Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Wonderful Sis :)

But You & Me,
Are Never 2 Different
Souls :)

Our Heart Is Connected
To Each Other.
Can Hear Our Heart Beats
To Know Our Feelings,
Love, Affection, Towards
Each Other :)

We Both Spent Many Days,
Years Together.
But Now, From Past 3years,
You Are With Your Hubby,
I am extremely missing u a lot :(

Whenever, Tears Flows Down
My Cheeks, Same Night You Call Me,
For Marathon Talk.

You Can Understand, What I Feel
Even Though You Are Faraway From Me,
From Distant Point Of View......

Since, Our Hearts Are Connected
To Each Other,
You Can Understand & Feel
My Feelings.

I Am Curiously Waiting
For The Day, You Come To Me,
Hug Me, To Comfort & Relieve Me,
The Pain Of Extremely Missing You!!!!!!!!!!!

I Am Very Much Blessed
For Being, Your Little Sis :)

God, Thanks A Ton,
For Blessing me,
With My Life Supporter,
My Breath,
My Heart,
My Soul,
Dear Sis, I Extremely Love You A Lot Baby :D

I am ever grateful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful Sis and also ever grateful to Sis for showing unconditional love and also for the above mentioned :D

Dear, I Extremely Love You A Lot Sweet Heart :) I Am Speechless About You Baby :) Words Are Not Enough To Describe Our Loved One's.

God, Bless Us That,
We Remain As Special Close Sisters,
As We Are At Present :)

Dear, All The Very Best Success In What All You Achieve Or What All You Want To Achieve :)



A wonderful tribute to your sister, I was never blessed with a sister so have not got that closeness. A most pleasurable read.


Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- :D

septembermom said...

Your words are so loving! You can tell that you put your whole heart and soul into your poetry:) Love the top photo on your blog too!

Creativity!! said...

Septembermom :- Thanks a Lot :D

Femin Susan said...

You expressed your feelings in nice way.. I also have a sister. I always quarrel with her.
Love the top photo on your blog too. Is it gladiolas?

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear Susan, Quarreling is also a kind of expressing Love & Affection :D

To Be Frank, I snatched that Top Photo from Shantanu Das, A Blogger :) The flowers/roses,which r there on right hand side on my blog, even those are from Shantanu Das Blog :D

Visit here, to find his Fantastic Photography,

When U visit here, scroll down and click on Flora & Fauna..There u find ample of Floral Photo's.

Blue Moon said...

Hello! Dear,
Thanks for visiting my blog. This post is Simply Stupendous……………., I’ll be looking forward to your other posts. Your poetry is MIRROR of your Personality, that’s why I like them a lot…………..

I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response on my blog, So do visit………………..
Good luck for next posts…………..

Keep Smiling…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creativity!! said...

Blue Moon :- Thanks a Lot Dear :D Have A Nice Day :)