Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kidnapped Nap!!!!!

I Was Blindfolded, My Hands Were Tied To The Back of  The Pillar, Lips Were Sealed By A Tightly Tied Cloth, Legs Were Tied TO The Backside of The Pillar.

I Was In Immense Pain. I Was Feeling As Though, My Heart Was Severely Pierced With A Sharp Object. With A Bleeding Heart, I Had To Somehow Manage. My Eyes Were About To Puff Off Like A Balloon Because, They Were Filled With Burning Tears. My Ankles Were Paining A Lot, Because of The Tightly Tied Rope. All I Could Do Is, Pray Almighty. 

As A Blessing, As If God Heard My Prayers & Feel My Immense Pain, I Started Feeling A Graceful Bright Light Piercing My Heart & Eyes. I Was Freed From The Pains. The Tightly Tied Rope & Cloth Were Loosened. I Could Easily Take My Hands Ahead of Me & Stretch. My Ankles Were Feeling Better, Though It Was Terribly Bleeding. It Didn't Even Flash Me That, I Could Easily Remove The Blind Folded Cloth. Instead, I Started Searching By Stretching My Hands To Find The Almighty's Physical Presence. But, In Vain.

I Heard A Noise. I Heard Something Falling Down. I Sensed, There Is Someone Who Has Rescued Me From The Captivity. I Heard A Huge Blasting Sound. Sensed Something Is Really Happening, May Be A Shoot Out. I Was Trembled & Shocked Of The Gun Shots. Was Feeling, As If, Someone Is Nearing Me, With His Finger On The Trigger & Is About To Shoot Me. I Was Shivering. Lost Balance of Myself. All I Just Wanted Is, Someone Who Can Come To My Rescue. With Deep Faith & Devotion, I Once Again, Called Out Almighty In My Heart. I Heard Whisperings, But Couldn't Notice Whose Voice Was It ?? Or Who Was Talking ?? Is It A Male Voice Or A Female Voice ?? 

Surprisingly, I Heard A Dog Barking. Still, I Kept Quiet. I Didn't Move A Bit. I Totally Dipped MY Mind & Heart In Prayers. Then, I Heard Male Voices, Run Run, Run Away From Here....Common Make It Fast!! We Are No More Safe....Just Move From Here......These Policemen & Police Dogs Will Kill Us.....

I Again Heard, One More Gun Shot !!!!! I Couldn't Take The Shocks & I Collapsed. Finally, When I Opened My Eyes After Few Hours, I Realized That, It Was A Dream!!!!!!!

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PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Sunrise". 


The Write Girl said...

What a captivating story. What a relief this was a dream! I enjoyed your Thursday Tale.

Amin said...

Very interesting post!
Do You believe to the dreams?!

Amin said...

I follow Your blog!

flycatcher said...

What a delightful experience!! It is symbolic of all that you have undergone recently and your unflinching faith in the almighty!! it is also a vindication of the fact that your faith did not go unnoticed and all your fetters were removed!! Great, Sahana! Keep it up!!

anupama said...

Dear Sahana,
Good Morning!
It's a lovely post,dear with the right words used to describe the stuations.
I appreciate your strong belief in prayers and in God!
The picture/image is cool.I loved it.
Wishing you a peaceful and happy Sunday,

Creativity!! said...

The Write Girl, Thanks A Lot :)

Creativity!! said...

Amin :- Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit & Compliments And For Following My Blog !!

Truly Saying, It Was Neither My Dream Nor I Dreamed Such Captivity. I Didn't Even Think, That I End Saying It Was A Dream. It Just Happened. I Thought of something else, but something different end flashed my mind. coz, the number of words to be used was the matter.

And, That's how It became an Artificial Dream

Creativity!! said...

Flycatcher :- Hello Uncle, Thanks A Lot !!!!

Creativity!! said...


Didi, Thanks A Lot :) :)

Love & Hugs,

deeps said...

hope you didnt fall off the bed trying to run :P

Creativity!! said...

Deeps, Nope, I Didn't Fall of The Bed :P