Monday, June 27, 2011

Delicious Coffee :-) :-)

Drenched In The Rain
Mom Shouted, Can't You Take An Umbrella ??
Giving A Faded Smile, 
 Said With A Low Tired Voice,
 Do I Get A Cup of Coffee ?? 

She Immediately Rushed To Kitchen
Took Those Coffee Beans, 
Roasted And Powdered Them, And                                                 
Bell Rang!!!

Dad Entered...
Though, He Had Umbrella, 
He Was Partly Drenched In 
Mumbai Rain And Mom 
Said, Why Don't You Wear Raincoat ??                                                       
He Was Quiet! 

I Sat On The Sofa, Near The Window
Took The Newspaper, Mumbai Mirror
And, Heard Mom's Alarm 
Coffee Is Ready And 
Its Time For Coffee :) :)

Woww!! Its Look Itself 
Mesmerized Me, Poetry Flowed As 
I Sipped Each & Every Time
But, Controlled Myself, As 
Mom Was Angry As I Didn't Take An Umbrella! 

Forgot About Everything And, 
Just Concentrated On The Coffee
Freshly Powdered Filtered Coffee
Woww.....Sooo Delicious! 

Coffee's Fragrance Was So 
Tasty That, I Simply Forgot Everything 
And, Experienced The Majesty of Double Taste....
Tasting Via Fragrance & By Sipping ;)
Woww!!!! Fantastic It Was! 

I Prayed Almighty That, 
Let Me Forget To Take Umbrella
Everyday, So That, I Relish The
Dual Ingredients Used By Mom
That Is, Her Anger And Love! 

She Was Angry, Since I Didn't Take Umbrella
And She Prepared Coffee With Deep Love & Affection 
Understanding That, My Child Has Traveled In Such A 
Rush of Local Train of Mumbai And Let Me
Feed Her A Relishing Hot Hot Coffee :) :)

Love You Mom!!
Today's Coffee Was Really Extremely Delicious!
I Gave Her A Teddy Bear Hug And
Said, Mamma, Though I Didn't Had An Umbrella, 
I Liked Those Rain Drops Falling On Me....

I Have Shared Many Poems Relating To Rain
But, Never I Had Experienced Them...
So, Thanks For Not Reminding To Take Umbrella And 
Thanks For Not Keeping It In My Bag :) :)

Please Do Not Feel Mom.
I'm Fine, Without Any Sneezes And,
Head Ache :) :)

Finally, Dad & Mom Had Broad Smiley Faces
And My Parents Made My Day :) :) 

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post,  "My Hike With A Special One."


adithyasaravana said...

ha ha I enjoyed reading this... just today morning I had a chat with my wife .. I told " how is that my mom makes such nice filter coffee..yesterday it was really nice. why don't you learn from her to brew a nice filter coffee" for which she replied.." your mom reserves some milk separately for you without adding water.. and brews coffee in that.. " I asked why don't you do the same thing..for which she stared and told..'" let my son grow up to ask for fine coffee, I'll consider preparing filter coffee.. till then be happy with instant coffee..":(..

coffee and rains.. wow... i would take my cup outside..sit in the steps and sip the coffee slowly.. hmmm..its only ppl who have experienced this who can relate to the incident..

thanks for sharing.. I'm wating for the next spell of rains..and for the coffee experience..

deeps said...

ohhh thats mom ..:)

☆ ayu☆ said...

know what? I REALLY LOVE drinking COFFEE when it rains :D

Latha Vijayakumar said...

Beautifully explained. It is really delicious.

☆ ayu☆ said...

was here :)

IRFANUDDIN said... with rain...just loved the flow of thoughts you penned here...:))

KParthasarathi said...

You have copious rains in Mumbai and walks in rainwithout an umbrella would fetch you your delicious filter coffee mixed with mom's affection and smile.
Have good time
Liked the post