Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Thought Of You :)

My kind of music,
My favorite song,
I want to be with you
All day & all night long...

A spring breeze,
A summer sun,
Now that I know you
You are my one...

A winter sparkle,
An autumn tree,
Added all up
It equals you & me...

My best friend,
My only lover,
From here on out
I'll keep you forever...

A good laugh,
With some happy tears,
You're the one I go to
Through all the coming years...

When it rains it rains,
When it snows it snows,
I wrote this specially for you
& you're the only one who knows...

You keep me warm,
When I'm so cold,
As if my heart were for sale
To you it was sold...

Whether playing our favorite games,
Or to music we sing & listen,
When it comes to you
There's just no competition...

Not the best cut diamonds,
Or the reddest rose,
Could ever amount to
When you hold me close...

& when everything is said & done,
The night is over & we've had our fun,
Out of all, The Best Person is You!!


Anand said...

I wonder who this one is dedicated to? Wud love someone read that out to me..

Anand said...

Oh..I fgot to mention - it's beautifil.

Pallav said...

What a peice it is...
is it for someone....??
splendid and beautifulll
it stirred me..

Creativity!! said...

@ Anand:- Its dedicated to My Future Life Partner:) Thanks a Lot for visiting my blog:)..Let ur wish fulfill..ur wife will sing this poem for u..don't worry;)

Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav:- S, Its exclusively for my life partner;).....Thanks a Lot for visiting my Blog:)

Little Girl Lost said...

hello creativity... what a beautiful blog you have... i wish i could give you an award, for the most romantic blog ever.
thank you for discovering me so that i could discover you. loved it here. hope to keep coming back for more.
i reaaly like "my best friend, my only lover" . its so great when your lover is also your best friend, no?
thank you for visiting me. if you liked the blog, pls become a follower, so that you'll be able to read whenever i post next.its good to have readers like you. i 'll definately be following you :)

Creativity!! said...

Hello Little Girl Ghost:) Thanks a Lot for ur encouraging motivating wishes:)
Thanks a Lot for dropping here..hope to c u frequently:)

chinnu said...

WOw!! its juz beautiful... i loved it n i was lost :)
"my best frnd, my only lover" touched my heart..... let ur dream b fullfilled :)