Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best Friend & Companion :)

Words escape me
at this moment
that seems like the end
yet it is only the beginning
when friendships are close
and dreams are far
you were there for me.
Tears fill me
with memories of both good and bad
some nearly forgotten
yet all dear to the heart
you were there for me.
In times of trouble
and in times of thanks
you stood by my side
and held me up.
Through your ever-patient ears
to your comforting hugs
you were there for me.
From that first day
when I saw you and knew
that you would love me for who I was
you were there for me.
And until the day
when we are old and gray
I will always know that
you are there for me.


septembermom said...

What a touching poem! Beautifully written with such sweet emotion :)

Femin Susan said...

Touching poem. True words.Love it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.Feel free to visit again.

Creativity!! said...

@ SeptemberMom :- Thanks a Lot for discovering my blog which made me to discover a extremely wonderful blog of urs:). Loads of Thanks for such a encouraging, motivating, heart touching, eye-catching phrases:)

Creativity!! said...

@ Femin Susan :- I am follower of ur Blog:)
I keep on visiting frequently to know about recent posts:) Thanks a Lot for dropping by my blog and for such a sweet,cheerful comment.

Pallav said... thing sure after reading ur post i can understand u got so beautful thoughts..
u hv epressed friendship wndrfully...
friends r like tht....
i wish n pray u always blessed wid godd frnds...
in my case i got bitter expreiences but still i think friendship is beautiful..
ur lines stirred me...

Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav :- Thanks a Lot for ur wishes:)
There will be ups & downs in Life:) Need to balance with our brains..Even u too find, good friends from now-onwards..Will Surely pray for u to get good friends :)

Chaarz said...

This is the frst tym I hve visited your blog..
Must say you have a beautiful style of expression..

Do check out my take on this BEAUTIFul Relation called frienship..:)

Chaarz said...

and ya by the way..
I SIMPLY loved this PICTURE...

Creativity!! said...

@ Chaarz :- Thanks a Lot Dear:)Hope u keep visiting..Comments means a lot:)I read both the links, which u have mentioned and I really extremely loved it a lot:) Ve commented as well..Thanks a Lot for discovering my blog as well as introducing me to awesome blog f urs:) Thanks a lot:)