Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Like Rainy Season :D

I Like The Rainy Season
The Roads Are Wet, Sky is Grey
Falling from the sky, as a silver droplets
Making Me Drench from Head to Toe.

I Like Rainy Season,
I like To Walk in the Rain,
To forget mental pain,
To refresh myself, with a sweet lullabies :D

I like Rainy Season,
I Like To Stretch My Hands
To Feel The Silver Water Droplets
Falling On My Palm :)

I Like Rainy Season
To Dream of the Sweet Happenings of Life

I Like The Smell of Clay,
I Like The Cool Breeze
I Like To Sleep, With Thick Bed Spreads on
When its too cold :D

I Like The Rainy Season,
I Like Marathon Talks, With My Heart :D

I Like Rainy Season,
I Like to Dance
I Like to Laugh
I Like to Smile
I Like to Cry,
When its raining :)

I Like The Rainy Season.
I Like The Dark Clouds,
I Like The Lightning,
I Like The Rainy Season :D

I Like the way, rain forming
As water droplets on leaves

I Like the way, raindrops
Falling from the branches

I Like to stand below a tree
When rain is stopped
To feel the water droplets
Falling from branches :D

I Like To Relish,
Ginger Tea, During A Heavy Downpour :)


chinnu said...

wow!! lovely poem dear....... evn i like rain veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much n like to do all the thngs whch you mentioned in your poem :)
cooooool..... :) liked a lot

Gauri Mathur said...

Yippyy! M first one to comment!!
Beautifully Written dear!!

Creativity!! said...

Chinnu :- Thanks a Lot Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Gauri Mathur :- Thanks a Lot Dear :D

sowmya said...

hmmmmmmmm....!! realy suprb dear....:):)

septembermom said...

Wonderful poem! Now I want to run and play in the rain and enjoy!!


Written like that I think I will like the rainy season, a wonderful poem, most pleasurable to read.


Creativity!! said...

Sowmya :- Thanks a lot Sweety :D

Creativity!! said...

Septembermom :- Hmmmm.....So u may be much more curious to play in the rain :) Enjoyyyy!!!!!!!!! Cheers :D

monsoon-dreams said...

wonderful lines.simple and straight from ur heart.

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks a Lot :)

Creativity!! said...

Monsoon Dreams :- Thanks a Lot Dear :D

Pallav said...

Some Awards for u
Must Check


Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- Thanks a Lot :D

sumayyah said...

hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm superb creativity....

sumayyah said...

i love rain so i love your poem too!!!

shailu said...

very nice poem :)