Friday, April 24, 2009

First Time.......

The first time we touched,
you held me so tight
that feeling
I felt only felt so right.

You made me feel so comfortable

and said no one is to blame.

The first time we stared,

eyes went into deeply connected thoughts

lying inside our soul.

The first time, I placed my head on your shoulders,

felt like supporting system!!

The first time, I Slept on your lap,

Went into Deep Sleep,

You feeling as though fairy is sleeping.

The First time, we hugged,

heart touching to each other

felt a romantic hugggg,

embracing tightly, placing hands on the back.....

The First Time I hugged you from back,

tightly holding your tummy,
felt as though, I was hugging a teddy:)

The first time tasted each others cherry,

lips melted like honey:)

What a Tender Romantic Cheeks,

Broad Smiley Face,

Cherry Lips,

Nice Hairs.....

I caressing ur hair,

U Pampering my hair......
Most Romantic Experience:)

Ps:- Hello Folks, this is Based on my own Imagination:)


ShantanuDas said...

How Romantic....thanks dear for sharing this wonderful poem of love.. with us..

Creativity!! said...

Shantanu :- Thanks a Lot:)

sowmya said...

yeah lovely nd romanic poem kane....jst loved it....:)...

Creativity!! said...

Sowmya :- Thanks a Lot Dear :)

Pallav said...

very good... lovely..
u knw ths has romance n simplicity both..

very well pen down..

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- Thanks a Lot:)