Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse :)

Combat Operation outpost McClain in Logar – Afghanistan

New Delhi Skies

Northwest China

Varanasi – UP

Varanasi - UP – 01

Varanasi - UP – 02

Varanasi - UP – 03

Varanasi - UP – 04

Varanasi - UP – 05

Varanasi - UP – 06

Varanasi - UP – 07

A Crowded Place,
Loud Applause
Appreciation Phrases.....
Increased Inspiration,

Everyone Were Excited ,
When, Solar Eclipse Arrived!!!!!!
An Amazing,Wonderful.......
Beautiful, Mind Blowing,

Media Persons, Scientists,
Common People,
Fans Of Nature.......
Were More Than A Ocean :)

Everywhere, People Sharing Their

Views, Opinions, Saying,

It Was Really A Fantastic
For The People
Who Got An Opportunity
To Catch
Nearest Glimpse Of Eclipse
Through Aircraft :)

Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!! So Beautiful

No Phrases To Describe Its Beauty!!!!!!!

Ohhh God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Zillion,

For Such An Amazing Beautiful Appearance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Coming......
Heard That,

Your Next Such Appearance Will Be
2021 or 2032 :D
We All Are Curiously Waiting For Your Arrival :)

Ps :- My Near & Dear One's, Hope You All Are Curious For Such An Arrival........But, Have To Wait Till Then :) I Saw In News Channels........Heard People's Opinion & Felt Like Composing A Poem To Share Will You All :) These Photos Were Sent By My Friend Kavya, In Forwarded Mail :)


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai, I would like to tell u that ur blog is soooo good looking one, and the way u have arranged things and the complete look is awesome...keep it up :)

Very nice template and many more posts are yet be read..

And this poem is very nicely composed..well done. A small addition: the next solar eclips with 6:30 minutes duration would be coming in 2132 year..:)

keep expressing...



Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures and the beautiful poem. I really do enjoy your poetry
and look forward to each post.


septembermom said...

Awesome photos! I shared them with my kids:) Wonderful poetry too:) Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey..Thanks for these pics yaar..:)..if pos fwd me that mail tooo..:)

I cnt stop asking you this...pls don mind..."How do you get inspiration to present your thought into such a wonderful flow of words "..

Everytime i open my blog expecting a new piece of poetry update from you ...u never made me upset ..!

Thanks for evevrything..:)

Keep expresisng ..! Its an invaluable Art

Rhapsody B. said...


I enjoyed the eclipse. Especially liked Varanasi - UP – 02 & 04

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Hi Dear :) Thanks A Lot For Dropping By :) Yes, Thanks For A Addition....I had A Doubt That, In which year, We Again Get a chance of this Solar Eclipse......Will put this in Post Itself :) Thanks A Ton Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Ton :)

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Ton :)

Creativity!! said...

Vyshu :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Dear, I Can Fwd you the mail...But I don't have ur Email ID......So Pls give ur email ID So that I shall fwd that mail to you :)

Dear, You Can Ask me anything on any matter :) I really don't mind :) The inner feeling, thoughts, opinions, views makes me to share the same in form of poetry :D

In Case of Poetry, One Important Point is, Always Be Precise & Concrete..That's what the poetry is :) Even A 2-3lines, gives a great feeling & satisfaction, but that can happen out of experience :D

No Need to use any hard or high standard phrases...simple is always beautiful Pretty Coool & always gives a Wider Satisfaction & scope :D

U May also Visit, Yvonne's Poetry Blog,

And Also Pramoda Meduri's Blog, [here u will find poetry in 2-3lines, which highlights & expresses the beauty of what a poet is trying to describe :)

When U Come across many such blogs, u will get an Idea :)

Blogosphere is vast like a ocean.....Once, A Person steps in Blog world, he/she becomes contagious to Blogging :)

If You Need Any More, Info, Suggestions, Advices, Opinions, You Are Most Welcome :)

Creativity!! said...

Rhapsody B :-

Namaste :)

Thanks A Lot For Dropping By & For Sweet Compliments :)