Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Angel In His Life!

He Was Depressed. He Lost All His Hopes On His Sons & Daughter In-laws. Lost His Wife Few Years Back. His Only Source of Income Was His Harmonium. Spent Some Time In Church And Played Harmonium In Streets And In Some Stores To Earn Some Penny. Hardly He Used To Get $20. At Times, His Balance Would Be Zero.

At Times He Cried Howling, Behaved Like A Mad. His Life Was Full of Pains, Sorrows, Miseries.He Didn't Wanted To End His Life BY Himself. Was Waiting For His Death Time. Always Prayed Almighty To Grant Him Salvation. But, His Prayers Were Unanswered For Quite Longer Period of Time. Its Really Strange To Hear, Someone Praying For Death.

A Small Young Girl Approached Him & Said, Grandpa Your Harmonium Is Very Melodious. I Loved Your Play & I Love Mother Mary. Dearest Mother Mary Will Always Protect You And Keep This Photograph With You. Hugging Him, Kissed On His Cheeks And Went On Her Way. Who Was She Was His Deep Thought! Was She An Angel ?? Did She Indirectly Answered His Prayer of Getting Salvation ??

At Times, Life Makes You Experience Lot Many Swings That, Each Individual Forgets To Realize, For What Purpose I'm On This Earth ?? Why Should I Live Anymore, When I Don't Have Any Dear One's ? When I Have Lost Everything ? But, Those Are For Certain Time Period. Still, Such Questions Starts Haunting Them And Finally Their Last Wish Would Be "DEATH".

Though The Children Are Grown Ups, They Don't Show True Love & Affection....Which Is Very Much Needed For Them. Why The Society Is Changing By Bringing Mother On Mother's Day & Father On Father's Day ? Why Do We Need Such Named Days To Treat Our Parents ? Had Parents Had Ever Seen Any Such Named Days To Love Us ? To Educate Us ? Was The Thought of Other Youngsters Who Were Present There Watching His State of Living. Everybody Approached To Help Him. Some Fed Him, Some Asked Him To Tell Stories & Some Even Wished To Take Him Home, For Which He Was Reluctant. But, He Smiled At Everybody And Danced With Kids And Remembered His Days of Playing With His Grand Children :) :)

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Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Dear... That's well said.. Relationships shall be tackled with love and affection..

When children become the angels of parents' its truly amazing...

Well done Sahana..

KParthasarathi said...

Nice one, Sahana

adithyasaravana said...

those were very strong words sahana.. well said..

Yamini Meduri said...

indeed a strong tale..!!

thanks for joining the Tales Train..!!

See yo next Thursday..!!

chinnu said...
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chinnu said...

Very True Sahana....

flycatcher said...

Really, after reading the post, felt why there is no "SON'S DAY" or "DAUGHTER'S DAY"?!!!! and why only "MOTHER'S DAY" and "FATHER'S DAY"!!! Great thoughts, Sahana, Keep it up!!