Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Best Friend :)

My Very Best Friend,
You Made me happy everyday,

You shared your daily snacks,

You shared your best toys,

You danced with me for a school annual celebration.

You came with me for shopping,

You came for Combine Study,

You shared your feelings,

You shared your happiness,

You shared your sweet moments with me.

You shared your bitter moments with me,

You used to hug me each day, each moment,

Whenever we used to meet....
we both studied in same school & college.

Both spent our days together for 18years............

But, Y we both got separated?????????

of course, mentally we both r together , forever.
But I'm feeling like hugging u tightly,

making u uncomfortable to breath &
Help u breath through my breath.....

I feel like sharing all my bitter & sweet moments,

The day we went to different states, cities,

Both r extremely missing each other a lot :(

We talk on phone once in 15days

for long hours, but, that's nothing for us!!

Let's pray god, to bring us back,
To same place
where we both can start our past life,
sharing everything......................

I really, extremely miss u a lot Darling Baby,

I have shed infinite litre of tears,
Eyes r burning, no more tears........

When do we meet again,

please do come back to me,
hug me tightly, make me feel good.

Ohhhh!!!!!!!My Dear Friend,

Wherever u are, May God Bless You!!!!!

Loads of love & Affection,

Hugs!!!!!!! Tataaaaa!!!!!!Buhhh Byeeeeee!!!!!!!!

TakeCare.........My Best Wishes to you forever :)

Ps :- This is my true feeling towards childhood friend of mine :) This Poem is Dedicated to, Bhanupriya Vaishnav :) Dear Bhanu, Hope u read this and share your feeling through comment :).Love You A Lot Darling :) Takecare..Tata..Bye Byee..!! Miss You A Lot



It's sad when friends go separate ways yet I'm sure you think of each other often while apart.
Hopefully you'll meet up again in the future,
A lovely poem I hope she'll read it.


Creativity!! said...

@ Welcome :- I stand by ur words :) S, we do talk on phn..recently, I had been to my native, I met her & came.....We really had a nice time :)
hmmm....I too wish that she read this poem & reply her feelings by commenting :) Well, Thanks a lot for such a sweet consoling phrases :)

septembermom said...

Lovely poem expressing so much about the beauty of friendship. I wish you bunches of good friends in your life time:) Count me in!

Creativity!! said...

@ Septembermom :- Sure.....Thanks a lot for such a heart touching wishes :)

tina said...

thanx a lot:-) i miss u too:-(

Creativity!! said...

@ tina :- Ohhhh Grtttt!!!!!! U read Poem :) Very Chweeett of Youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!