Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Prayer!!

Please send my friend an angel.
Send her one of mine;

A loving and caring one,

The best that you can find.

Please send my friend an angel,

And trust her with its care;
Someone or something for her to love,

And to always be there.

Please send my friend an angel,

One to help her fill her days;

With hope, love, and laughter,
And the warmth of sunshine rays.

Please send my friend an angel -

You know she gave me one of mine.

Please send her down an angel;

A true friend's hard to find.

This Poem is Dedicated to my Special Friend,
Friend from past 17yrs,
A Life Supporter
A Caring Soul
Affectionate Heart
She is Sowmya :)

ahhhhh!!!! Hope Sowmya reads & comment :D


7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

Seems she has not still!

Creativity!! said...

S, yet she has to c :D

chinnu said...

tooooooooo lovely.... I thnk sowmya ll hav happy tears in her eyes after readin this... so sweet of u....

Creativity!! said...

Thanks a Lot Dear :D

sowmya said...

dear i love u happy.....kavya ur ryte hppy tears in my eyes....i thnkfull 2 god...he hs given such a gud, lovin frnd fr me...miss u dear....cum 2 blore soon... want 2 c u....

Creativity!! said...

Sowmya :- Darling Baby, Thanks a lot for accepting small token of all and for such a sweet compliment :D Even, I am also blessed & thankful to God for giving such a loving supporting friends, like You, Kavya, Bhanu :D

sowmya said...

no words 2 xpress dear....:)

chinnu said...

yes dear... we al r lucky 2find one another :) hope we'll stay same forevr :)

sowmya said...

yup dear sure....v'll sty....:):)