Friday, May 29, 2009

Dad, My Hero :)

Your little girl looks up to you
Wherever you may go

You're not just my father,
Dad, you're my hero

You have been there
Since I was a kid

You know everything I said
And everything I did

Whenever I need you
You always understand

I've always thought you were perfect
With the world in your hands

It never matters what it is
Whatever I say or do

You are always there right by my side
With my problems I always come to you

I could never keep anything from you
Nor could I ever lie

When I tell you all my faults
You never ask me why

Happy, Sad, Depressed, Upset
You've been there for all the moods

You've somehow learned to put up with
Some of my know-it-all attitudes

In my eyes you are always right
Never are you wrong

Somehow you have this thing with me
Where we always get along

When I am upset, or mad at the world
You know exactly how to respond

That's because you are my dad
With that certain special bond

You know exactly what to say
When my life is a complete trauma

And when my friends mess my life up
With there silly little drama

You know doing things wrong
Really isn't my style

I know in bad situations I'm in
Your phone number is all I have to dial

I have always talked to you
Your trust is what I confide in

Dad, you're like my brother
you're something I have to abide in

When i hate myself for something
And just wished that I could die

I know your shoulder is always there
Just for me to cry

Dad, you are my best friend
Something I always can look up to

I said I'd always be your little girl
And that's exactly what I'll do

I know you have to let go of me,
as the years go by

But dad, that's not such a bad thing
But you know when I have trouble

in my life
I'll always fly right back underneath your wing

No matter if we argue or disagree
or whatever we may do

Dad, you're my hero
And never forget that I Love you!!!!!



This is a brilliant poem from a daughter to her dad. I know my own daughter felt exactly the same about her dad and with me was with him when he sadly passed away. He always called her "Daddy's Little Girl". I think there is always a special bond between father and daughter, sadly mine died when I was three and I know I lost a good friend throughout my life.
Once again well done. I felt very moved.


septembermom said...

Love this poem so much. It speaks to my heart. I miss my Dad and feel the spirit of this poem. Dads are wonderful!

Marie said...

i loved the part when you said" in my life
I'll always fly right back underneath your wing" it captured the meaning really well

Creativity!! said...

@ Welcome :- Very Sorry.....I am speechless....S, We do ve some special bond between daughter and father :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Yvonne :- Thanks a Lot :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Septembermom :- U r correct.....Dad's are Wonderful.....Thanks a lot :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Marie :- Thanks a lot for dropping by and for a sweet comment :) keep visiting :)