Monday, June 15, 2009

Broken Heart!!!!!!!!!

Heavily Bleeding Heart.....
Disturbed Soul & Mind

A sudden unexpected sad feeling,

Not Liking To Share with any

Angry feeling,
but doesn't want to hurt any

But, Have a way to come
back to
Normal mood
by sharing in my blog!!!!!!!!

Ps:- Today, I am feeling very depressed & doesn't know the reason :) But, People say that, God has given everything..So Why I should feel depressed?? Yes, Its correct :) But still, without any genuine reason,

feeling lonely,

feeling depressed,
feeling as though some1 pierced knife,
deep into my heart
ultimately killing my Soul.......

Dear Readers, I am extremely sorry, If I ve hurt u all :) But, I ve shared my todays' feeling :)



I do hope that by sharing your thoughts you feel a wee bit better, don't apologise for writing how you feel, we all feel like that at times.I hope your broken heart soon mends.
Take care of yourself.


shastri007 said...

You are GOD girl from every end, the most hard working person. I wish you will see a bright day.

"A ray of hope still exists untill the last star on sky falls". Untill the last breath. So hold it tight untill you can.

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks a lot :)

Creativity!! said...

Shastri :- Hey thanks a lot kano :D

septembermom said...

You have a beautiful soul! Always share how you feel. You are a poet!! Poets' emotions are open to the world. Hope happiness comes your way soon, you deserve it!

Creativity!! said...

Septembermom :- Sure.....Now, I am back to Normal :D