Monday, January 31, 2011

Shun And Samba !

I Went On Foot
For Some Distance
To Find The Brightness
In The Dark Night. 

The Path Was
Decorated By
Huge Stones, Thorns,
As It Was A Dense Forest ! 

Though My Foot
Was Hurt, I Didn't Care.
All I Wanted Was 
The Bright Light. 

I Heard Cries of 
A Little Girl 
She Was Very Cute, 
Chubby & Beautiful. 

Asked The Reason 
of Her cries..
She Said, Sis, I Had A Pet
He Left Me All Alone
I Don't Know Where He Went
I Want Him Immediately. 
He Is My World. 
I Can't Leave Without Him ! 

I Thought That Pet Could Be Dog
Or The Cat or The Rabbit.......
Asked Her, The Name of The Pet 
And She Said, Its Samba....Name of The Lion Cub ! 

I Was Surprised & Amazed
And Bit Scared Too
Then, Asked Her The Reason Of Having A Lion Cub As Her Pet. She Started Her Life Story Like This :-

My Name Is Shun. Everybody By Love Call Me As Cutie. My Father Was A Forest Guard. Mother Used To Work Cleaning The Forest Office. I Was Just 3Years Old Child. When Some People With Their Guns,  Shot My Parents Dead. Before I Could Realize & React It Was Too Late. My Parents Were Very Fond of Animals. I Didn't Had Anybody.

Later One Day, When I Couldn't Tolerate My Hunger Was Sitting Under The Tree Asking Tree To Give Some Fruits. Without My Knowledge, There Was A Cub On The Tree. When, I Got Up & Stared At The Tree, I Noticed Cub Sitting There. Her Mom Came Back Taking Some Food To Her Cubs. But, They Didn't Hurt Me. Still I Was Scared & Started Running To Escape From Further Future Dangers.

 But, The Cub Which Was On The Tree, Jumped Down & Started Running Behind Me. I Fell Down While Running, As I Didn't Notice A Huge Stone. I Lost Conscious. When I Got Back My Conscious I Was Lying On The Ground And The Lion & Lioness, Their Cubs Were Surrounding Me. I Prayed God To Save My Life. I Was Feeling As If They Pounce On Me. But, My Inner Conscious Kept Saying, They Don't Harm You, As They Have Saved Your Life. From, Then On, Me & Samba Are Close Friends.

Noon We Had Come Here To The Pond To Play.  But, Since Its A Sunny Day, I Was Tired & Wanted To Rest. I Told Him, I Want To Rest. He Too Slept With Me. But, I Am Not Able To Find Him From Evening. Why Did He Leave Me All Alone ?? Where Do I Go ?? How Do I Live Without Him ??

I Told That Innocent Girl To Pray God & Samba Will Definitely Come & Take Her With Him. To My Surprise I Heard Lions Roar. That Girl Screamed, Samba......Where Are You ? Don't Be Angry. Kindly Calm Down My Dear. She Is My Sis. I Know Her Very Well. Because of Her I Found You. Please Come Here....Samba And His Family Immediately Rushed & Samba Jumped On Shun And They Were Happy. 

I Told Shun That, I Need To Go Now. She Asked Me, Where Are You Going ?? How Come You Are Here ?? I Said, I Was On My Way Searching For The Bright Light. She Laughed Loudly And Said, Sis, I Have Lost My Parents And Everything. I Have Only These Wild Animals As My Family & You Too Kindly Join Us And We Shall Stay Together. Finally I Found The Bright Light In The Dense Forest :) :) 

From, Then On I Started Teaching Her. She Learn't English In Few Days & Came To Me With Her Beautiful Poem. 

Animals Are Obedient
Loving And Loyal,
Caring And Affectionate
Friendly Too !!

The Amount of Love
Which Animals Show
Even, Our Own People
May Not Do So.

Animals Are
My Best Friends,
Best Companions
To Rely !

Share Your Sorrows,
Happiness With Them
They May Not Talk,
But Could Understand
Much Better Than
Our Own People.

Find Their Response
Through Their Eyes,
Paws Or The Tail !
But, They Definitely Respond.
I Love Animals :) 
Though They Are Mischievous 
Though They Are Carnivores,
They Have Heart, Feelings And,
I Love Them Deeply :) :)


PS :- Dearies, Kind Inspirational blogger, Anu Successfully Completed Third Century. She Has Been Very Kind, Humble, Helpful And Energies The Stressed Minds !! Here Is The Link of Sincerely Yours. She Is As Her Blog Title. Always Sincerely Sharing Beautiful Mesmerizing, Inspiring Posts :) :) 

Dear Anu, Wish You Many More Centuries & Milestones. I Shall Wholeheartedly Pray Almighty To Always Bless And Embrace You With Bright And Colorful  Life :) :) This Cake, Roses & Its Me, In The Form of Teddy, Saying I Love You !!

Hugs Dear :) :)

PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Cries And Feelings of Jumbo" 


anupama said...

Dear Sahana,
Good Evening!
It's a wonderful and pleasant surprise my dear!My eyes are moist now and love overflows from my heart!Hope and pray it finds its way straight to your heart.:)
I am soooooooooooo happy and touched by your kind gesture.You have made my night.
Hats off to you,dear for selecting the most apt photos/pictures for the post.What a lovely message you have conveyed,Sahana.
Just the other day when I was in my friend's house,I enjoyed the close relation and emotions my friend had with her dog.Amazing!
Dear, I want to dedicate a beautiful quote of Shri Rabindranath Tagore to you.
''My heart,the bird of the wilderness,has found its sky in your eyes''.
I accept all your lovely gifts.
God Bless You!You have a beautiful and bright future!
My template looks awesome at your site.:)
Thank you sooooooooooooo much!
A tight hug,love and prayers,

Anya said...

Very cool post Sahana
lovely written :-)
And you made Anu "happy" this evening


Hope said...

lovely story and images
enjoyed it
thank you

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