Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Hike With A Special One!

As I Stepped On And On 
As My Footsteps Distance 
Was Doubled Than The Normal One
I Knew, I Had Missed Something Special.  

The Special You....... 
You Were Missed From My View
And Camera Lens And Surprisingly,

Saw You Perched On To The Tree
Relishing Berries, Chirping Happily  
And, Dancing For A While, 
Continued My Hike!!!!!!!!!!

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "The Beauty of Rain" .


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Love photo's and lovely words.

Enjoy your week-end.

Anya said...

So so lovely words Sahana
I love it :-)
My compliments !!!!

Enjoy your week-end
make fun :-)

Kareltje =^.^=
Betsie >^.^<

(I'm always busy with TRY her meowwww for you but when she see my camera she is not meowing anymore I do my best Sahana :-)

KParthasarathi said...

Very pleasing picture and nice poem.Thanks Sahana

☆ ayu☆ said...

wow..this is so inspiring :)

adithyasaravana said...

very beautiful words.. actually i get to see a lot of birds of late from my recently shifted house.. the trees almost touch the balcony.

deeps said...

good the special one is back :)
nice pict

septembermom said...

I so miss reading your poetry. I'm glad to be back!! You're so talented.

Bhargav said...

very true, very beautiful,,, nice post