Saturday, July 18, 2009

Languages of Roses :D

A Soft Petals,
Beautiful Charming Roses,
Beautiful Fragrance....

A God's Design,
A Tiny Rose Bud, Opens
Itself, To Show Its Unconditional
Love & Affection!!!!!!!!!

Neither I Can Fold Nor Unfold The Petals,
Its A God Design......
I Would Like To Go For A Early Morning Walk
For The Beautiful Fragrance Of Rose Garden!!!!

And Also, To Have A Look At,

Assorted Birds & Butterflies Which,
Nests Or Just Come To Take A Look
At Colorful Roses & To Rest For Few Minutes!!!!

Its Really Amazing & Interesting To
Watch Beautiful Nature.....Different Kinds Of Roses,
To Know Their Features, & To Deeply Show My
Unconditional Love & Affection To Them As Well!!!!!!

Roses Silently Speak Ample Of
Languages Knowing Only To Heart,
Mind & Soul!!!!!

Red Rose, Symbolizes Love :)
Respect, Passion, Courage......
The Rose Which Is Used
Everywhere On, Feb 14th,
Valentine's Day!!!!

White Rose,Purifies Heart, Soul, Mind.....
Brings & Uplifts,
Peace, Devotion, Dedication, Innocence!!

Yellow Develops & Uplifts Friendship,
Joy, Happiness & Helps
To Over come Our Sad Feelings!!
Symbolizing Friendship!!!!

One Gets Attracted Towards Roses,
Within A Fraction Of Second, For their
Beautiful Colors!!!!!!!

Amazing Creation of God,
Which Every1 of Us Love,
Appreciate, Respect, Show Our Devotion,
By Offering To God & Also, Gift Some1
As A Bouquet In Special Occasions,
Like Marriages, Birthdays, To Get Well Soon
And So On:D

Ps :- A Feeling of Rose, Tiny Buds, Grows & Unfolds Itself, Symbolizing, Our Real Life, Wherein One May Suffer A Lot & Then, Leads Happy Life.......Life Is Secured, Protective If We Are On A Right Path :)



A most beautiful poem about one of the most loveliest flowers. I used to write under the name of "English Rose" it brought back many meories.


Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Ton :D

septembermom said...

I'm always drawn to roses. Such a gorgeous flower. You wrote about them beautifully:)

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Ton :D

chinnu said...

I love roses and i love your poems :) beautiful poem dear :)

Creativity!! said...

Chinnu :- Thanks A Ton Sweety L:)