Tell ?? I Thought You Cheated Me......But, I Was Wrong.....Thanks For Coming Back For My Sake.....Let's Start A New Life...... :) :)

Both of Them Hugged Each Other & Again, Saved Their Recent Foot Print Indepth of The Sand, To Safeguard Their Footprints Forever & Ever.

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post "Love Of Park & Lake"

PPS :- Dearies, This Post Is Purely Based On My Own Imagination!!!!!!!