Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Rose:)

It was a dark night, no stars in the sky,
The moon was hidden behind dark clouds;

The lone dog howled, the lonely road walked by,

The lone house yonder, dimmed its lights under shrouds.

I trudged alone and tired towards my house that was not there
My eyes swollen and red, my tears dried, still my heart beat alright;

You my darling sweetheart came to me from absolute nowhere,

I smelled roses, spring dawned in my heart, light became again bright.

Leave me not darling, Leave me not sweetheart,
Leave me not my life, leave not my heart;

I bow to you forever, I pledge my love

I am yours forever, believe me my dove.

I know you love to giggle, it is music to my ears
Your laughter makes me smile

I know you are kind, you wiped away my tears

You make my life worthwhile.

Before you came sweetheart, my heart was in a tatter;
Now it belongs to you Darling I gift it to you on a platter.

The clouds have gone, the night has ended, lights are shining again,

I know you love red roses, so I offer you one in bargain.

Ps :- This Poem is purely based on my thoughts, imaginations.... :)


ShantanuDas said...

Ohhh!! How lovely!!!

Creativity!! said...

@ Shatanu :- Thanks a Lot :)


Lovely words, wonderful to read.


Creativity!! said...

@ Welcome To World Of Poetry :- Thanks a Lot :D

septembermom said...

Your words just flow so beautifully! I enjoy the positivity threaded throughout this pretty poetic tapestry:) Well done!

Creativity!! said...

@ Septembermom :- Thanks a Lot :)