Monday, June 13, 2011

True Love.

Beautiful Charming Nancy Was Well Dressed For Her Wedding. All of A Sudden, Like A Thunderstorm, She Repeatedly Heard Her Heart Beat, As Some  Unknown Fear Was Haunting Her....Somewhere She Could Hear The Howling Voice of Her Ailing Mother.

Being A Highly Innocent Girl, Didn't Know What To Do ? She Tried Her Level Best To Hide Those Fears & Sadness From Her Beautiful Decorated Face. Her Lips Started Shivering. It Was As If She Was Whispering Something. She Ran Towards The Window Pane, Holding Her Skirt Which Was Blocking Her Foot Steps......She Strongly Felt About These Happenings To Be The Clear Signs of Volcanic Eruptions of Her Heart.

She Had Many Failures In Her Life. In Her Very Young Age, She Lost Her Mother. Her Father Took Very Good Care of Her. He Never Made Her To Feel For The Loss of Her Mother. She Was The Only Diamond Child For Him.

Her Father, Knocked The Door To Take Her To The Wedding Hall. Her Hands, Legs Started Shivering.....The Moment She Saw Her Dad Entering The Room, She Collapsed On The Ground. Her Dad, Rushed Immediately To Her, Held Her Hand And Checked Pulse Rate & It Was Nil. He Became Uncontrollable & Was In Total Shock. Not Knowing The Reason of Her Sudden Death, He Couldn't Withstand Himself.??

He Started Checking The Cosmetics Which She Had Used, Found It To Be Valid & Clinically Tested. He Opened The Cupboard And Saw Few Papers. To His Shock, It Was Her Cancer Reports....She Had Her Own Secret Diary, Named, "My Life With My Father! She Had Written Everything of Her Cancer. This Is The Jist of What She Had Written :-

Today Is The Worst Day of My Life. I'm No More Worried About Myself. But, Worried About My Father. How Will He Control Himself, If I Tell I Am A Cancer Patient. Its Better, I Hide From Him. But, I Shall Write A Letter To Him.

Dad, I'm Extremely Sorry. I Didn't Wanted To Let You Know About My Disease. Many Times, You Had Offered Me Pastries...Though, I Loved Them, Couldn't Relish Being A Cancer Patient. I May Or May Not Marry Sam. But I'm Sure He Will Get A Good Wife. Dad, You Always Said, Everything Happens For Good. So, Be Positive. Hope For The Best. Love You Dad :)

Your's Loving Daughter,

Just Before Her Father Entered The Room, She Had Texted Sam, Saying, "Tried, But Failed". Unable To Understand, What She Exactly Meant, He Immediately Rushed To Her Room. Saw Her Lifeless Body, Her Father's Uncontrollable Tears, And The Diary In Her Father's Hand And After Reading, Held Her Hand And Said, "Darling, You Never Failed, You Succeeded In Touching My Heart. You Are My First And Only Love. Nobody Can Take Your Place Or Replace You. I Can't Live Without You Sweetheart! Kissing Her Forehead, He Too Fell Beside Her Lifeless body. 

Nancy's Father Was Happy As Well As Sad. He Was Happy Seeing, Their True Love & He Was Sad Because, He Couldn't Neither See Their Marriage Nor Could Live With Them. 

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Image Courtesy :- Evgene(~wair)    


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful read, very enjoyable.

Have a good day.

KParthasarathi said...

Touching story.But you have killed three persons in this tale!!!Only dad is remaining.Lols

deeps said...

thats love-ly
all is fair in love ha?

☆ ayu☆ said...

i hope i can find my true love too~

Madeleine said...

Interesting tale.
Goodness her daddy sounds like a forensic scientist going through her makeup etc. to find clues. :O)

septembermom said...

You did an awesome job with this prompt! It was a pleasure to read in every way. Very touching.