Monday, January 31, 2011

Shun And Samba !

I Went On Foot
For Some Distance
To Find The Brightness
In The Dark Night. 

The Path Was
Decorated By
Huge Stones, Thorns,
As It Was A Dense Forest ! 

Though My Foot
Was Hurt, I Didn't Care.
All I Wanted Was 
The Bright Light. 

I Heard Cries of 
A Little Girl 
She Was Very Cute, 
Chubby & Beautiful. 

Asked The Reason 
of Her cries..
She Said, Sis, I Had A Pet
He Left Me All Alone
I Don't Know Where He Went
I Want Him Immediately. 
He Is My World. 
I Can't Leave Without Him ! 

I Thought That Pet Could Be Dog
Or The Cat or The Rabbit.......
Asked Her, The Name of The Pet 
And She Said, Its Samba....Name of The Lion Cub ! 

I Was Surprised & Amazed
And Bit Scared Too
Then, Asked Her The Reason Of Having A Lion Cub As Her Pet. She Started Her Life Story Like This :-

My Name Is Shun. Everybody By Love Call Me As Cutie. My Father Was A Forest Guard. Mother Used To Work Cleaning The Forest Office. I Was Just 3Years Old Child. When Some People With Their Guns,  Shot My Parents Dead. Before I Could Realize & React It Was Too Late. My Parents Were Very Fond of Animals. I Didn't Had Anybody.

Later One Day, When I Couldn't Tolerate My Hunger Was Sitting Under The Tree Asking Tree To Give Some Fruits. Without My Knowledge, There Was A Cub On The Tree. When, I Got Up & Stared At The Tree, I Noticed Cub Sitting There. Her Mom Came Back Taking Some Food To Her Cubs. But, They Didn't Hurt Me. Still I Was Scared & Started Running To Escape From Further Future Dangers.

 But, The Cub Which Was On The Tree, Jumped Down & Started Running Behind Me. I Fell Down While Running, As I Didn't Notice A Huge Stone. I Lost Conscious. When I Got Back My Conscious I Was Lying On The Ground And The Lion & Lioness, Their Cubs Were Surrounding Me. I Prayed God To Save My Life. I Was Feeling As If They Pounce On Me. But, My Inner Conscious Kept Saying, They Don't Harm You, As They Have Saved Your Life. From, Then On, Me & Samba Are Close Friends.

Noon We Had Come Here To The Pond To Play.  But, Since Its A Sunny Day, I Was Tired & Wanted To Rest. I Told Him, I Want To Rest. He Too Slept With Me. But, I Am Not Able To Find Him From Evening. Why Did He Leave Me All Alone ?? Where Do I Go ?? How Do I Live Without Him ??

I Told That Innocent Girl To Pray God & Samba Will Definitely Come & Take Her With Him. To My Surprise I Heard Lions Roar. That Girl Screamed, Samba......Where Are You ? Don't Be Angry. Kindly Calm Down My Dear. She Is My Sis. I Know Her Very Well. Because of Her I Found You. Please Come Here....Samba And His Family Immediately Rushed & Samba Jumped On Shun And They Were Happy. 

I Told Shun That, I Need To Go Now. She Asked Me, Where Are You Going ?? How Come You Are Here ?? I Said, I Was On My Way Searching For The Bright Light. She Laughed Loudly And Said, Sis, I Have Lost My Parents And Everything. I Have Only These Wild Animals As My Family & You Too Kindly Join Us And We Shall Stay Together. Finally I Found The Bright Light In The Dense Forest :) :) 

From, Then On I Started Teaching Her. She Learn't English In Few Days & Came To Me With Her Beautiful Poem. 

Animals Are Obedient
Loving And Loyal,
Caring And Affectionate
Friendly Too !!

The Amount of Love
Which Animals Show
Even, Our Own People
May Not Do So.

Animals Are
My Best Friends,
Best Companions
To Rely !

Share Your Sorrows,
Happiness With Them
They May Not Talk,
But Could Understand
Much Better Than
Our Own People.

Find Their Response
Through Their Eyes,
Paws Or The Tail !
But, They Definitely Respond.
I Love Animals :) 
Though They Are Mischievous 
Though They Are Carnivores,
They Have Heart, Feelings And,
I Love Them Deeply :) :)


PS :- Dearies, Kind Inspirational blogger, Anu Successfully Completed Third Century. She Has Been Very Kind, Humble, Helpful And Energies The Stressed Minds !! Here Is The Link of Sincerely Yours. She Is As Her Blog Title. Always Sincerely Sharing Beautiful Mesmerizing, Inspiring Posts :) :) 

Dear Anu, Wish You Many More Centuries & Milestones. I Shall Wholeheartedly Pray Almighty To Always Bless And Embrace You With Bright And Colorful  Life :) :) This Cake, Roses & Its Me, In The Form of Teddy, Saying I Love You !!

Hugs Dear :) :)

PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Cries And Feelings of Jumbo" 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cries And Feelings of Jumbo :((

The Moments Passed
The Days Passed
Years Passed By
We Never Knew
When Do We Meet ??

The Stone Bench
Where We Used
To Sit And Gossip,
Cry, Hug, Tease. 
When Do We Get Back Those Moments ??

You Gifted Me
A Teddy Bear
And Went....But,
For How Many Days
Could I Assume That Teddy Bear To Be You ??

When Do I See You Again ??
When Do I Meet You ??
When Do I Embrace You
Under The Sun's Rays 
So As To Brighten Our Days ! 

Curiously Waiting To Re-relish
The Moments We Had!!

PS :- I Wrote This Poem Based On The First Image. That Is of A Elephant Crying ! 
PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A lot For All Your Cherishable Wishes And Compliments For Previous Post, "Republic Day"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wish You All A Very Happy Republic Day !!

Republic Day,
The Day of Formation Of
The Constitution BY 
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. 

Nation Wide Republic Day
Celebrations Are On The High Spirits
Glorifying The Entire Nation By
Flag Hoisting, National Anthem 
Salutes To The Martyrs!! 

Proud To Be Born In 
Such A Nation, Where 
We Have The History of
Great Renowned Sages, 

This Land of Nation Is 
The Place Where The Earth 
Has The Proof of Our Great Epics, 
Ramayan & Mahabharat :)

I'm Really Very Much
Proud of MY Nation, 
My People.

Wholeheartedly I Salute
All The Martyrs Who
Sacrificed Their Lives At The Crucial 
Stages Fighting For Independence 
And For Upholding Constitution
Thereby Securing Our Nation.

Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat Matha !

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks  A Lot For Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Butterfly".

PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Kindly Visit Anupama's Blog. Her Post Mesmerize Everybody & Really Feels How Much Blessed Indeed We Are To Be Born On This Divine Earth, Divine Country, India. Here Is The Link  For Sincerely Yours Blog !

Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterfly !

Butterfly Butterfly
Where Are You Flying ??
What Do You Like ??
Were The Questions I Asked. 

Fluttering Its Wings
Came & Sat On My 
Window Pane. 

The Moment It Landed
Its Beautiful Wings
Attracted And Tempted To
Keep Staring It !!

Butterfly Butterfly,
This Creativity
Loves You A Lot !

The Moment You Came, 
I Felt, As Though I'm 
Catching  Beautiful 
View of A Bright Sun 
Along With Your Colorful Wings! 

Keep Visiting And
Embrace My Heart & Mind
With Your Beautiful 
Colorful Wings !!

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable For The Previous Post, "Kidnapped Nap"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kidnapped Nap!!!!!

I Was Blindfolded, My Hands Were Tied To The Back of  The Pillar, Lips Were Sealed By A Tightly Tied Cloth, Legs Were Tied TO The Backside of The Pillar.

I Was In Immense Pain. I Was Feeling As Though, My Heart Was Severely Pierced With A Sharp Object. With A Bleeding Heart, I Had To Somehow Manage. My Eyes Were About To Puff Off Like A Balloon Because, They Were Filled With Burning Tears. My Ankles Were Paining A Lot, Because of The Tightly Tied Rope. All I Could Do Is, Pray Almighty. 

As A Blessing, As If God Heard My Prayers & Feel My Immense Pain, I Started Feeling A Graceful Bright Light Piercing My Heart & Eyes. I Was Freed From The Pains. The Tightly Tied Rope & Cloth Were Loosened. I Could Easily Take My Hands Ahead of Me & Stretch. My Ankles Were Feeling Better, Though It Was Terribly Bleeding. It Didn't Even Flash Me That, I Could Easily Remove The Blind Folded Cloth. Instead, I Started Searching By Stretching My Hands To Find The Almighty's Physical Presence. But, In Vain.

I Heard A Noise. I Heard Something Falling Down. I Sensed, There Is Someone Who Has Rescued Me From The Captivity. I Heard A Huge Blasting Sound. Sensed Something Is Really Happening, May Be A Shoot Out. I Was Trembled & Shocked Of The Gun Shots. Was Feeling, As If, Someone Is Nearing Me, With His Finger On The Trigger & Is About To Shoot Me. I Was Shivering. Lost Balance of Myself. All I Just Wanted Is, Someone Who Can Come To My Rescue. With Deep Faith & Devotion, I Once Again, Called Out Almighty In My Heart. I Heard Whisperings, But Couldn't Notice Whose Voice Was It ?? Or Who Was Talking ?? Is It A Male Voice Or A Female Voice ?? 

Surprisingly, I Heard A Dog Barking. Still, I Kept Quiet. I Didn't Move A Bit. I Totally Dipped MY Mind & Heart In Prayers. Then, I Heard Male Voices, Run Run, Run Away From Here....Common Make It Fast!! We Are No More Safe....Just Move From Here......These Policemen & Police Dogs Will Kill Us.....

I Again Heard, One More Gun Shot !!!!! I Couldn't Take The Shocks & I Collapsed. Finally, When I Opened My Eyes After Few Hours, I Realized That, It Was A Dream!!!!!!!

Written For, 
Image Courtesy :-  Here.

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Sunrise". 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunrise !!!!!!!!!!!

A Beautiful Sight
Wonderful Delight
That's The Bright Light

The Light Which, 
Embrace Us In Its Rays
And, Rise Up Our Eye-Lids
Sharpen Our Brain
To Always Be Positive. 

Each Morning Starts
With The Sunrise
That's The Blessing We
All Could See & Experience. 

A Common Sight 
A Familiar Sight 
A Beautiful Sight 
For Which, I Wish To Always Have A Proper Eye-Sight !
Though Sunrise Is Regular
I'm  Never Irregular 
To See And, Relish
The Beautiful Amazing Sunrise :) :) 

Our Day Starts With It
Our Day Goes Well
When There Is Natural Light
To Always Have A Good Eye-Sight :) 

I Love Sunrise
I Always Wish To Climb
High Up On The Mountain
And, To Just Stare At His Beautiful
Graceful Peaceful Kind Rays
Embracing The Entire Environment !!

Even, The Birds Chirps
And They Are So Happy
When They Are On Their Flight
During The Warm Embrace of The Sun ! 

PS :- The First Image of Sunrise Is A Painting Done By My Cousin Sister, Deepthi.

PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Wishes And Compliments For The Previous Post, "Thanksgiving".

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Post !!!!!!!

Raising of
Toll of
Nesting Choco

This Is Not At All Enough To Describe How Much I Was Happy, Amazed, Surprised, Excited To Read And Cherish The Guests Post. 

Three Blogger's Writings Were Contagious. The Moment I Read Their Write Ups, Felt That Love & Affection of Writing A Guest Post For This "World of Poetry" .

They Decorated My Space By Their Paintings, Mystery Muse And Also Blessed My Space By A Religious Spiritual Post By Anupama :) :)

A Poem For Sowmya :- 

How Does The Mind of Artist Work ?
How Does The Artist Make Realistic Paintings ?
Blessed Indeed Are Those
Who Show The Most Beautiful
Colors To The Unreal Lives, Like Teddy Bear :) :)

Let Me Tell You All, This Painting Is Done By Sowmya. She Has Many Beautiful Amazing Paintings Which I Love The Most. 

Painters Paint
With  Atmost
Love & Affection
With Their Colors, Pencils,
Water Colors, Different Brushes. 
That's What They Need The Most :) :) 

Stare At The Painting
How Realistic It Is!
The Love of Teddy
Its Love For Flowers
Its Smile, Its Look
Mesmerize Me!

It Looks As
If The Teddy
Is Curiously 
Waiting For Someone
And Want To Meet Immediately.
Beautiful Lovely Teddy :)
I Love You!!!!!!!!

Sowmya, Thanks A Lot For Such A Beautiful Inspiring Write Up About The Girl's Painting For The 299th Post. Thanks A Bunch Dear. Hugs!

If Anybody Missed Sowmya's Post, Kindly Click Here. And Here Is The Link To Her Blog, "Reflections".


Leo's  Mysterious Muse. Majority of The Bloggers Know Leo. Leooo Recently Completed 1000s Posts. His Regularity, Frequency of Posting Itself Tells His Liking Towards Blogging. 

Understanding of
Readers Mind.

Only Those
Entries Which
Teach Morals In Different Ways!!!!!!!

Leo, Thanks A Lot For Such A Fantastic Write Up, The Mysterious Muse For 300th Post. To Read Leo's Post, Kindly Click Here. Here Is The Link For Leo's Space. "I Rhyme Without Reason" .

Anupama's TILGUL GHAYA GODD GODD BOLA!!!!! [Its A Say In Marathi Language].

TIL Means Sesame Seeds
GUL Means Jaggery
GHAYA Means Eat/Ate
GODD GODD Means Sweet Words
BOLA Means Said.

Eat Sesame Seeds Along With Jaggery & Talk Sweetly. Use Good Pleasant Sweet Words. Its The First Festival of Each Starting Year In India !!!!!!!! And Thats Called In Different Names, Makara Sankranthi, Pongal, Lohri. To Know Much About The Festival, Kindly Read Anu's Blog. Here Is The Link. She Has Described Very Well About The Festival And Also The Customs & Traditions Followed In Different States By Different Set of People :) Anu, Thanks A Lot For Such A Beautiful Fantastic Post :) :) Your Post Made My Day!

Anu Dear, Thanks A Lot For Such A Divine Post For 301st Post :) :) I Really Extremely Liked Your Post.  Here Is The Link of Anu's Post In My Blog.

Anu Is Active
Minds of
A Huge Set of People. 

Anu Is An Excellent Amazing Writer. She Writes In All Styles. Each & Every Post of Hers Has Different Meaningful Morals Which Are Easily Adaptable For One's Life. She Is A Great Inspiration. Each & Every Post of Hers Inspires, Motivates, Encourages Me! 

On Jan10th, She Called Me In The Early Morning, Wished For My Birthday & That Was The Moment, Where I Felt Divine Presence Embracing Me With Her Divine Sayings. Even Now, I Could Hear Her Words But Couldn't Express How Much Happy & Excited I Was, To Hear Her Voice & Her Divine Blessings :) :) Thanks A Lot Anu. I'm Unable To Express The Feelings I Felt, The Moment I Heard, "Anu Here. Happy Birthday Sahana". Thanks A Lot Anu Dear :) :) Thanks A Bunch :) :) Hugs! 

Here Is The Link For Anu's "Sincerely Yours........." Blog.

I Shall Whole Heartedly Thank, Sri. Parthasarthi For Introducing Us. 

Sri. Parthasarthi Is Also A Blogger. An Excellent Writer of Short & Long Stories. Here Is The Link For "Random Thoughts" Blog. 

Well, Its Already A Very Huge Post I  Feel So. But, I Also Feel I Have Used  Very Few Words To Describe About The These Writers :)

I Whole Heartedly Thanks All My Followers For Their Constant Support, Encouragement, Motivation! 

This Is For All My Followers :- 

This Is For Sowmya, Leo & Anu :- 

 A Hugeeee Thanks To Sowmya, Leo & Anu :) :)

Special Sweets To All of You, On Crossing Third Century :) :)

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments, Wishes For All The Three Guests Posts :) :)