Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Wish :)

From The Beginning We Made It Through
Conquered Oceans, Mountains, Water Falls...
Even On Your Special Day, We Are Enjoying
Looking Up At The Stars, Searching For You & Me
Since, We Are Distant Apart!!!!!!!!!

Was Curiously Waiting For Arrival Of This Day,
To Converse With You, As A Star.....Call You Up By 12am
Wishing You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day :D

Stars Are Deep Rooted In Each Others' Heart,
Blinking Deeply, Enlightening, Showing Our Way,
Through The Dark Roads!!!!!!

Were Hugged Tightly, By Closing Our Eyes,
Concentrating In Deep Rooted Stars,
Showing Our Faces, Expressions &
Made Us Hug Tightly, Which Was Extremely
Romantic :)

Whole Night, Standing Outside,
Looking Up At Stars,
Conversing Through Heart To Heart,
Staring At Each Others' Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying Candle Light Dinner,
Feeding Each Other,
Ordering Our Favorite Sweets!!!!!
Fragrance of Rose Petals,
Dancing For Romantic Songs :)
By, Closing Our Eyes, Looking
At The Deep Rooted Stars!!!!!!!!

You Are As Sweet As Cherries,
This Day, Uplifts Your Achievements,
Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones'
Your Immense Pleasure & Happiness
Boost You Up, For Your Further Achievements :D

Wish You All The Very Best Success!!!!!!!May All Your Dreams & Wishes Come True :D

Ps :- This Is An Imaginary Romantic Birthday Wish :D If Special Youth, Birthday Would Have Been Today, This Would Have Been The Special Moment/Special Wish :D


Anonymous said...


You surely have a way with words Dear ..)


As the previous comment wrote you have a way with words, a lovely poem to read.


Creativity!! said...

Vyshu :- Thanks A Lot Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Lot :)

septembermom said...

That's a lovely way to wish someone a happy birthday! Your words are always very uplifting.

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Ton Dear :D