Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peace of Mind :)

Have you had cold showers of pain
My friend, you've stood in my rain

Deathly feeling of loneliness

No need to feel shameless

I've been there before
Not wanting to feel any more

Your hearts been broken in half

Mind still living in the past

Cold dark thoughts of suicide
Why don't I do it tonight

Don't worry it will go away

Learn to love another day

Put it in the back of mind
Let it rest and you will find

Dark clouds begin to part

New love will mend the heart

Thoughts of suicide disappear
Self- esteem will reappear

One day you'll be able to say

My friend you've stood in my rain!!!!!



I too have stood in your rain.
Loved the poem and the message that came across.


Creativity!! said...

@ Yvonne :- ohhh Its My Pleasure :) Thanks a lot :)

septembermom said...

The pain and heartbreak is conveyed so well. Good job with this poem!

Creativity!! said...

@ Septembermom :- Ya....Pain & heartbreak is very hard to accept :) Thanks a lot :D

apoorva said...

great poetry! very good one! keep going girl :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Apoorva :- Thanks a Lot :)