Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Memories Of My Pigeon :) :)

Pigeon Used To Wake Me Up
Wish Me Wonderful Good Morning
I Used To Wait For His Arrival
To Hear, Sweet Morning Alarm From,
This Little Guy :D

I Wondered What Made Me & Him
To Become So Close To Each Other,
Each Day, Made Our Bond Grew Stronger,
I Couldn't Stay Even A Single Day
Without Meeting Him, Sharing My Feelings With Him :D

He Used To Play With My Cell Phone,
He Used To Hide My Cell Phone Under His Wings
Thinking, That I May Snatch It From Him :D
He Used To Like Ring Tones,
Learn't To Operate Cell Phone :D

We Never Used To Hurt Each Other,
Both Were Extremely Kind, Caring, Humble
Lovable To Each Other :D

But Unfortunately,
A Day Came When He Left Me :( :(
He Flew So High,
That I Couldn't Reach Him Anymore :( :( :( :(

Ps :- Dearies, I Had A Pigeon At Home :) I Didn't Bring Him From Any Pet Shop :) But, He Started Coming To Our Place Since, Mom Used To Feed Them Few Grains.....He Was So Close To My Mom :D Only My Mom Had To Feed Him :)

Once It So Happened That, Mom Had To Go Out Of Station & She Had Told Me To Take Care Of Him :) :) Then, We Both Became Close..He Used To Stay All Through The Day In My Room & Used To Take Rounds Everywhere In The House, Just To Confirm Himself That, Mom Is Really Not At Home :)

During Noon, I Used To Play With Him With Dolls......He Was Great Lover Of Cell Phones :) :) As Soon As I Used To Return Home From College, I Used TO Give Him My Cell :D He Was Very Clever :D Never Harmed My Cell :) Rather He Used To Protect It Very Well :D When Cell Was Ringing, He Used To Alert Me, From His Sweet Voice :D :)

Mom Used To Sit on The Floor Reading Newspaper Whereas This Cute Guy, Used TO Sit Very Closely To Mom :D All Kids Started Visiting Our Place Daily To Meet This Little Cute Guy :D I Had Named Him Rama :)

But, From Past 1Year, Rama Is Not With Us :( :( Missing Him A Lot :(( He Was Such A Cute Guy :) Where Is He ?? Y Did Rama Left Us With His Sweet Memories ?? Suddenly He Disappeared :(( I Waited For Many Days, Thinking, Rama Can't Live Without Us, He Will Surely Come Back..But He Didn't :((

Today, I Am Very Much Depressed :(( His Memories Are Extremely Haunting Me :(( I Want My Rama Back :D God, Bless Rama :D Let Him Be Happy, Safe & Secured :D :)

PPS :- Dearies, Thanks A Zillion For Sweet Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post :D :)

Rama Relishing His Grains :D :)


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sahana:)


It is amazing to have such a lovely bird as your friend. It almost behaved like a human being. It is indeed a great loss for you and your mom. I just could not understand what happened to it.

Lovely poem beautifully written about your experience with this fantastic bird and your great sorrow on the loss of the bird. I suppose time will heal your grief and may be you will find another lovely bird to be your friend.

I am very sorry to read about the loss of this wonderful bird.

Best wishes:)

septembermom said...

I'm sorry that you lost your feathered friend! Sounds like he added so much to your day. This is a lovely poem as always. Hugs, my poet friend:)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Sahana,

beautiful dear...he is soo sweet ..:) ..hope he is safe and secure..dont worry, one day he will come back for sure..:)

a lovely dedication..:)


A wonderful poem, most enjoyable to read.
A lovely bird,