Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Special Friend :)

Your cheerful smile
Your caressing hand

It's the really simple things

That make your life look so grand

You're special to me,

It's in your eyes

I see the truth

There is no disguise

It's your spirit

Maybe your soul

But my life without you

Would feel painfully old

You've been a true friend

I hope you stay
I would be so very empty

If you ever went away



Wonderful words and sentiment.


7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

Wonderful poem!! Who is the friend by the way? you are very good at imagining though I must say... as you said all your poems are your imaginations!! :-)

What will he or she reply to this, if your friend was a human. If he was a dog or something then of course I do not know...
Let's say he is a human will he reply this way? Very interesting... let me try a hand in imagining with you here..

Oh my darling what you are
Makes me want to come nearer
It is you who make me warm
In my cold winter life form

Oh my dearest friend who loves me so
Let me hold you and hug you more
Your words fill me up with honey so sweet
Flowing in my veins make my heart slow beat

How I would like to hold you tight
your face close to my chest to hide
Let me protect you from the bad world
You will smell only roses, you are my world

It is who draw me to you all the time
By your sofness and smile
How can I go away my dearest
When this lasts all the while?

--- hey!! Yipeee!! I too wrote a poem! Gosh!!

7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

It you is who draw me to you all the time
By your softness and smile
How can I go away my dearest
When this lasts all the while?

the first line missed the word you..sorr for the error..


7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

Hey the guinea pigs are so chwweeeettttttttttttttttttt!!

how cweeett!! You got them at home?? how cool!!

septembermom said...

I would love to borrow this sweet poem when sending a special note to my friends! It's so nice:) Love your blog's layout! So pretty.

Creativity!! said...

@Welcome To My World OF Poetry :- Thanks a lot :)

Creativity!! said...

Alphabets ji :- Thanks a lot for such a Sweet Cherishable Poem :) Congrats...even u too cultivated composing poems:) Great!!!! Extremely great:) SO do come up with poetry Blog:) Let me publish this poem in both blogs :)

Creativity!! said...

Apbhabets ji :- S, I ve guinea pigs at was gifted by one of my close hearted friend :)

Creativity!! said...

September Mom :- Surely u can borrow this poem!!!!! Thanks a lot Dear :) Hugs :D

kim said...

lovely poem.... it brings smile on my face... :)

Chaarz said...

Light hearted, simple and Very sweet take on frndship..:)


Creativity!! said...

@ Kim :- chweet Smile :) Thanks a Lot:)

Creativity!! said...

@ Chaarz :- Thanks a Lot :)