Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Full Moon!!!!!!!!!

Nested Permanently In Hearts!!!!!!!!!

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Written For,
Acrostic Only

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Electrifying Minds To
Violate The
Encouragement of Individuals By
Rupturing  And
Enforcing To Kill One Self. 

Written For
Acrostics Only.

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Swarm of Individuals
Awful Acts
Mentoring The Same For
Encouragement of up comers.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 Sweet And Cool Breeze
Tunes of The Heart Which 
I Always Hear And
Like The Most, Which Is Said As  
Lasting Beauty of Life!!!!!!

Written For,
Acrostic Only.
Prompt #1

A Little Cute Girl Was Very Fond of Horses. Her Father Was A Professional Horse Rider. She Too Wanted To Learn Ride Horses. But As She Was Too Young, Her Dad Told Cuite To Wait For Few More Years.
But For Her, Each Passing Day Was Like A Decade. She Was Standing On The Grass Staring At The Horses. One of The Horse Would Easily Identify Her & Would Run To Her To Greet Her.
One Such Pleasant Evening, When That Girl Went To The Horse Race Place To Call Her Dad, The Horse Which Would Always Greet Her, Came From The Opened Gate & Ran Towards Her. He Kneeled Down To Make It Easy For The Child To Climb On Him. As Cuitie Was Very Much Fond of Horses, She Jumped & Sat On Him. Horse Was Slow At His Speed & Cuitie Was Enjoying The Ride. 

But Her Dad Saw Her From Quite A Distance & Commanded The Horse To Come Back. As The Horse Came Back, He Mercilessly Scolded That Horse & Locked In Its Shed. From Then On, Cuitie Missed That Horse A Lot & Cry For Him Standing In Front of The Locked Gate :((

Both of Them Could Just Stare & Greet Each Other From Quite A Distance!!!!!!!

Such Was The Relationship With The Horse & The Kid. 

Written For 
Thursday Tales.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanksgiving , 251st Post :) :)

Thanks For All
Highly Qualified Writers
And Bloggers Who
Nested Your Precious Time
Kind, Caring Hearts For 
Special Motivation, Encouragement.

Give & Take The Rule I Have Learn't
Inspire The New Comer By
Inspirational Poems By
Nursing Depressed Heart, Soul & Mind By
Giving Them Ever Cure Treatment Called,

From Past Few Days, We All Saw Such A Beautiful Fantastic Guests Post. Three Professional Writers Accepted For The Guest Post. Inspite of Their Busy Schedule, They Made Special Appearance For The Special 250th Celebration.

Even All My Followers, Readers, Commentators, Non-Commentators Made A Special Gathering By Encouraging, Motivating In One or The Other Way.

I Thank Each & Everybody, Every Guest, Every Follower For Attending To The Celebration. 

If Anybody Had Missed The Three Guests Post, Kindly Check Here.

Nature Lover's 248th Post Click Here.

Sowmya Parthasarthy 249th Post Click Here.

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Nature Lover Very Well Said About Friendship. 

Here Is The Poem For My Friend. 

Follow But Don't
Rate The Friendship
Inspite of
Never Feel
Down. coz'
Special friend You
Have Here Who
Inspire You Always Which Shows
Potentiality In Our Friendship.

Friends Will Always Be Available In All Up & Down Swings :) :) Its Explained Through Poem :) :)

Sowmya Parthasarthy Had Very Well Said About Being "Warmth Everywhere". Inspite of Many Happenings, Disturbances, She Felt Warmth Everywhere In Her Journey. Here Is The Poem For My Sister Sowmya :) :)

Waking Up
Raising of Tired
Mind Just By
How The Journey Was

Everywhere, Where Ever I Traveled.
Very Kind
Relaxed The
Yawning Face.

Warmth Journey
Humming And
Experiencing The
Rains of
Evergreen In The Heart, Soul & Mind!!!!!!!!

This Says, How The Journey Went On & Finally Reached The Destination Inspite of Many Disturbances & Waiting In The Waiting Room For The Change of Flight :) :) 

Next, 250TH Post Was of An Amateur Poet, Leo :)

Upcoming Writers By
Recipe of

Teaching Through The

Oceanic upcoming Writers!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo, Had Very Well Said About, Life of A Writer, A Poet!!!!!!!!! It Was A Very Beautiful Write Up.

All Three Guests Shared Their Writings On Different Themes, Which Were Very Much Interesting & Liked By All of Us. Thanks A Lot For All Three Guest Posts :) :) 

I Thank Each & Everyone Who Step Into My Blog, Share Your Views, Opinions & For Your Constant Support, Encouragement, Inspiration & Motivation,

I'm So Much Addicted To Blogging That, I Can't Complete My Day's Work Without Blogging. A Poem For Blogging.

Of A Writer By
Grabbing The Readers

Giving Peace To The Minds By
Inspiring And Finally
Greenery In Our Hearts!!!!!!

Life of A Blogger Is Beautiful. Blogger Can Share Anything. Any Huge Amount of Shares Can Be Bought & Sold. But, Here We All Give Relaxation To Our Tired Minds, Inspire Those, Who Are In Need of Inspiration & In return We Will Be Happy, Just By Growing Happiness[Greenery] In All Our Hearts :) :)

Such Is The Beauty of A Bloggers Life :) :)

After Long Time, I'm Here With The Hugee Post !!!!!!!!!!!

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A Small Bouquet To All The Followers of My Blog!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

From An Amateur Poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn’t sure
If to do a poem
Or a long prose
For this biggie
Milestone of a
Creativity rose

I’ve known her
Since so long
Her talent new
Still coming up
In genres more
Even story too

She’s a support
A good reader
Likes words some
All begin with
Same alphabet
Cubed F, she hums

For this honour
She asked me to
Write so long ago
I hope I’ve done
Justice, to this
Great milestone

Sorry for lateness
My creative friend
I’ve reached in time
Now go on ahead
Continue to write
In brilliant rhyme

With this post, my friend Creativity reaches 250 in the blogging life. It’s a small milestone for her, because I feel she has lots more to write and atleast another zero to add after that 250. Wishing her all the very best in whatever she puts her heart to…

Signing off, this is

The Amateur Poet

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warmth Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was heading towards a new world, a world where I would be entirely responsible for my actions and my life. I would be assuming the role of the ringmaster, as soon as the flight on which I was flying landed. The new world would be centered around me. Life would no longer be the same. I was feeling a little apprehensive about the experiences that were awaiting me.

The plane that I was on board was almost full. There were a lot of toddlers on board, each of them crying, during take-off. I was slightly feeling tired, mainly because of lack of sleep. All I needed was some rest. I tried to sleep but in vain. I decided to watch some nice movie. After going through the listings, I picked on “Home Alone.”

However, I had a change of mind and went for the recent Disney release “UP”, which is about an 87-year old who believes in the “Spirit of Adventure” and wants to visit Paradise Falls, a land that is lost in time and move his house over to the tip of the falls.
It is a really inspiring movie that suggests people to have interest in life and go for a new adventure every now and then.

I may have dozed for about an hour after the movie. Then I was remembering the new person in my life, around whom my life would now revolve. To refresh the time spent with him, I decided to watch a movie, which we had seen together. So I watched Ice Age 3, Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  I was tired after this movie and took a nap for about twenty minutes. Then the air hostess brought some snacks, I relished the chocolate croissant very much. It was simply delicious. The remaining time on the flight was 160 minutes. I opted to watch another movie as I didn’t want to sleep. I watched “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, a movie that changed my life drastically. By the time, the movie got over, the pilot announced that we would be landing shortly, I checked the time on my watch, and it showed 6.45 pm. So that would mean the local time at my destination would be 1.15pm.

I was a little worried about the procedures that I would have to go through after landing, however it was a cakewalk, I’m thankful to God for that. I was looking for a counter that sold calling cards so that I could call home and inform them that I had a safe flight. It was then that I met this Gujju, who let me use his cell to call home as he felt it would be too expensive to use a calling card, just to pass on the information. I’m thankful to him for that. Next, I had to wait four hours for the bus. I took out a book that my grand father had gifted me. For some strange reason, I could connect with the characters and the concept of the book. That made me a little emotional. It was then that I came across this sweet Bengali lady, who was working as a cleaner at the airport, who would come near me once every half hour and speak to me for about five minutes. I am thankful to her also for that.

I sat looking at trees outside the airport. They had all been decorated with blue lights. It simply made the trees look stunning. Every now and then a leaf or two would wither, sway gently in the air, raise my spirits and then fall on the ground. The whole picture was like a dream. It was almost time for my bus. I got up and looked around for that Bengali lady. I could not find her anywhere. I thanked her inside my heart and then headed towards the bus stop.

I was at the wrong stop. The ticket checker lady checked my ticket and directed me to the correct stop. The bus driver was a nice, smiling guy and he also made me feel comfortable. The weather outside was chilly. Once on board the bus, I was warm, courtesy the heater on the bus. I was really tired after all that waiting and traveling. I had a nice sleep. I woke up only when the bus stopped at the final station. I thanked the driver and got down. I saw him waiting there for me. I felt happy and then we headed towards his house. It felt as if it was worth the wait.

Looking forward to a new life…….

PS :- Dearies, This Is Second Guest Post From Sowmya Parthasarthy :) :) 
Sowmya, You Have Very Well Written. Beautiful Tale :) :) Thanks  A Lot Dear :) :)

PPS :- Dearies, Thanks  A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "A Friend of Joy"

Lets All Know About Sowmya :-
Sowmya Is A Simple, Caring, Kind, Affectionate, Loving Girl. She Is Excellent At Poems As Well As Fiction Stories. Her Writes Expresses Different Kinds of Feelings, Emotions, And Most Importantly, Each Story, Will Have Its Own Moral. MORAL of The Story Is A Very Important Aspect For A Reader. He/She Can Change Their Preferences or Their Life Style or Mind Set By Knowing The Moral.

To Read Sowmya's Blog, Click Here.
This Was Sowmya's First Guest Post In My Blog :) :) Click Here To Read.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friend of Joy!!!!!!!!!

A friend of whom I thought,
A care of what I needed,
A touch to reveal my loneliness,
A trust of cane in heart,
 I was in search until to meet you!!

A smile of caring friend,
A life to a friend of joy,
A pain in loss of friend,
Was not that all I wanted!!!

A friend with a helping hand,
Whether in pain or joy,
To stand beside me and strengthen to pour,
Is what I needed!!!

You are my friend never to loose,
Until the day to have my last breath,
You are my friend always to share,
Until the day to have my last breath,
You’re my friend to see in the stars,
Until the day you make me lonely,
For a friend like you never to forget, but to pave a path in my heart!!!!!!!

PS :- Dearies, I Am Very Much Happy To Share With You All That, World of Creativity Is Reaching 250th Post Shortly. This IS 248th Post. This Is The Second Guest Post In This Space. Composed By Nature Lover :) :)
Here Is The Link of Nature Lover's Blog. Click Here.

I'm Very Much Happy & Thankful For The Guest Post. Do I Need To Comment About This Poem ?? If Yes, I'm Speechless. Thanks A Lot For Such A Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Write Up :) :)  Nature Lover, You Have Very Well Said About Friendship :) :)

PPS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Happy Birthday Mom". Mom Was Extremely Happy For All Your Heartfelt Wishes & Compliments. She Asked Me To Thank You All For All Your Kind Wishes :) :) 
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Sowmya Partha, Click Here.