Saturday, July 25, 2009


As I Stare At The Sky,
When It Rains, I Feel
That Your Tears Are Pure & Plain
Without Any Pain :)

When Do You Wash My Salty Tears
Which Is Filled With Pain & Sorrow.........
& Take Me Along With You To Wherever You Flow
Either As A Stream Or A River Or A Lake Or A Pond
Or As A Ocean........

As Blood Flows Through My Veins,
I Wonder, What Makes Life So Auspicious
When Will Rain Water Gush & Purify
My Inner Soul, Heart & Mind :)

I Protect Myself From Rain Through
Umbrella Or Raincoats.......To Have A Long Life
But, Does That Mean That,
I Don't Love Rain ??

When Do You Wash Away My Sorrow??
When Do You Show A Clean Path, Where I
Can, Step Ahead, When Doors Are Closed......

When Do You Quench My Thirst??
When Do You Show Me A Light,
When It Becomes Too Dark In My Life........

When Do You Accept Me As Your Loved One??
To Help Me To Come Out From My Sorrows &
Guide Me To Learn What Exactly A Life Is :)

After You Vanish, Again Sun Occupies Your Place
Land Gets Dried........Feels As Though, You Didn't Come
& Meet Me.......

Tell Me, When Do You Come To Fulfill My Desires??

I'm Eagerly Waiting For Your Arrival
From Past 2days You Didn't Come & Meet Me.....
Where Are You?? Please Come Soon.....

I Wish To Meet You......
I Wish & Love To Stare At The Sky When Its Raining :)

Ps :- My Near & Dear One's Hope You All Are Able To Understand, What Exactly I Am Trying To Share With You All :D

S, I am Trying To Share My Inner Pain, Sorrow & Also Trying To Come Out From Those Pains & Sorrows......Wish Rain Gush Into My Impure Blood, Pain, Sorrow & Purify As Soon As Possible :D


septembermom said...

I wish for you, my friend, that cleansing rain. You are a true artist who feels deeply. Your poems are so much part of your journey as you allow your humanity to drive your creativity. Hugs, always :)

unplanned plan said...

indeed nice to feel ur writings.there r so many poems hv been created only for the rain in various languges....its amaging.i love rain and thought in the rain,feel in the i hv written much more poem in bengali languge.if u can read..plz go through my blog.
carry on...

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) Hugs :)

Creativity!! said...

Unplanned Plan :- Hi Dear, Thanks A Lot For Dropping By & For Sweet Compliments :)

S, I visited Your Blog, But, I can't Understand Bengali Language.....Extremely Sorry.....But, I Surely Read Your Other Blogs!!!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...


very nicely written..

As I Stare At The Sky,
When It Rains, I Feel
That Your Tears Are Pure & Plain
Without Any Pain :)

Soo cute of you. Very nice thoughts and u expressed them awesomely..Keep it up.

And What ever may be the reason for ur sorrow.. Just be happy always, face every thing with love and the rest will happen just or you.. :)

WOuld love to see ur reviews in my blog :)
Keep expressing...


Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...


I have tried hard to understand the meaning of this poem which is written so beautifully.

Two questions came to my mind:

Are you longing for rains or are you expressing an anguish or pain.

It is true droplets of rain washes away many things and rain water becomes streams, rivers, ponds and oceans. After the rains, the dust and dirt on the earth is washed and everything looks clean.

If you want to wash away your pain in the heart, you have to shed tears and tear drops takes away your inner pain and gives you relief.

Well, do I sound confused? You have to tell me. You the answer.

Lovely poem written with great skill and amazing choice of words.

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

Creativity!! said...

Joseph :- Thanks A Lot Sir :)

S, After The Rains, The Dust & Dirt on The Earth Is Washed & Everything Looks Clean......But, I Want, My Impure Blood[A Blood Which Is Undergoing With Immense Pain, Because of Hurting.....Tears Have become Impure Blood & I want My tears[Impure Blood] To Be Cleaned By Rain :) So, I want Rain, To Gush Into my Soul, Mind, Heart & Clean Those Hurting & Relieve Me From Pain :)

Hope, Now, You Are Clearly Understood What I Tried To Share :)

Pallav said...

hey..i iwh thodi si rain yeh delhi me bhi ho jaye.. i m dieing with this garmi...
so tk cr..
n do i need to tell u how beautifully u hv written... no i dont think so....

nicely pen down...

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Many thanks for the elucidation of the poem. It is just fantastic.

I am spellbound by your header photo every time I visit your blog.

Best wishes:)

Aparna said...

beautifully expressed....each line was a joy to read

Blue Moon said...

Hello! Dear,

Your every poem presents a MARVELOUS PICTURE, its having an aura of its own, which is different from others.
Well Done………
Do visit My blog…………
Good luck for next posts………….

I’ll be eagerly waiting for your comments on my posts.

Have a gr88888888888 day ahead………..

Keep Smiling……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- Thanks A Lot :) hmmmm........True :) Rain should even flow through our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!

Creativity!! said...

Joseph :- Thanks A Lot Sir :)

Creativity!! said...

Aparna :- Hi Dear, Thanks A Lot For Dropping By & For Sweet Compliments :)

Creativity!! said...

Manjari :- Thanks A Lot Dear :)