Thursday, September 17, 2009

Century Celebration..........100th Post :) :) :D :D

Hurraayyyy........Very Much Excited............This Is My Century Post....100th Post :) :) Unbelievable......

Thanks A Trillion To My Parents, Sister & To All My Followers, Friends, Near & Dear One's For Motivating, Inspiring Me For What All I Share In This "WORLD OF POETRY"

Dearies, I Had Already Told In 50th Post That, I Was Introduced To Blogging By My Friend, Rajeev & My First Follower Was Kajal :D Even Today, She Is With Me :D :)

My First Blog Was "EXHIBITING HIDDEN TALENTS".....She Was The First Person To Leave A Foot Print & My Second Follower Was My Uncle & Then, I Was Introduced To Many Fellow Bloggers :D :)

From Past Few Days, Few Bloggers, Have Become My Good Friends Who Always Chat With Me, KParthasarthi, Anupama Shetty, Sowmya Partha, Vyshu, Pramoda, Gauri :D :) I Enjoy A Lot With Their Chats.....

Hey, Let Me Intro All These People To You,

KParthasarthi :- He Is about 77years Old Person Who Shares His Experiences, Views, Opinions In Form Of Stories..Each Day, He Comes Up With Different Stories Which Are Amazing, Heart Touching, Thrilling, Exciting, Which Makes Reader Suspicious & Start Guessing What Will Be The Concluding Part Of The Story...I Really Extremely Like His Blog & His Writings :D :) Thanks A Lot Partha Sir, For Sharing Such Stories......To Visit "RANDOM THOUGHTS " Click Here :D

Anupama Shetty :- She Is An Ex-Blogger..She Writes In Wordpress :D Recently I Met Her, Humourous Lady, Liked Her A Lot...Her Talks, Her Views, Drives Me Crazy & Don't Feel Like Keeping Back The Phone :) :) Click Here To Visit Her Blogpress :) :) Very Soon She Will Update With Her Blog Press :)

Sowmya Partha :- Very Humorous Person....Very Cute :D She Is An Ex-Blogger....After She Started Working, No Free Time To Blog. She Is A Great Poet With Excellent Creativity :) :) You All Might Have Read A Poem, Which She Had Dedicated To Me :) ....If You Have Missed It, Click Here :) To Visit Her Blog, Click Here :D

Vyshu :- Many Of Us Know This Girl :D Click Here To Visit, "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL". A Good Writer With Excellent Writing Skills :) :)

Pramoda :- Excellent Writer, With Excellent Writing Skills.......Good Friend........Each Of Her Post Is Completely Different Which Widens My Generam Knowledge :) B4, I Was Not Interested In Sports, But Now, After Following Her Blog, I Have Developed Interest Towards Sports As Well :D To Visit "BEING PRAMODA" , Click Here :D

Gauri :- Hmmmm.......What To Tell About This Girl :-0.....Humorous Person, Sooo Sweeet, Kind, Excellent Writer Tooo :) :) To Visit "Unpredictable Life", Click Here :)

Now..Now...Let Me Thank All My Followers.......

Kajal :- Kajal, You Are My Eye-Opener..Bcoz of Your Writings, Your Poems, I Was Inspired & Motivated To Start With My Own Poetry Blog & Share With All My Near & Dear One's. I Myself, Was Not Knowing That, I Had Such A Basic Tallent Of Writing Skills :) :D Thanks A Trillion Dear :) :) To Visit "Soul Of A Woman", Click Here :) :)

Kelly :- Excellent Blogger.....She Shares All Her Daily Experiences In A Very Attractive Manner As Well As She Is An Excellent Poet :) Click Here To Visit "My Voice My View" :) :)

Yvonne :- Excellent Poetess :) She Expresses Her Daily Experiences In The Form Of Poetry:) Click Here To Visit "World Of Poetry"....

Leo :- Leo.....What To Tell?? His Is The First blog, Where I Came Across Different Types of Poems :) I Was Amazed To See Different Types Of Poetry Writing In His Blog & Leo's Blog Is Fabulous.....Excellent Writing Skills :) :) Click Here To Visit, "FIGMENTS OF IMAGINATION".

Yellow Tulip :- Awesome Poetess :) :) Beautiful Poems :D Click Here, To Visit "My Heart's Rhyme".

Little Poetess :- Her Very Young Age, She Started Composing Poems....Surely Visit Her Blog..She Is Just 12yrs Old..We All Should Encourage, Motivate Her To Come Up With Many More.......More Poems :) :) Click Here To Visit, Poems From Little Poetess :) :)

Angel Rev :- She Is My Friend......NCC Cadidate..Both Studied Together :) :) She Is an Excellent Writer :) Very Soon, She Will Update Her Blog :) CLick Here To Visit Angel Rev :) :)

Deepika Gupta :- Shares Her Daily Experiences In A Very Attractive Manner :) :) Excellent Writer :) Click Here To Visit, "Life Is Beautiful".

Sapphire :- Excellent Blogger With Different Writing Skills :) :) Click Here To Visit "RAINBOW DREAMS".

Unplanned Plan :- Has A Good Photography Blog & Writes In Bengali :) Click Here To Visit "Small Wonder 3.2 Mega Pixel" :)

Pallav :- He Is A Good Writer :) Click Here To Visit "You Never Know" :)

Monsoon Dreams :- She Is Excellent Photographer :D Click Here To Visit "Monsoon Dreams" .

Shantanu :- Excellent Photographer :D If You Visit His Blog, His Blog Will Take You All Over India :) :) Even, The Pictures Which I Have Used In My Blog[Left Side] Its From His Blog :) He Has Flora & Fauna Blog & Few More Blogs..But Currently He Is Concentrating Only On "India Through The Eyes Of Shantanu Das". Click Here To Visit His Blog :)

Joseph :- Excellent Photography Blog :) Click Here To Visit "Life In Motion :) :)

Manivanan :- Excellent Writer :D Click Here To Visit, Mirror Of Myself :) :)

Madhu :- Excellent Blogger & Great Poetess :) Click Here To Visit, "For U....From Me"

Thanks A Trillion To All My Followers, Friends, Dearies For Motivating, Inspiring Me A Lot To Share My Feelings, Imaginations, Dreams :) :)

This Poem Is Dedicated To My Blog :)

When Do I Stop Loving You ??

When Do I Take A Break From Blogging??

When Do I Stop Sharing My Feelings, Dreams, Imaginations??

How Come You Became Very Close To Me??

How Come You Attract Me, So Much Whenever I Visit You??

What Do You Want From Me??

What Do You Expect From Me??

My Dear, World Of Poetry :D :)

I Sowed One Single Seed & You Gave Me Ample Of Fruits :) :)

I Sowed Seeds,

With Few Phrases,

You Activated My Mind,

Enchanced My Knowledge

Introducing To Many Fellow Bloggers :)

Hello.....Exhibiting Hidden Tallents

You Made Me Realise

My Inherent Tallents,

Encouraged Me To Come Up With Poetry Blog :)

You Are Giving Me Ocean Of Knowledge,

But, What Am I Giving You??

Am I Still In Your Love :)

When Do I Stop Loving You Blogs,

Your Love Is Unconditional

You Are My Stress Busters,

You Calm Me Down,

When I Am In Bad Temper.....

Ohhh God, Thanks A Lot For Giving Me,

Exhibiting Hidden Tallents & World Of Poetry Blog :) :)

Birthday Wish To My Blog :D

Happy Birthday To Youuu......
Happy Birthday To Youuu......

Happy Birthday To Youuu......

Happy Birthday To Youuu.....

May You Live Long,

Stay With Me Forever....
Let Our Bond Grow Stronger,

By Every Day, Every Minute & Every Second :) :)

May All The Candles Brighten You Up,
You Always Sharp My Mind,
Activate My Mind
To Imagine, Dream, Think And,
Share The Same, In Form Of Poetry :) :)

Happy Birthday To Youuu....

Happy Birthday To Youuu....

Happy Birthday To Youuu....

Ps :- Hello Dearies, Thanks A Lot For Waiting For A Long Time For This Special Century Post :D I Have Shared About My Followers, Readers' Briefly :) :)

All Are Excellent Bloggers, Writers, With Different Presentation Skills & Writing Skills :) I Like All Your Blogs, If I Have Forgotten To Mention Anybody's Name, Who Are Following/Reading My Blog, I Am Extremely Sorry For That :D

If Any1 Have Felt Bad, For Sharing About Blogger's Extremely Sorry :)

I Had Shared A Casual Post & Had Told That, Will Delete That Casual Post, Once I Come Up With Century Post :) But, Now I Don't Delete That Post :D That Inspired Me, Motivated Me To Come Up With This Special Post :) :) I Consider This To Be 100th Post...Casual Post Is Not Considered To Be 100th Post :D I Made It A Point To Complete This Post Today Itself & I Did It :) :)

PPS :- Thanks A Trillion For All Your Sweeet Cherishable Comments :D Those Comments Means A Lot :) Thanks A Trillion For Motivating, Inspiring & Supporting Me :D :)
I Have Missed Many Of Your Posts :D Very Soon Will Update :D :) Once Again, Thanks.....Thank You So Much My Dearies :D :) Dearies, Please Do Accept That Winners' Cup Which I Have Put At The Begining Of The Post :D Its An Excellent Blogger's Award :D Hope You All Accept & Put in Your Blogs :)

Dearies, Please Accept A Small Token Of Love From Creativity,


flycatcher said...

great job, sahana!! i am really proud of you! scoring a century in any arena is a significant achievement and i know under what circumstances you have done it, making it all the more memorable for you as well as your followers!! on this occassion, wish you many many more centuries, not only in blogging, but in every other field of life as well!! keep blogging!!

manivannan said...


This is a wonderful post. I loved the idea :-) Thanks for introducing all the fellow bloggers, including me :-) I was indeed surprised :D

The poem was cool! My heartfelt wishes for hitting more centuries :-)


Gauri Mathur said...

Excellent post...toooo awesome...!!!!

Mei speechless hu.Very Nice ,,amazing, fantabolous, too Good!!!!
Love, Hugs, Kisses,!!!!!
Three Cheers For you!!
Hip Hip Hurray!
Hip Hip Hurray!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless You!!

septembermom said...

Absolutely wonderful post!! Thank you so much for being you! You are such a sweet, talented, kind presence here in the blogging world. I always look forward to reading your beautiful words and creative poetry. Congrats to you on your 100th post! I know that you will be sharing your lovely talent with us for a long time :) We are lucky! Thanks for your kind words about me!! I look forward to visiting all your friends' blogs too! Enjoy your day :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sahana:)

Please accept my hearty congratulations. This is a wonderful performance. A great achievement.

Many, many thanks for including me in your list of friends and being kind and generous to refer my blog to your other friends.

This is one of the best posts so far, well thought out, well planned and well written. In a short time you have endeared yourself to all your blogging friends, which itself is a great achievement. You have selected wonderful photos to go with this excellent post.

Many, many thanks for the ice cream. You are a perfect hostess. Even Sachin Tendulkar didn't give us any ice cream when he hit a century and he quietly pocketed all the money himself:)

Have a nice day Sahana,
Wish you all success and happiness:)

for u..from me said...

100th post..wowww...a gr8 milestone u've achieved dear..its so amazing to kno..Congratulations..!!! u're a wonderful blogger nd hav a long way to go..all my best wishes wid u..:)
it is a b'full dedication to ur blog..
lovely post ..n ya thank u soo much dear for ur concern n everythin..n zillion of thnx 4 those yummyyy ice tempting..:)
God bless..!!!

Sapphire said...

Hey Girl!! Congratulations :) It's always wonderful reading your blog...this post is so much fun to read...and it actually makes one want to celebrate with you :) I am very new here - God Knows if I ever will reach 100 posts!!!

Wish You All The Best! Am Sure You will touch 500 soon :)


CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW what a super blog,
Thanks for the mention ,much appreciated.
Here's to the next 100, I look forward to read them.


Creativity!! said...

Flycatcher :- Thanks A Trillion For Your Kind Visit & Sweet Compliments :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Manivannan :- Thanks A Zillion :D

Creativity!! said...

Gauri :- Marie Laadli, Munni, Gudiya :) Bahut kush hogayi hai....infact u r excited more than me :D

Marie Bacchi, Bahut Bahut Shukriya utna meeta meeta compliments keliye :D

Love, Hugs & kisses To you Toooooo :)

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Dear, Thanks A Zillion For Sweeet Encouraging, Motivating, Inspiring Compliments :D :)

Creativity!! said...

Joseph :- Sir, Thanks A Trillion For Your Sweet Compliments Sir. Ur Compliments Means A Lot :D Always Inspiring, Motivating & Encouraging :D

Thanks A Zillion For Liking Ice Cream..& Haa.....I Have Accepted Your Hearty Congratulations :D

Creativity!! said...

Madhu :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D :)

Creativity!! said...

Sapphire :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :D

Even I Had Started With My First Blog, Exhibiting Hidden Talents, Even I Too Was Thinking Like You.....But Both My Blogs, Hit Century....You Too Will Make It To 1000 :D All The Very Best Success Dear :D

Wish I Could Reach 500 As U Wished :D Thanks A Zillion Dear :D :)

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Dearest, Thanks A Zillion For Such Sweet Cherishable Compliments :D

May Your Wish Come True :D If You All Are With Me, Probably I Can Reach To Next 100 :D :)

Little Poetess said...

dearest creativity,
thank u very much 4 the award
and the link
congratz on ur 100th post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sahana, many many happy wishes on your blog reaching 100 posts! Keep at it and may you reach double of it in half the time! :)

Thank you for those wonderful words, you are so sweet and glad that you stopped by my little blog too.. :) Happy 100th again! :)

PS: Could yu enable the popups instead of embedded? its becoming very slow in my browser.. Just a suggestion only. It's upto you! :)

Creativity!! said...

Little Poetess :- Thanks A Zillion For Your Kind Visit & Sweet Cherishable Comments Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Leo :- Thanks A Zillion For Your Kind Visit & Inspiring, Motivating Encouraging Compliments :D

PS :- Will Surely See To That Pop Ups :) :) Its Accepted :D Thanks A Lot For Suggestion :D Good That U Mentioned.....Even Others Too Might Be Facing Such Probs.....

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Sahana,

yeah..long wait for the 100th post, but dear this post is more than worth the wait..loved every bit of it..The love that u have towards ur blogger frnds is the one caught my eye...loved it ...:)

Thanks for ur words on my i said, will keep them in my blog..:) ...Thanks alotttt...:)

and Congratulations on ur successful completion of this post and have a happy blogging ..:)

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Dear, Thanks A Zillion For Your Sweet Cherishable, Motivating, Inspiring Compliments Dear :D

Yellow Tulip said...

hi dear congrats:)..beautiful post dear:)...awesome:)..thank u for ur special words too dear:)...yummy ice cream:)..awesome:)..

keep posting dear:)...

Creativity!! said...

Yellow Tulip :- Thanks A Zillion Dear For Sweet Encouraging, Motivating Compliments :D :)

Anonymous said...


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