Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Special Heart!!!!

A Girl Named Shun Left Contacts Of All Her Friends As She Felt That, They Hate & Ignore Her. She Deleted All Their Contact Details. She Had A Friend Named, Sunny Who Was Very Friendly, Helpful. She Even Gave Up His Friendship. Stage By Stage She Tried To Forget Him. It Was A Toughest Job To Forget Him.

Few Months Passed & One Fine Day, Shun's Parents Had To Go To Their Native Immediately. But Shun Had Her College & Couldn't Take Leave. Her Parents Left Home In The Night & Told Her To Lock The Door & Not To Get Scared. 

She Was Scared of Dark But Had Kept Her Favorite God's Photograph In Her Hand & Slept. Next Morning, As Usual She Was On Her Way To College After Having Breakfast. On Her Way To College She Saw Sunny. Sunny Was Very Much Excited To See Her. Some Where or Other She Had Soft Corner For Him. So She Gave A Faded Smile For Sunny's Excited Smile. Sunny Enquired Why She Avoided & Ignored. 

She Said Sunny That, I Continuously Experienced Failure In Each & Every Step & Was Very Depressed. I Suffered A Lot & Felt That, Everyone Doesn't Even Bother. I Know About You Sunny. You Were My Most Best Friend. It Was A Very Toughest Task To Forget You. But, I Didn't Wanted To Spoil Anybody's Life or Career. I Even Had Suicidal Thoughts. But, My Inner Conscious Said, Suiciders Are Coward People & Committing Suicide Is Not Which I Really Wanted. I Didn't Wanted To Create Or Give Tensions or Troubles TO Anybody. But One Entire Night, I Thought Of All Ups & Downs. Many People Suffer From Many Failures & Gave Up Suicidal Thought. I Am Here To Fight For Justice, But Not To Accept Failures. 

Sunny Was Very Much Happy Listening To Her Ultimate Decision & Promised To Help Her In Whatever Manner He Can. He Invited Her To His Birthday. He Had Invited Other Friends. All Of Them, Went To Beach. Sunny Purposely Took Shun To Beach, To Wash off Her Pains, Tensions, Troubles To Some Extent. Both of Them, Holding Hand In Hand, Went Near The Waves & Washed Their Foot, Played With Waves. After Soo Long Period of Time, Everybody Saw Shun's Happiness.

Written For,
Thursday Tales. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When Everything Turns Impossible
When The Road You Are Moving Seems Troubling
When The Streams You Chose Are  Unsatisfactory
When The Loans Are More Than The Funds
Look Up & Say, I Try My Level Best
And Rest Its Up To You Lord.

When Your Fellow Beings Pace Is Fast
When They Achieve In A Very Limited Period
Don't Think You Failed.

Even If Your Pace Is Slow
You Will Definitely Succeed Sooner Or Later

What Ever May Be The Situation
Head Up Is The Phrase To Build  Self-Confidence.

When The Darkness Surrounds You Even In The Day Time
Try To Spread A Huge Umbrella Of Success Lights
In The Night, Moon & Shining Stars Are Your Lights & 
During The Day Time, Sun Is Your Light.

Sun, Moon, Stars Are The Natural Mental Energy.
So Say To Yourself That, 
Everyday Whatever I Do, Will Surely Reward Me Success.
That Is How, One Builds Self-Confidence. 

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jai Janardhana Krishna

A Song Sung By A 3 Year Old Girl. I Like This Song A Lot. My Most Favorite. Wished To Share With You All :) :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whispers of Strained Human Brain!!!!!!!!!!!

Compressed Legs Want To Stretch Completely
Hands Need Some Rest After A Hectic Work
Strained Back Needs Rest On A Cot
Drained Eyes Wants Some Cucumber Slices.

Tired Face Needs Some Cool Face Wash
Hungry Tummy Needs Something To Be Immediately Fed
Tongue Thirsts For Special Dishes, Yummy Stuffs.
Mind Needs Rest After A Continuous Work

Brain Says, I Am Completely Exhausted
You Think On Many Matters
You Investigate On Many Unwanted Matters As An "Investigating Officer"
Common, I Need Rest. Take Me To My Partner, Named "PILLOW".

Nose Is Running To The Next House

As They Are Preparing Some Special Dish
To Control My Nose, I Decided To Prepare Some Special Dish :) :)
My Mickey Is Sleepy & He Wants Me To Join Him Very Soon :)

Common Mickey, Lets Sleep :) :)
Stretching Completely Feels As Though I'm Flying In Air!!!!!!!!
Good Night Everybody. Sleep Well. Take Care.
Will See You All Tomorrow Morning :) :)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whispers of Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavy Downpour
Flooding Streets
Mid of Heavy Rain
Thunder Storms...
No Street Lights
But Only The Whispers of Rain
Whispers of The Beauty of Nature.

Those Dew Drops On Leaves, Flowers
Shows  How The Nature Looks !!!!!!
I Was Very Sad In The Night
As I Couldn't See Moon 
Because of The Clouds.

Standing In The Terrace Holding An Umbrella,
Saw The Huge Branches of Trees Fallen On the Ground
Loads of Petals, Leaves Were Slept On The Ground
How Shall I Walk On Such A Beauty of Land!!!!!!!!!

Finally, With A Sad Mood
Came To My Bed & Slept Shuttering My Eye Lids
After Few Hours, There Was A Bright Light Which
Was Trying To Enter My Eye Lids.....

Surprisingly It Was The Bright Sun Shine
Cool Breeze, Awesome Fragrance of Rain,
Chirping Of Birds!!!!!!!!

Even The Insects Were Very Happy With The Weather
Were Crawling Happily In Search of Food. 
This Is The Real Beauty of Nature
This Rain Predicted & Exhibited Different Moods of Nature!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Thanks A Lot For Such A Beautiful Creation of Nature!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Very Much Lucky To Be On This Earth.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snail :) :)

A Tiny Snail
Lives In The Mud
His Room Is Very Small. 

His Back Looks, As If He Is Carrying Load of Items
But, When I Saw Him In My Garden,
He Was Using His Back As Umbrella
To Protect Himself From Rain!!!!!!!

He Stays All Alone
He Says, "I Love Staying Alone"
I Spoke To Snail...And Asked, How Could He Stay Alone In A Small Room.

He Said, You Feel Its A Small Room
But, Its A Large Room For Me....
People Dig The Land For Various Purposes
And Without Noticing Us, They Kill Us.

That's The Reason I Don't Need Human Friend
I'm Happy Staying All Alone.....

So, From Next Time, If You Have To Plant 
Kindly Notice Me,  If I'm Here!!!!!!!!!!

Got To Go Before Its Dark
I Will See You Tomorrow Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such Is The Life of A Snail. Snails Doesn't Have Safe Places. Lets Protect Such Creatures.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


 Only One Ball,
Total Players Are 22
I Was Feeling Very Pity of The Ball,
Since It Was Mercilessly Kicked By Everyone.

What Sin Does That Ball Has Committed
To Be Kicked Repeatedly!!!!!!!!!!

When The Ball Is Suffering From Pain
Players Are Happy As They Gain
And, Their Fans, Followers, Audiences Appreciate
Players For Winning The Game!!!!!!!!!!

But, In Actual Sense, Ball Should Be Appreciated
Because of The Ball, Players Win The Match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Blog!!!!!!!!!!

These Days My Mind
Connects To Different Streams
My Heart Connects To Different Friendly Hearts
To Know Much About Each Individual
Which Helps To Give A Different Or
A Flexible Shape To Each Personal Heart.....

To Avoid Mental Pain, 
A Scratch In One's Heart
So That, It Avoids Even A Invisible Drop of Blood 
Avoids Mind To Think On Unwanted Hurting Issues
Avoids Seven Seas, For A Best Eye Sight!!!!!!!!!

So To Avoid All These,
I Started A New Blog,

Kindly Check It Out. Screams Of A Woman.. Click Here.

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"Random Thoughts".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Thoughts.

I Know Swimming
But I'm Not Designated As Fish. 

I Know Dancing
But, I'm Not Designated As A Dancing Doll.

I Know To Squeak
But, I'm Not  Designated As Squirrel.

I Love Talks,
But I'm Not Designated As Chatter Box. 

I Know Driving,
But, I'm Not Designated As Driver. 

I Know Cooking, 
But I'm Not Designated As "Chief Chef".

I Know Certain Repair Works,
But I'm Not  Designated As Mechanic. 

I Know Gardening,
But I Am Not Designated As A Gardner.

But, For All Those Above Mentioned, 
I'm Designated As A "HUMAN BEING".

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