Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cries And Feelings of Jumbo :((

The Moments Passed
The Days Passed
Years Passed By
We Never Knew
When Do We Meet ??

The Stone Bench
Where We Used
To Sit And Gossip,
Cry, Hug, Tease. 
When Do We Get Back Those Moments ??

You Gifted Me
A Teddy Bear
And Went....But,
For How Many Days
Could I Assume That Teddy Bear To Be You ??

When Do I See You Again ??
When Do I Meet You ??
When Do I Embrace You
Under The Sun's Rays 
So As To Brighten Our Days ! 

Curiously Waiting To Re-relish
The Moments We Had!!

PS :- I Wrote This Poem Based On The First Image. That Is of A Elephant Crying ! 
PPS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A lot For All Your Cherishable Wishes And Compliments For Previous Post, "Republic Day"


Sapphire said...


I really loved this poem :)
I, myself, was missing someone today and your poem just matched my mood :D

anupama said...

Dear Sahana,
Good Evening!
Whenever you feel lonely and miss someone dear,come to me,dear!
You are such a cheerful sweetie!
Hey,I loved your pictures!So cute!
Read a good book;listen to music;look at the star studded sky.
With lots of love and hugs,

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I did so love this poem, thanks for sharing with us,

KParthasarathi said...

Very expressive of the missing mood, the poem has been nicely written

Leo said...

thats very expressive Sahanie :) any dedications? :D

Rajlakshmi said...

that well expressed... so touching yet beautiful...

Anya said...

Well Sahana
Its sooooooooo touching beautiful and soooooooo sweet written !!!!
Keep writting my dear ....

septembermom said...

You caught this emotion so well in this poem! Beautifully done. You have a wonderful gift for poetry. Hugs!