Monday, June 27, 2011

Delicious Coffee :-) :-)

Drenched In The Rain
Mom Shouted, Can't You Take An Umbrella ??
Giving A Faded Smile, 
 Said With A Low Tired Voice,
 Do I Get A Cup of Coffee ?? 

She Immediately Rushed To Kitchen
Took Those Coffee Beans, 
Roasted And Powdered Them, And                                                 
Bell Rang!!!

Dad Entered...
Though, He Had Umbrella, 
He Was Partly Drenched In 
Mumbai Rain And Mom 
Said, Why Don't You Wear Raincoat ??                                                       
He Was Quiet! 

I Sat On The Sofa, Near The Window
Took The Newspaper, Mumbai Mirror
And, Heard Mom's Alarm 
Coffee Is Ready And 
Its Time For Coffee :) :)

Woww!! Its Look Itself 
Mesmerized Me, Poetry Flowed As 
I Sipped Each & Every Time
But, Controlled Myself, As 
Mom Was Angry As I Didn't Take An Umbrella! 

Forgot About Everything And, 
Just Concentrated On The Coffee
Freshly Powdered Filtered Coffee
Woww.....Sooo Delicious! 

Coffee's Fragrance Was So 
Tasty That, I Simply Forgot Everything 
And, Experienced The Majesty of Double Taste....
Tasting Via Fragrance & By Sipping ;)
Woww!!!! Fantastic It Was! 

I Prayed Almighty That, 
Let Me Forget To Take Umbrella
Everyday, So That, I Relish The
Dual Ingredients Used By Mom
That Is, Her Anger And Love! 

She Was Angry, Since I Didn't Take Umbrella
And She Prepared Coffee With Deep Love & Affection 
Understanding That, My Child Has Traveled In Such A 
Rush of Local Train of Mumbai And Let Me
Feed Her A Relishing Hot Hot Coffee :) :)

Love You Mom!!
Today's Coffee Was Really Extremely Delicious!
I Gave Her A Teddy Bear Hug And
Said, Mamma, Though I Didn't Had An Umbrella, 
I Liked Those Rain Drops Falling On Me....

I Have Shared Many Poems Relating To Rain
But, Never I Had Experienced Them...
So, Thanks For Not Reminding To Take Umbrella And 
Thanks For Not Keeping It In My Bag :) :)

Please Do Not Feel Mom.
I'm Fine, Without Any Sneezes And,
Head Ache :) :)

Finally, Dad & Mom Had Broad Smiley Faces
And My Parents Made My Day :) :) 

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Hike With A Special One!

As I Stepped On And On 
As My Footsteps Distance 
Was Doubled Than The Normal One
I Knew, I Had Missed Something Special.  

The Special You....... 
You Were Missed From My View
And Camera Lens And Surprisingly,

Saw You Perched On To The Tree
Relishing Berries, Chirping Happily  
And, Dancing For A While, 
Continued My Hike!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beauty of A Rain :) :)

How Beautiful Was The Rain!
It Washed off The Dust And 
Took Away The Unbearable Heat 
How Beautiful Was The Rain! 

How Cool It Is Now!!
You Touched Our Hearts....... 
Washed off The Strain And
Tensions of The Brain :)

How Beautiful To See It Rain!
Beautifully Formed Streams.....
In The Narrow Lane, Kids Jumping
And Playing, With Happiness! 

It Was A Total Bliss 
To Drench Completely And,
Feel The Rain, Along With 
The Heavy-Downpour of Happiness :) :)

Those Dew Drops....
Softened My Cheeks.
Kissed My Lips And 
Vanished All My Pains. 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

True Love.

Beautiful Charming Nancy Was Well Dressed For Her Wedding. All of A Sudden, Like A Thunderstorm, She Repeatedly Heard Her Heart Beat, As Some  Unknown Fear Was Haunting Her....Somewhere She Could Hear The Howling Voice of Her Ailing Mother.

Being A Highly Innocent Girl, Didn't Know What To Do ? She Tried Her Level Best To Hide Those Fears & Sadness From Her Beautiful Decorated Face. Her Lips Started Shivering. It Was As If She Was Whispering Something. She Ran Towards The Window Pane, Holding Her Skirt Which Was Blocking Her Foot Steps......She Strongly Felt About These Happenings To Be The Clear Signs of Volcanic Eruptions of Her Heart.

She Had Many Failures In Her Life. In Her Very Young Age, She Lost Her Mother. Her Father Took Very Good Care of Her. He Never Made Her To Feel For The Loss of Her Mother. She Was The Only Diamond Child For Him.

Her Father, Knocked The Door To Take Her To The Wedding Hall. Her Hands, Legs Started Shivering.....The Moment She Saw Her Dad Entering The Room, She Collapsed On The Ground. Her Dad, Rushed Immediately To Her, Held Her Hand And Checked Pulse Rate & It Was Nil. He Became Uncontrollable & Was In Total Shock. Not Knowing The Reason of Her Sudden Death, He Couldn't Withstand Himself.??

He Started Checking The Cosmetics Which She Had Used, Found It To Be Valid & Clinically Tested. He Opened The Cupboard And Saw Few Papers. To His Shock, It Was Her Cancer Reports....She Had Her Own Secret Diary, Named, "My Life With My Father! She Had Written Everything of Her Cancer. This Is The Jist of What She Had Written :-

Today Is The Worst Day of My Life. I'm No More Worried About Myself. But, Worried About My Father. How Will He Control Himself, If I Tell I Am A Cancer Patient. Its Better, I Hide From Him. But, I Shall Write A Letter To Him.

Dad, I'm Extremely Sorry. I Didn't Wanted To Let You Know About My Disease. Many Times, You Had Offered Me Pastries...Though, I Loved Them, Couldn't Relish Being A Cancer Patient. I May Or May Not Marry Sam. But I'm Sure He Will Get A Good Wife. Dad, You Always Said, Everything Happens For Good. So, Be Positive. Hope For The Best. Love You Dad :)

Your's Loving Daughter,

Just Before Her Father Entered The Room, She Had Texted Sam, Saying, "Tried, But Failed". Unable To Understand, What She Exactly Meant, He Immediately Rushed To Her Room. Saw Her Lifeless Body, Her Father's Uncontrollable Tears, And The Diary In Her Father's Hand And After Reading, Held Her Hand And Said, "Darling, You Never Failed, You Succeeded In Touching My Heart. You Are My First And Only Love. Nobody Can Take Your Place Or Replace You. I Can't Live Without You Sweetheart! Kissing Her Forehead, He Too Fell Beside Her Lifeless body. 

Nancy's Father Was Happy As Well As Sad. He Was Happy Seeing, Their True Love & He Was Sad Because, He Couldn't Neither See Their Marriage Nor Could Live With Them. 

Written For, 
Image Courtesy :- Evgene(~wair)    

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Let It Fall On Me
As I Love To Drench!

Let It Hit Me 
As I Feel No Pain

Let It Pitter Patter On Window Pane
As I Love To Hear And Sigh! 

I Love To Feel Dew Drops....
As It, Softens My Cheeks 
Even The Plants, Trees, Leaves
Look So Pretty When Its Drenched .

The Path Gets Decorated With
Beautiful Colorful Leaves....
Feels Like Not Stepping On Those Leaves
Rather To Just Keep Staring At The Colorful Nature :)

I Love Rain :) :)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Gifted Guests


Entering All of A   

Sudden Into

Treasured Hearts. 

Written For, 
Prompt #1
Single Word[SW] :- GUEST.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Angel In His Life!

He Was Depressed. He Lost All His Hopes On His Sons & Daughter In-laws. Lost His Wife Few Years Back. His Only Source of Income Was His Harmonium. Spent Some Time In Church And Played Harmonium In Streets And In Some Stores To Earn Some Penny. Hardly He Used To Get $20. At Times, His Balance Would Be Zero.

At Times He Cried Howling, Behaved Like A Mad. His Life Was Full of Pains, Sorrows, Miseries.He Didn't Wanted To End His Life BY Himself. Was Waiting For His Death Time. Always Prayed Almighty To Grant Him Salvation. But, His Prayers Were Unanswered For Quite Longer Period of Time. Its Really Strange To Hear, Someone Praying For Death.

A Small Young Girl Approached Him & Said, Grandpa Your Harmonium Is Very Melodious. I Loved Your Play & I Love Mother Mary. Dearest Mother Mary Will Always Protect You And Keep This Photograph With You. Hugging Him, Kissed On His Cheeks And Went On Her Way. Who Was She Was His Deep Thought! Was She An Angel ?? Did She Indirectly Answered His Prayer of Getting Salvation ??

At Times, Life Makes You Experience Lot Many Swings That, Each Individual Forgets To Realize, For What Purpose I'm On This Earth ?? Why Should I Live Anymore, When I Don't Have Any Dear One's ? When I Have Lost Everything ? But, Those Are For Certain Time Period. Still, Such Questions Starts Haunting Them And Finally Their Last Wish Would Be "DEATH".

Though The Children Are Grown Ups, They Don't Show True Love & Affection....Which Is Very Much Needed For Them. Why The Society Is Changing By Bringing Mother On Mother's Day & Father On Father's Day ? Why Do We Need Such Named Days To Treat Our Parents ? Had Parents Had Ever Seen Any Such Named Days To Love Us ? To Educate Us ? Was The Thought of Other Youngsters Who Were Present There Watching His State of Living. Everybody Approached To Help Him. Some Fed Him, Some Asked Him To Tell Stories & Some Even Wished To Take Him Home, For Which He Was Reluctant. But, He Smiled At Everybody And Danced With Kids And Remembered His Days of Playing With His Grand Children :) :)

Written For,
Tale  :-   #62
Image Courtesy :- Brutalster on DeviantArt

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Frustration V/S Happiness!


Repeating Which Are

Unbearable Only To The



Reversion of Any

Actions Causing 

Total Failures

In Whatever 

Ongoing Effort Results



Heap of 

Abundant View of 

Pouring Opportunities 

Passages, Increases  

Inbuilt Strength By

Nearing Our Soul To 


Specially Made 

Seeing The Closed Gates. 


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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wake Up.....Wake Up!!!!!!!

Wake Up Wake Up
Its Already 6' 0Clock 
We All Are Wide Awake
Enjoyed The Sunrise. 

Cuckoo Cuckoo
I'm Here....I'm Your Alarm
I Came To Wish You A Very Melodious Good Morning! 

Cawww Cawww....Here, I'm
Here Is Our Family, Caaawwww..Caaww....
Common, Open Your Eyes.....Good Morning! 

Meow Meoww....
Booww Bowww.......We Are Here
Lets Start Dog Cat Fight! 

Newspaper Is On Its Way
Said My Pigeon 
Dog Said, Milkman Has Already Delivered The Milk
I'm Hungry.....We All Are Hungry.....Common Wake Up....Wake Up Young Girl!