Friday, January 7, 2011

The Painting :) :)

Madhu was a sweet girl, just like her name. She was a hobby artist, as people called her. She would dedicate her whole and soul to all her art works when she worked on them. This kept her way beyond any possible comparisons.

Like others, she too had one shortcoming, a very common one. It was her short-temper. Any small incident would make her flare up and react in a manner that nobody could even think of. Though she knew that she had to control her temper and made every possible effort to tone down her anger, the society and people around her would remind her of the previous incidents and situations when she had lost her temper and caused damage not only to her but also to others and this would again ignite another temper-burst from her. Try as she might she just couldn’t handle her temper. 

One fine morning, when it was her birthday, her friends decided to surprise her and took her to an art gallery, blindfolded. On reaching the art gallery, they removed the blind-fold from her eyes. Her eyes welled up with tears on what she saw there. Her friends had put up an exhibition of all her works at the gallery! Within no time, the gallery was brimming with people who were all praises for the works of the artist unaware that the artist was present among them. She felt very happy.

However, all the people criticised one particular piece of art too much and this made her feel upset. She had put all her efforts into that particular piece and here were people who considered it useless. She was very upset and angry over that. However, she decided that it’s best for her to walk away from that scene and spend some time alone. This sure did calm down her temper but it couldn’t help in overcoming her mood. 

At the end of the day, when she and her friends were moving the art pieces back to her house, by chance, she came across that “criticized painting”. She felt her temper flare up again and she tore up that painting to pieces and walked home as if nothing had happened.

After a little while, her door bell rang. There was a courier guy at the door, with a small packet in his hand. She was surprised to see her name on the packet. She received it and was shocked to see what was in it. There was a cheque for a few thousand dollars with her name on it. In a note that was attached, the sender had expressed his wish to buy the painting that everyone else had criticised and said that he would collect it the following day.Had she only controlled her anger, then she would not have felt so helpless. However she decided to redo that painting and achieve that same effect. But all her efforts were in vain. 

The next morning, the sender arrived with a smile on his face. Madhu was feeling very bad about herself and apologised to the sender and told him the whole story. The sender simply smiled and said that he was happy that atleast she realised her mistake and said he would take a few of her other works instead of that painting and made her promise that she would control her temper from then on.

Next morning, Madhu was a sweet girl, just like her name. 

About The Writer :- 

This Guest Post Is Written BY Sowmya Partha. She Is The Most Beautiful Charming Young Girl. Not Only In Her Looks, But Also In Her Writings. She Is A Very Good Painter, Writer And My Dearest Loving Sis Too :) :) She Is A Brilliant Adorable Writer Which Reflects To Any Reader or The Blogger, Just By Visiting Her Blog, "Reflections". Click Here To Read Her Blog :) :) This Is Sowmya's Third Guest Post :) :)

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Thanks A Lot Sowmya. Very Beautiful Touching Post. It Very Well Depicts About The Criticisms and Though Majority Criticized Her Painting,  Atleast One Person Had A Miraculous Liking To That Painting :) :) Excellent Write Up Dear :) :)

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "BABY".


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful to read away from your poetry it proved you can also write an article. Me? find it difficult so stick to poetry.

Have a lovely day.

Hope said...

what beautiful story. Your sister has such talent. It would be wonderful to have this published as a children's story.

very well done!

I wish the best for her

ಆನಂದ said...

Felt like, i was reading a bedtime story, with a moral at the end of it :)
You sisters have a talent for writing. Keep it going.