Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Magic Of Telephone Call :)

I Was Feeling All Alone,
Depressed, Sad...
Wanted Some1 To Cure
In depth Wounds :D

Cell Phone Rang,
My Attention Diverted To That
Ring Tone...

Was Extremely
Excited To Receive My Most Special
Friend Call :D

We Laughed Till Our Cheeks
Became Tight, Stomach Ache
By Cracking, Most Cherishable Jokes,
Which Was Of Our Younger Days :)

We Spoke For Nearly 60Mins.
Didn't Even Realise That,
We Laughed Continuously For 60Mins

Later On, Had To Control Our Laughs
To Remind ourselves, The Reason,
Of Continuously laughing :D

Ohhh God!!!!! It Was Such A Wonderful Moment,
A Most Excited Moment,
A Most Sweet Heart-Touching Moment :D

PS :- It was a call of my childhood friend, Gowtami :)

She is an Angel,
Sent By God,
To Vanish all my Depressions,
Sadness & Cure & Fill My Wounded Heart
With Full of Excitement & Happiness :)

Dear Gowtami, Thanks a Ton, for calling me at the right time :D I really extremely like your talks, smiles, laughs, cracking jokes, reminding me of our childhood days...........woowwwww!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo Beautiful......I am speechless to explain our Special Friendship Bond & Relation :)

Oh God,
Please Bless us,
That, We Remain as Special Friends Forever & Ever :D


septembermom said...

That's a special friend who is a true blessing in your life. I could feel your joy and excitement as I read these lines. Isn't it wonderful how those rejuvenating moments come at just the right time?


You have a real special friend there, It's lovely when you get an unexpected phone call.
Hope you get many more, laughter is contagious....spread it around.


Creativity!! said...

Septembermom :- S, Its very difficult to find Special friends :) once we get, its extremely difficult to maintain our bonds & relations :D

S, Its really wonderful, when those rejuvenating moments come at the right time :D

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- S, True :) Unexpected call is a very exciting moment, especially, when that call is from special friend :D Thanks a Lot :)

Deepika Gupta said...

I really appreciate the way u feel each li'l joy of life... True friends are those who sense our feelings even before we a utter a word... May God bless u always....
Take care... :)

Creativity!! said...

Deepika :- Thanks a Lot Dear :D