Friday, June 5, 2009

Sad Kitten :(

When I'm alone & no one can see,
I wish you to be with me,

Wrapping your arms around me

Feeling me secured :)

When my tears r no more
Your presence is more than enough
To console my feelings, & to get

Back my happiness

I Wish, I could just hold you,

Just to know you're there,

I would treasure that moment forever,

Just to prove how much I care!!

But, I am all alone,

Both of us far distant from each other
Still, there exists connection
My Heart & Your Heart!!

Where ever you are, be happy,
Let all your wishes & dreams come true :)

When ever u find me again,
Tell me that
You used to Pray for me,
Dream & Think of Me :)

Step into my life,

Help me to balance the weight of my life

I mean, ups & downs of life.

Show me the path & guide me :)

I Wait for u,
I Shall Pray for u!!!!!!!!!

Where ever u r,
how ever u r,
I will be there for u!!!!!!



Lovely poem, I am a real softie where animals are concerned and a tear was not far away.


Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- I too Love Animals a Lot :) I dream of being with Polar Bear, which is highly Impossible :( But, Lets see, If I get oppurtunity of meeting Polar bear & Hugging him, I would forget everything, & go :)

Thanks a Lot :)

septembermom said...

So sweet. I love animals. You wrote a lovely poem with such affection for these soft cuties!

Femin Susan said...

Lovely poem..... Touching, your poem has the quality of a precious hymn.

Creativity!! said...

SeptemberMom :- Thanks a Lot for such a sweeet cherishable compliments :) I tooo Love animals & they deserve affection from their lovable friend :)

Creativity!! said...

Femin Susan :- Thanks a Lot Dear, for such a heart touching compliments :)

7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

All your poems are good.. and going by the recent ones.. I think you are now ripe for marriage.. marry someone and live your dream...

Poetry alone will not feed your heart!!

Creativity!! said...